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French Roast

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A blend of Central and South American beans make up this classic French Roast that’s dark and rich, but never bitter.

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100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee

Every Cameron’s blend is made from 100% Specialty Grade Coffee, developed with only the highest quality beans. Crafted with care from bean to brew, each step of Cameron’s process from harvest to roast is rigorous and meticulous, so you get the smoothest brews and the ultimate blends.

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Responsibly Sourced

Our coffee is sourced in a sustainable, productive manner that supports biodiversity and improves the livelihoods of our farmers.

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Our coffee is roasted with indirect heat to ensure the beans are never burnt, all crafted right here in Shakopee, MN.

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  1. Pamela M.

    Love the Flavor, but wondering why you don’t sell the 28oz ground French any longer ?

  2. Sharon T.

    The coffee was somewhat on the strong and bitter side. I wasn’t really fully pleased with it. I even added sugar and creamer to it ,but I needed to find something milder.

  3. Michaela V.

    This coffee was smooth and had great flavor. I enjoy the packaging and the variety of flavors and roasts. Good classic coffee. No complaints!

  4. Susie S.

    Smooth tasting coffee for morning or anytime of day. Many varieties to choose from. Chose ground and smelled freshly ground. Enjoy a great cup with Cameron’s!


    Cameron is good coffee to start at morning delight I like it very much smells good flavor and a good start for the day I will prepare India type filter coffee it came out good

  6. Carolyn C.

    This is a great product and im please with it’s flavor. I’m not a coffee person but with this I certainly can be. I enjoy the smell of this coffee and it has a smooth taste. Good to have for when family visit and wants to test your coffee brewing skills

  7. Ally S.

    Thank you for giving me the chance to try out this coffee from Cameron’s coffee! I really liked it and will buy again! It was a yummy flavor.

  8. Earl G.

    Not my favorite coffee I have tried. It didn’t taste as fresh and robust as id prefer. I tried in a French press, but usually prefer whole beans. Would maybe buy if it was on sale.

  9. Jana B.

    I loved this coffee. It was a little expensive but it was worth it. the flavor was amazing. It’s a robust flavor and great first thing in the morning. I will be trying this one again.

  10. Julie S.

    We loved this coffee. Bright and vivacious, it really was a great start to the day and a proper pick me up half way through the day. I would highly recommend.

  11. Jennifer D.

    We recently bought an espresso machine and have been looking for high quality coffees to use. These flavors and aromatics are fantastic! The french roast was the best for the espresso machine and I also think these would taste great in a french press or drip style coffee maker!

  12. Karyn L.

    We tried the dark roast and it was very flavorful, but not bitter!
    In our house we typically buy from roasters, and were pleasantly surprised to find this!
    We had guests over and they also enjoyed it!

  13. Lolita G.

    My day starts from cup of coffee. I bought Cameron’s coffee before and it was nice to try organic options, not disappointed at all. My favorite is French roast. Would buy again.

  14. Marina J.

    This coffee is just perfect, my morning coffee is indispensable to start my day and this coffee mad even more special! I super recommended to everyone who wants an extra experience.

  15. Steve B.

    Really good. Strength is perfect. Not bitter or nasty aftertaste. Just a really good coffee taste. Aroma is great too. Really a pleasure to wake up to a cup of this coffee!

  16. Kathy S.

    I am not too picky about my packaged ground coffee, but tend to stick to widely known national brands. I was interested to see how this would compare, and hoped the higher price would make it worth it. This was pretty standard however. Was fine but wasn’t great enough to convince me to switch brands.

  17. Nichole H.

    This was a great sample. It is very important to me to buy organic coffee and this one did not disappoint. It had great flavor and taste. I do wish there were more flavor options in organic, maybe that was just my personal store variety.

  18. Samantha V.

    This coffee is super delicious and smooth! We tried the French Roast and love it so much that we want to try all the other flavors from this brand now too! Great coffee!

  19. Teri A.

    I love a dark roast coffee to wake me up in the morning and I’ll admit to being a bit of a coffee snob. I didn’t expect that Cameron’s, at their low price point, would be very good but I was wrong! The French roast beans were shiny and had a deep scent and the brew was fantastic. 10/10 will buy again!


