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Highlander Grog

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Our classically smooth coffee with the perfect flavor blend of butterscotch, caramel, vanilla and a dash of rum.

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  1. Anonymous

    My favorite! I grabbed a sample pack of this 5 years ago. I do miss this in whole bean. Not sure why I can’t buy whole bean anymore. Especially when I buy it in 32oz at a time. Happy to support a local MN company and enjoy the best tasting flavored coffee.

  2. Anonymous

    This has been my favorite coffee for several years now, but lately the flavor just isn’t right and tastes like terrible bitter coffee. I’m not sure what’s going on and maybe you just have new employees who aren’t making it right. I’m still trying to find a replacement coffee as this has been my usual go to coffee everyday. Hopefully you get the real Highlander Grog flavor back soon.

  3. Anonymous

    found it at Target, what a good coffee, so goooood. Keep it coming. Should have a decaf for when one wants it in the evening.

  4. Anonymous

    Highlander Grog is great!! I’d like to see your sampler packets that grocery stores used to carry. (At least, our local chain grocery store never has the samplers.) That is how I discovered and began ordering large quantities of your coffee.

  5. Anonymous

    We had been enjoying your highlander grogg flavor for many years! But our recent bags seem to be very different. Have you changed more than just the look on package? Because it does Not taste the same at all. We actually didn’t even finish our cups of coffee,and our other family members who always loved the taste, didn’t finish theirs either. Just wondering what happened to the best tasting coffee ever? It isn’t any more!!!! I really didn’t even want to give a one star rating, but there were no zero rating options.

    • Rachael

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We haven’t changed our Highlander Grog flavor recipe, so we’re sorry to hear about the inconsistent experiences you’ve had. We would like to address your specific concerns and make things right. Please feel free to contact us directly at the email address [email protected] so we can discuss your experience and find a solution. Cheers!

  6. Anonymous

    Found your Butterscotch Rum at a local grocery chain and fell in love with your product. I drink my coffee black and the flavor comes through beautifuly

  7. Anonymous

    Why can’t I get Highlander grog in whole bean anymore?

  8. Anonymous

    My favorite coffee of all time! However, I’m disappointed that I can no longer order decaf Highlander Grog. Please bring it back!

  9. Anonymous

    Our families favorite morning coffee! Love it!

  10. Anonymous

    My favorite coffee of all time. I’m now so spoiled by drinking this that I don’t like the fancy stuff from coffee shops! I hope they always have HG in stock!

  11. Anonymous

    Flavor profile is not the same

    The coffee shop recently ran out of this popular coffee and I searched high and low to find a replacement. I was so thankful to find that Sam’s Club was carrying the product again and ordered in a hurry. However, I am greatly disappointed in the Highlander Grog flavor from Cameron’s. The flavor and aroma has changed greatly and is definitely not the great specialty coffee as ordered in the past. I normally don’t post negative reviews, I chalk it up to personal preference and what not but after reading other reviews I don’t feel this is an isolated occurrence. Consume with reservation.

  12. Anonymous

    The taste has changed

    We loved this coffee until our last bag (Drip instead of Whole Bean–the first time we changed to Drip it was fine, but this time it’s bitter). Does anyone else notice a change in the tast?

  13. Anonymous

    Amazing coffee!

    Best coffee I’ve ever had, hands down. Lives up to every five-star review and then some. Searched high and low for it before scoring two 32oz bags. Don’t regret for one second that I now have 64oz of this wonderful gem. If you like straight up smooth, non-acidic, great coffee with a wonderful flavor, then THIS IS for you. On the flip side, if you like acidic, bitter, overpriced swill from your local hipster club, then look elsewhere.

  14. Anonymous

    Too Good to Pass Up

    We bought this on a whim a few nights ago because the description was very similar to a coffee I would buy from an old bakery we frequented. My wife wasn’t as excited as I was, but we both absolutely love this coffee. It has a great taste and smell without being overwhelming.

  15. Anonymous

    Totally Awesome

    When you first open this package you are hit with a delicious aroma that promises to satisfy you. It hits the mark and tastes as good as it smells. This is going to be our household coffee from now on.

  16. Anonymous

    My only choice.

    I’m an over the road truck driver and I live on coffee. This is all I drink. I’ll take 3-4 bags with me on the road. I just use a simple percolator and I’m set. It’s better even than truck stop coffee which I find to be horribly bitter. Will continue to drink it.

  17. Anonymous

    My favorite

    I love Cameron’s Highlander Grog. It’s the one I drink nearly every day.

  18. Anonymous

    This is the drink of the gods

    Wasn’t sure, even after reading the best of the best of the reviews, what to expect. I will drink this on my Sabbath as a thank you to the spiritual Father, special occasions and as a treat to myself coming off a not so nice medical test
    That being said, I love this coffee. Was my 1st, and is my continued basic Cameron’s coffee. Now….

    With all due respect to the gent on 5/22 and, lol, the writer on 4/25 with same name as me!: could it be there are varied strengths of this coffee and for Glenn, did you put in same amount (water & coffee) each time? IDK but I just put it out.

  19. Anonymous

    Gotta love the Grog

    … back in the day.. I first had the Grog from The Acoustic Cafe in Winona. It was yum back then and still is today. Cameron’s only $8.99 a pound at HyVees .. good price, whole beans Hario grinder and an Aeropress .. nuke some water to bout 190ish .. yum.. bit a work, but worth it.

  20. Anonymous

    Never a wrong choice

    This coffee has such a pleasant strong caramel undertone and smell. Every time I make a cup at work, even the non-coffee drinkers are tempted!

  21. Anonymous


    By far the best coffee. So good…the flavor is perfect!! The smell itself is enough! The k cups aren’t as good as the ground coffee, so I would I would suggest getting the ground.SO GOOD!!!!!

  22. Anonymous

    The BEST flavor!

    We bought it on impulse because of the wonderful smell coming from the bag and are so happy we did. We LOVE this blend! It’s not bitter and once it’s brewing makes the house smell amazing. Perfect for this fall weather! We cannot say enough good things about Cameron’s Highlander Grog.

  23. Anonymous


    MAKE MORE! Thank you Grandma for this delicious coffee.

  24. Anonymous

    A treat!

    I noticed when I switched to a k-cup brewer that the coffee didn’t have the same good taste–more artifical. I switched back to a regular coffee maker and found the flavor I’ve liked for quite some time. What a treat! I have a brewed pot waiting for me now.

  25. Anonymous


    After all the reviews I was really excited to try this flavor because it seemed right up my alley, but I can’t even finish the box I have. The coffee itself is weak and the flavor is very artificial and almost sour with a chemical aftertaste. I love Cameron’s Coffee but I thought this flavor was a big miss.

  26. Anonymous


    Thoroughly enjoy this coffee — great flavor, smooth, best ever! I previously enjoyed Highlander Grog at a coffee shop in southern Indiana and only recently found it online. No retailer sells in our area. Add a little half & half to Cameron’s Highlander Grog, and it’s amazingly good. It’s the only coffee that we drink at home. Only wish that they made it in decaf too!

  27. Anonymous


    SO amazing!!

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