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Decaf Highlander Grog

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Our classically smooth coffee with the perfect flavor blend of butterscotch, caramel, vanilla and a dash of rum – but make it decaf!

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  1. Rena

    I love the Highlander grogg decaf and full caff. I buy both to make our half caff. The flavor is exceptional and the aroma is amazing. You won’t be disappointed!
    Sadly, I can’t find decaf in our local grocery stores anymore. Please bring it back in stock online soon!

  2. Ann K.

    This coffee had great flavor. i tried the highlander grog in the decaf, the coffee had all the notes of of a smooth buttery rum, vanilla, and brown sugar without the caffeine.

  3. Anonymous

    great flavor, please bring back more flavors in decaf!

  4. Donna

    I wish I could try it before I have to order a case of it.

  5. Anonymous

    Great flavor! Please bring back decaf southern pecan!

  6. Vivian O.

    I decided to try Highlander Grog since it seemed like the only decaf you had. The flavor is much too strong! I had to get some unflavored from the supermarket to mix it and make it even palatable. Are you ever going to have other decaf flavors? If not, I’ll have to shop elsewhere.

  7. Phillip A.

    Highlander Grog is my all time favorite. Never bitter, just smooth, and the flavor – is out of this world. More expensive on Amazon, but now that I know I can get it directly from Cameron’s, that is what I will do from now on.

  8. Laura R.

    This stuff is awesome, except that you can’t get it decaf in my store. Also, I want to get it whole bean.
    I really want to try La Minita Peaberry, but again, no decaf. I have a repaired heart, a pacemaker and a heart pump. Caffeine totally screws up my heart and reacts with my medication! Please for those of us who can’t have caffeine

  9. Sheila

    I adore this flavor of decaf. I wish I could purchase at a local store. And why aren’t there more decaf flavors?

  10. Beth

    Highlander Grog

    Excellent! Wish you had a subscription program to receive every month!

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