    I am kind of loyal to one Italian Brand because of its quality and taste. But it is sometimes, always hard to find or not available in store.

    After having tried this product, I would say it is fine and alright. I could definitely use this as an alternative but not a replacement. It taste good and smooth. I really don’t have complain with the quality.

  21. Jeff M.

    We enjoyed our Camerons coffee. it had a smooth taste with no bite, even when we brewed it on the bolder setting for our coffee maker. Would definitely buy this again.

  22. Current R.

    Smooth, full body and flavor. My father especially enjoyed it. Would purchase the coffee for special occasions and gatherings as it is a bit pricey.

  23. Roxann D.

    I received my voucher for Specialty Coffee by Cameron’s Coffee. I actually liked it better than the brand I use now, it tastes fresher and another thing it’s brewed in my home state of Minnesota, which I didn’t know until I got it.

  24. Michael S.

    I don’t think I ground this fine or smooth enough for a Bialetti ( I used fine ground setting), because frankly it was nothing special. Just mediocre taste and strength. I appreciate that it might be small batch and organic, but it’s got a lot of competition and has to be pretty good to make the grade. Local store only offered 2 flavor options- both of which I wouldn’t have chosen. I don’t think I would purchase it

  25. Sergei P.

    I’ve tried great coffee for the morning or other times of the day. This product really pleased me with its light sourness and rich coffee aroma.

  26. Shannon B.

    We really enjoyed this coffee. It had a rich full body flavor and it smelled absolutely delicious! Highly recommend trying this and will be buying again.

  27. Anne M.

    This coffee has a nice almost smoky depth of flavor and is well roasted, which is what I prefer. I normally avoid caffeine in coffee but couldn’t find any decaf version of this so I have been using it as a blend. I found it quite enjoyable

  28. Abby F.

    I thought the Cameron’s specialty coffee was good. I enjoyed the smell and the flavorful taste. It gave me a nice wa4m feeling waking up in the the freezing cold weather.

  29. Gwen S.

    I tried the dark French roast beans and it made a rich delicious cup of coffee. Smelled great and tasted smooth not bitter. Would buy again when on sale.

  30. Jennifer H.

    The coffee smelled great! When I went to drink it, I didn’t think there was much flavor. I added about 1/4 cup of grounds to 10 cups of water. Not sure if I add more grounds next time if that would help or not. I added other things to it to make it taste better.

  31. Sharena M.

    I have seen Cameron’s coffee in the stores before. I had never tried it so the scape me an opportunity to give it a shot. It’s a good quality coffee at a good price.

  32. Joy P.

    This coffee is definitely a solid choice. Price and flavor is right. It’s bold, strong, smooth. As soon as you open it, it smells like an amazing coffee shop. It’s comparable that way to some other brands, but the quality of this is what truly sets it apart

  33. Kris S.

    I bought the 28 oz bag of French Roast ground coffee. I usually buy Starbucks French roast and grind the beans. My husband made the coffee the following day and did not tell me until later that it was Cameron’s coffee, not Starbucks. I could not tell the difference – it was that good!

  34. Jumana N.

    This product was super rich and tasted smooth. I’m not a huge coffee drinker but this left me feeling energized and I didn’t feel bloated at all, which was a problem I had with other coffee products before.

  35. Lori J.

    My husband and I tried Cameron’s French Roast Dark and Rich. It is ground dark roast! We love dark roast coffees. This coffee has a lot of flavor. I would describe it as robust flavor. My husband described it as smooth and nutty. This coffee is 100% premium Arabica coffee. Cameron’s brand strives to be good stewards of our environment. They take great care while crafting this coffee from bean to brew. I really like what they stand for. They really care! Give Cameron’s Coffee a try! #trynatural #social nature

  36. Dona M.

    Cameron’s french roast coffee tasted fresh and robust, just how we like it. There was no sharp aftertaste. I noticed this brand has many varieties, so we are eager to try more. The packaging makes it easy to identify what flavor and type I am purchasing, which I appreciate.

  37. Julie F.

    I tried Cameron’s Specialty Coffee and thought it was very tasty. Rich bold taste that my husband and I really enjoyed. Great coffee. I think we would enjoy drinking this coffee often.

  38. David S.

    This coffee was a perfect blend of flavor and bean. The smell that emitted while brewing was absolutely delicious. It was easy and looked like a premium brand of coffee.

  39. Trish M.

    I got the french roast and I was a big fan. Felt like it was very flavorful and full bodied. Will for sure get again the future because it is even better than my current brand

  40. Jenny C.

    Loved the Cameron’s coffee. Lots of flavor choices for regular and decaf. Nice to have pods and ground coffee. The packaging is eye catching too.

  41. Elizabeth L.

    We loved this coffee. Great rich flavor yet smooth. This may be our new favorite. It was easy to find and I like the
    varieties. The price is a little more, but would buy on occasion.

  42. L G.

    What can I say? We love coffee and Cameron does snot disappoint. The smell of coffee calls to you even when not brewed. Tasty and robust. Sip and enjoy.

  43. Kayleigh O.

    I absolutely lovee the taste and flavor. Definitely beat out the regular coffee brands. The price was a little more than we typically spend though.

  44. Mary S.

    I really love Social Nature because it gives me the opportunity to try products that I might not otherwise try. This product is a perfect example of that! I was happy with the brand of coffee I used, I enjoyed it, and had no desire to try anything else. I am so glad I got to try Specialty Coffee by Cameron’s Coffee because I love it so much!

  45. Amy S.

    I am a huge coffee drinker and this did not disappoint. Very refreshing and taste was smooth did have a bit of an after taste but a good second choice overall

  46. Dana B.

    Being a coffee drinker, I was excited to try this brand as I like to try different brands to see which I would like the best. While I do like a strong cup of cofee, I didn’t find this to be that. While it was smooth and not very acidic, it just didn’t give me that punch I was looking for. I used it to make cold brew with a French press on a regular basis, so that I do get that caffeine kick I need in the mornings. While I did like the flavor, I’m not sure I would buy it on a regular basis.

  47. Shellie C.

    I love this new brand of coffee that I tried. It’s excellent and smooth. It has a great taste. I really enjoyed this coffee and will continue to buy it. Highly recommend

  48. Alma W.

    I tried the french roast variety and think that it had a good flavor. The packaging blended with other brands on the shelf, so it was difficult to find.

  49. Amal W.

    Cameron’s French Roast Coffee is eco-friendly, with less plastic in its pods. It was easy to brew and had a nice fragrance. However, it was a little bitter, even with lemon peel. While I normally enjoy dark roast coffee for its rich flavor, Cameron’s wasn’t as smooth as I would prefer. Overall, I thought it was good but not great.

  50. Winter P.

    Was tasty. Mixed well with creamer and all of that too. Bag was cute, especially with the colors and was easy to open/close. Would recommend

  51. Ziada G.

    Great flavor and very smooth taste! You can tell the quality of the beans are good. One of the best things about this brand is that the coffee isn’t acidic so if you like drinking black coffee this is a great option.

  52. Amy A.

    I was skeptical about trying a new coffee since I have brands I like , and we drink a lot of coffee. But it’s really good! And pretty inexpensive. So I will definitely try it again.

  53. Meridith M.

    I know most people think that in order to have a great cup of coffee, you need to have the most expensive coffee beans and grind and fresh each morning. Not saying that’s not going to produce a great cup, but it’s not the only way. This coffee, which comes already ground, delivers a nice rich flavor without, any bitter aftertaste. I’m always on the search for a dark but not bitter option and they are hard to find!! This one hits the mark! The stores only had 2 to choose from so I’d be curious to try their other dark roast options.

  54. Jacquelyn S.

    First off let me be clear on my love for strong dark coffee. Cameron’s really nails it with the French Roast. It’s bold, fresh and complex without that Starbucks burnt bitter taste. These guys give good ole Peet a run for his money. I wish they would do a better job on adding tasting notes to the bag however so you don’t just have to take my word for it.

  55. Victoria T.

    The French Roast Cameron’s Coffee was very smooth. We found it to taste smoother than Starbucks French Roast, although the flavor is not as rich. I would definitely buy this product again.

  56. Jean F.

    It’s bitter a little. Needs sugar and cream and added a little cinnamon! Strong coffee needs someone who use to drinking it another way! I use dairy free creamer.

  57. Connie B.

    I really loved the mild flavor of this coffee. This is exactly what I want in the morning when I get up, it smelled wonderful brewing and the taste did not disappoint. I can fix this during the day and it tastes great ever time.

  58. Catherine C.

    While I normally appreciate the convenience of ground coffee, I still enjoyed these beans. Luckily, I had a grinder on hand so it wasn’t an issue. The coffee was good and had a smooth taste. The beans also had a nice aroma. I also enjoyed the product being organic and easy to find at my local grocery store.

  59. Lisa N.

    Cameron’s Coffee was absolutely delicious! I usually only drink a cup a day but I went back for more after trying this. I like that this is a better-for-you brand and product. I tried the French Roast and loved it. I am eager to try the Jamaican Blend next.

  60. Tara T.

    This coffee is delicious! Highly recommend. Tasty, great flavor profile, the perfect amount of caffeine. You can literally tell by tasting it that this coffee is of high quality!

  61. Juan P.

    I liked the coffee, but I’m used to drinking Colombian Coffee and there is a big difference. I wouldn’t purchase this again but I guess is a good choice for anyone else

  62. Jenn D.

    I have always liked Cameron’s but haven’t had for a while. I enjoyed finding all the new option for coffee including cold brew and Instant coffee. I purchased the organic whole beans and was pleasantly surprised! Will definitely recommend especially if someone is looking for organic.

  63. Debra B.

    I easily found Cameron coffee at Pick n Save in the coffee isle. I was excited to try it as I’ve never tasted this brand before. I was disappointed in the taste. Quite bland. I didn’t finish the bag.

  64. Rachel B.

    I loved the flavor of the coffee. It made a great tasting coffee that stayed consistent throughout the pot. I also enjoyed getting to choose from such a variety of flavors.

  65. Cass R.

    Never heard of this brand or noticed on the shelf before. Tried it out recently. Was pleasantly surprised when I brewed a cup of the French Roast. The smell was delightfully aromatic and the taste was great. Cameron’s has a lot of flavor options and excited to try more in the future.

  66. Susie B.

    I only buy dark French roast coffee, and Cameron’s Coffee had a French roast. It smelled wonderful when brewing. I used it in my cappuccino machine and the taste was very good. I usually buy Starbucks or Kirkland brand and will alternate Cameron’s Coffee with my regular brands based on price.

  67. Lauren G.

    These were good coffee beans. They made a good cup of coffee. I don’t think they were any better than my usual brand but they still made very tasty coffee.


    This coffee was available at my local grocery store. It tasted good and came in a variety of blends to suit my desire for variety. I look forward to trying other flavors.

  69. Shareeqah W.

    I liked how smooth and dark it was without that note of bitterness. I don’t drink black coffee so I can’t speak on that part but using it with my usual creamer was absolutely delicious!

  70. Denise E.

    Cameron’s Specialty Coffee was good. The French Roast was smooth and had good flavor. It was not too strong or bitter. It was good but very similar to other coffee I have tried.

  71. Linda G.

    I like this brand and choice. I bought the french roast and it was really good stuff. I’m a coffee buff and I will buy again soon. I hope to try all the other flavors! I think this will be my go-to brand.

  72. Caitlin V.

    Really enjoyed this brand, the french roast is very delicious! Smooth and full of great flavor. I enjoyed it both as a hot beverage and made an iced coffee with this roast as well. Would definitely purchase again!

  73. Manan M.

    This Specialty Coffee by Cameron’s Coffee has a variety of flavor options to choose from. I tried the French Roast and it tastes delicious. I prefer flavored coffee and this one did not disappoint.

  74. Nikki T.

    Truly, this is my new favorite coffee. The French roast is smooth as silk with no bitterness detected. I simply can’t encourage you enough to try for yourself—you won’t be disappointed!

  75. L R.

    I had never heard of or tried Cameron’s specialty coffee before. I am so glad that I was able to try it. It’s excellent and was a real treat to drink. It tasted great and lived up to the description of full flavor.

  76. Greg J.

    I tend to get my coffee from a local shop for its quality. In giving this a try, I found it to be about on par with my usual, which was a nice surprise.

  77. Jean R.

    Mmmmm, fresh coffee. I don’t think there is any better smell in the morning, or afternoon, or anytime for that matter. Dark, rich flavor. Not acidic. Just a good cup of coffee.

  78. CJ L.

    I have many times bought Camerons coffee BEANS-my local stores used to have them in their bulk & I would especially buy the decaf dark roast in bulk since I consume less decaf.

  79. Pinky M.

    Cameron’s Coffee makes a fantastic French Roast with perfect bold taste for my morning cup of coffee. It’s easy to brew at home and office. I can’t wait to try more flavors!

  80. Darrian H.

    I really liked the aroma and strength of the brew as a little goes a long way. The flavor was really good and I didn’t have to make multilpe cups to get me going.

  81. Michelle C.

    I have never heard of this brand but it is my new favorite. It’s delicious and so good! It’s my new favorite brand. This coffee was so smooth and delicious.

  82. Melodee B.

    I have seen this brand of coffee before in the store, but this is the first time I have tried it. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and taste of this coffee. It had a full flavor and I really liked the French Roast. I would definitely buy this coffee again!

  83. Peiwen W.

    This is the first time I try this brand. Easy to find in the store! Great flavor. I don’t normally drink coffee, but this one is really good. Highly recommended! Would not hesitate to buy it again.

  84. Jennifer F.

    This coffee is great! I enjoy robust flavor and dark roasts and that’s exactly what I get with this and then some! Only downside was I wish it was organic. My store only had the large bags of organic. But wonderful flavor!
    I tasted extra dark espresso/French roast. I do order Cameron’s organic from Sam’s club and love it.

  85. Heather C.

    I like that the coffee comes in an ecopod which is definitely more environmentally friendly, but the ecopod is smaller than a typical keurig pod, so it didn’t quite fit right in my Sboly coffee machine which normally brews Keurig cups. I’ve tried brewing the coffee three times now and each time was a bit messy and the brewed coffee was certainly more watered down. The flavor was really nice on its own and as a mocha with hot chocolate (I tried the Lone Star French Roast) so I think I’ll try the coffee grounds instead of the ecopods next time.

  86. Meg F.

    These are pretty good considering their price point and the fact that they can be easily bought at the store. Better than many others on the same shelf.

  87. Beth J.

    We made this in the french press and it was pleasantly balanced. Didn’t find it bitter at all. Looking forward to trying the other varieties.

  88. Dell J.

    **** easy to find in the store and at many stores not just unique ones. Flavor is very good, I would recommend anyone that likes flavorful coffee to try it.

  89. Anne C.

    My morning coffee starts me humming right off. Winter time I prefer the warm latte, but summertime mix it over ice with a dash of cream. Nothing better

  90. Steph R.

    I love a dark roast coffee, so I picked up the french roast.
    It had a nice, deep flavor without being overpowering. It was easy to find in the coffee section at King Soopers (Kroger)

  91. Maddi D.

    This coffee is quite a bit pricier than the coffee I normally try, so it was nice to be able to try it. It was quite good and I did enjoy the time that I used it.

  92. Leann R.

    Cameron’s coffee was great. It tasted fresh and was organic to boot. I loved the eco pods to cut down on waste. The smell was so good and there were lots of flavor options.

  93. Alondra Z.

    Loved this product a little on the pricy side but really good. It’s very smooth and smells great, I will definitely buy this product again and try the other varieties.

  94. Nancy M.

    The mellow flavor is good, but not great. I measured out my typical amount for french roast and it wasn’t as strong as other coffees I like, so that took it down a notch. I will try increasing the amount of coffee I use when I brew the next batch and see if that makes a difference. I also prefer buying coffee beans rather than ground coffee, but this was not an option for the french roast, at least not at the store where I used the coupon.

  95. Christine J.

    Not too strong a flavor. perks to perfection. There is a variety of flavors to choose from. I love that it is not overpowering in flavor. No after taste.

  96. Julia L.

    Great tasting coffee. Rich, flavorful taste. Perfect coffee to wake up to each morning. Love the flavor. Will definitely purchase again. Husband loves it too!

  97. Kim S.

    I got the ground coffee in the French Roast version as that’s my usual go-to for coffee at home. I found that this brand was comparable, maybe a bit of a deeper flavor but other than that the same, especially with my added creamer.

  98. Nancy M.

    We love that it tastes very good – – hints of chocolate earthiness in the medium-dark roast that we have! Thank you thank you for this, we will try other flavors in the future!

  99. Cathy G.

    I love Cameron’s coffee and that they give me a variety of options in flavors that taste great. I love that they also think about how coffee is grown to save the environment and help the people in the places it comes from.

  100. Jan H.

    I loved Cameron’s coffee. I bought the dark roast and I absolutely loved it. The strength was perfect! I will be purchasing this most of the time!’

  101. Beth B.

    I really enjoyed trying this product. I had never tried it before but now I think I’m going to buy it more regularly because I liked it so much.

  102. Arlene B.

    I actually liked everything about this product. Thank you so much for introducing it to me it is definitely going to be my go to in this category.

  103. Richard P.

    I really love this product so much. It was easy convenient tasty and healthy. I was surprised about how much I liked it since I had never had it before.

  104. Marilyn O.

    Normally I grind free trade coffee beans each time I want a cup. Cameron’s is pre-ground so it offers an easier, quicker alternative for travel. Otherwise I find fresh ground coffee more flavorful.

  105. Jenny N.

    I love this coffee! It’s always reliable and tastes great in the morning. I love it to so much!!! Awesome voucher and great varieties to choose from!

  106. April W.

    I’ve tried this brand before so I was excited to try a different flavor this time. Nice and rich. The coffee is always priced right. I will buy again for sure!

  107. Zoel E.

    I like coffee and need it in my life. Thanks for letting me try this Cameron’s Coffee. I’ve to say it’s very tasty and I like the taste of it. I tried French Roast and it tasted good and I will get more of this.

  108. Disha S.

    Speciality coffee by Cameron’s Coffee is delicious! It is tasty and healthy choice of morning breakfast! It can be used with breakfast or snacks or anytime when you want

  109. Victoria W.

    Its a good tasting coffee but it does not taste like Kona coffee as the package states. Light flavor with a bright after taste. Will drink but won’t buy this flavor again. Please note flavor options listed below did not include Kona.

  110. Katie N.

    I like the fact that the Cameron’s brand has a whole bean option because I have a coffee grinder. I found the French Roast in a whole bean. The coffee has a great taste! The price to size ratio is fairly reasonable compared to other brands as well.

  111. Debbie C.

    I do like this brand of coffee. And enjoyed a free bag. Like all the flavors that they carie. I also enjoy there coffee pods to. It is a good tasting coffee

  112. Hiroko M.

    I tried French Roast. I like the taste and it’s a good coffee but it is not strong enough for me .(I normally drink Starbucks or Pete’s. )It is smooth and my daughter says she likes it a lot so it depends on your preference.

  113. DaShell C.

    Great brand of coffee. I’ve never heard of this brand before but it’s definitely my new favorite. This coffee is smooth, nutty and delicious. I highly encourage

  114. Tori C.

    I’m a big fan of dark French roast coffee, and this was great! It has a subtle fruity flavor and no bitterness. A great way to stay caffeinated on Christmas morning!

  115. Heidi A.

    This is truly the best coffee my husband and I have tasted. It has such a smooth taste and has a rich and robust flavor. I have shared this brand with many of my friends and have gotten them hooked. Good quality beans that make a great cup of coffee.

  116. Alison S.

    I use an Italian Bialetti to make my morning coffee, and I ground the beans to Espresso grind. I don’t think that was fine enough because the coffee is quite light. Overall, decent flavor for the cost, but nothing special. I appreciate that it was organic

  117. Vasiliki M.

    I’m no coffee connoisseur but I really did enjoy this coffee. I don’t find that it stands out anymore than other coffees of its kind but it was still very enjoyable

  118. Amy C.

    I am usually not a big fan of coffee but this was actually delicious! It did not leave so much of a bitter taste at the end so that was great, i would buy this again

  119. Leah C.

    Pleasantly surprised by this coffee. Bold, flavorful but not bitter. And a good price point making it an excellent value. I love supporting this family business; the coffee is great!

  120. Greg D.

    this coffee is so bold and really full of true coffee flavor, so delicious and flavorful that it will be on my regular shopping list! delicious!

  121. Terri N.

    I Thought by giving this a try for the holidays my adult children could help form an overall opinion. Well having a blended family of seven adult children, spouses etc. We were completely satisfied! Excellent French Roast, no heartburn so it’s definitely not overly acidic like other brands. It’s a deep flavor if you’re a black coffee drinker, and definitely a dessert in cuppa if you’re apt to sweeten your coffee. I will definitely buy again.

  122. Kianna V.

    This coffee had a great robust flavor that I really enjoyed. I felt good about drinking this coffee knowing that it is organic. I wish they had more organic options and there weren’t artificial flavors, but overall I liked this product.

  123. Laura J.

    This is a good, basic coffee. I like that it is organic. The flavor is good and overall a good value. I wish they had an organic decaf option because that would be my preferred product.

  124. Mazyan C.

    Great coffee. Tastes great and it’s super easy to make. I like the back story behind the making of these coffee beans and how they’re eco friendly. I chose a very basic blend and it was great! I need to try the other blends to see if I like them, but I’m sure I will.

  125. IAN S.

    I love Cameron’s for making cold brew. I typically use the Organic French Roast whole bean. With a quick grind and adding water to a french press, it makes an easy and delicious coffee that is smooth and not bitter

  126. Jennifer B.

    This coffee is yummy and delicious. Y’all need to give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. Me and my partner enjoy it. Go get ya some. Great way to start your day.

  127. Meghana S.

    Specialty Coffee so good we all love love this and the taste is so amazing we drinking it now everyday and loving it. And it is healthy too that is the plus. Love it.

  128. Mayur S.

    This was so good we all love love this and the taste is so amazing we drinking it now everyday and loving it. And it is healthy too that is the plus.

  129. Sam M.

    When you really want tea to soothe a sore throat but also want to stay awake all night questioning if you really are a good parent, try this coffee instead.

  130. Ellen S.

    I have bought this brand before and enjoy all the flavors offered in this line. First time buying the French roast and it was dark and smooth.

  131. Savannah N.

    I tried the French Roast Cameron’s Coffee, and I thought it was delicious. The flavor was perfect. It was great with my breakfast. Would recommend!

  132. Tobias T.

    Very Good coffee that cam pre ground so less prep which is nice but not as fresh as I like. I prefer whole beans. Like the price point seems like good value compared to other brands. Nice simple packaging stood out on shelf.

  133. Thomas W.

    We typically like really dark coffee and this brand only has one dark roast blend but it was very good! We would purchase this coffee brand again

  134. Rita R.

    I really enjoyed trying the French Roast blend of coffee. It has a bold flavor and a smooth texture. I also like that it’s ethically sourced.

  135. Christine L.

    I really love the French Roast Coffee. It’s delicious and perfect for my morning cup. I just add a bit of creamer and it tastes amazing. I would recommend it.

  136. Jillian H.

    I love coffee and love trying new coffee beans. I appreciated the accessibility of these and the taste of them. They seem to be good beans!!

  137. Marlene B.

    This was really really flavorful and good. I love that it’s easy to brew and doesn’t lose any of the flavor that comes with brewing at home. There were so many varities to choose from that I honestly struggled to narrow it down and ended up buying 2.

  138. Mischell

    This is the best French Roast coffee I have ever had. Love the favor . It was not bitter just the right cup

  139. Shelley E.

    Rich flavor! Sometimes I combine this with the decaff French roast to make a half-caff. Either way, never disappoints.

  140. Anonymous


    Bought some French Roast because I like a good dark, rich and full flavored coffee… But this was far from that. I typically use one scoop for an 8-cup brew, and for some that is almost too much, but not Cameron’s. It is weak with no flavor. I have tried it for a few days now, adjusting the mix and have yet to have a good cup. It is smooth I will grant that, but that is about it.

  141. Anonymous


    My Kuerig with added carbon filtered water…….Cameron’s French Roast has the flavor I like! The 10oz bag is less in weight than others…….though.

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