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Highlander Grog

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Our classically smooth coffee with the perfect flavor blend of butterscotch, caramel, vanilla and a dash of rum.

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100% Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee

Every Cameron’s blend is made from 100% Specialty Grade Coffee, developed with only the highest quality beans. Crafted with care from bean to brew, each step of Cameron’s process from harvest to roast is rigorous and meticulous, so you get the smoothest brews and the ultimate blends.

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Responsibly Sourced

Our coffee is sourced in a sustainable, productive manner that supports biodiversity and improves the livelihoods of our farmers.

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Our coffee is roasted with indirect heat to ensure the beans are never burnt, all crafted right here in Shakopee, MN.

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  1. Grammy

    Highlanders Grog is the greatest! My son and daughter-in-law got me hooked several years ago and now I get a bag every Christmas. I also gift several friends who have enjoyed it at my house. I cannot understand why anyone would not love it!

  2. Kelley L.

    I was excited about all the different flavors to choose from but think I just picked a bad one-it tasted very artificial and fake. I’ll try one of the regular, non flavored blends next time!

  3. Charlotte F.

    It was okay, sort of artificial tasting and nothing more special than the store brand coffee. wanted to try the non-flavored coffee but didn’t have it in the store

  4. Amanda V.

    I loved the smell. Heavy sweet rum smell. I would probably cut back on the rum and focus on butterscotch. I thought the coffee tasted bitter. I am very picky about my coffee though. The people that know me say that I am picky about coffee. My coworker recommended that I try this brand because she likes it. I do not like this Highlander Grog. I can’t say I don’t like the other flavors but this it too bitter. I can’t finish half of my cup. This bag will be going to her. I did 2 tbsp grounds in 8 oz water in my ninja. No bueno. A kind that I love is Trader Joe’s medium roast whole bean coffee. The best. No bitterness.

  5. Ashley T.

    I am extremely picky when ot comes to coffee, most coffee doesn’t taste the way it smells, this coffee. . The hylander grog flavor, knocked my taste buds out the park! I have bought this 4 times after trying this, I bought the Hawaiian blend one today bit haven’t tried it yet. This brand is delicious and perfect for the picky coffee drinkers out there!

  6. Susan C.

    I was excited to recieve a coupon to try this product. This is already my go to coffee brand, but I stuck to the normal flavors like vanilla. I like it because it’s strong with a smooth flavor. I need up getting the highlander grog flavor since that was the only one my store had. The flavor is very subtle with my flavored coffee creamer. I like it alot! I would love to try other flavors in the future.

  7. Rebekah B.

    Cameron’s coffee is amazing! The taste is smooth and I enjoy that the grind is perfect for any type of coffee maker. Cameron’s is also affordable compared to most coffee brands, which is wonderful.

  8. Delaney O.

    Cameron’s will become one of my go-to brands for my daily coffee. My boyfriend is particular about his morning brew, and he really enjoyed the Highlander Grog.

  9. Chris ..

    Coffee was so delicious! Brewed the perfect cup and the taste was delicious. I will definitely be buying again and I’m really excited to try all of the different variety of flavors that there are.

  10. Kassie K.

    I am a fan of Cameron’s coffee! I love that they have so many flavors and this brand is available in many different stores near me. Will buy again!

  11. Sandy S.

    Sometimes a regular Columbian bean coffee just doesn’t satisfy my taste buds. Now I will turn to Cameron’s flavored coffee for a bit of flavor. I tried the Highlander Grog variety and love it! It has a yummy butterscotch flavor and not overwhelming. I drank 3 cups in a row! 😮

  12. Stacy L.

    I tried the Highlander grog and right away the smell was a win a lot of compliments on how good it smelled. The taste was smooth not bitter. More of a medium coffee that I will be buying again

  13. Jill H.

    I enjoyed this coffee and the different flavor options that it offers. It was easy to find in store and it even offered seasonal flavors that I really enjoyed trying. Highlander Grog is a wonderful flavor for everyday!

  14. Larry G.

    As a die-hard dark roast coffee drinker, I do appreciate the opportunity to try other roasts or even flavored blends once in awhile. I purchased the Highlander Grog based on the flavor profile on the package. I like the butterscotch flavor paired with my frosted mini wheats!

  15. Georgiana

    I have bought this coffee a few times over the years. I really liked it but something must have changed. This last time I had it, the coffee left a strong aftertaste in my mouth all day and throughout the night. Brushing my teeth several times didn’t do a thing to get rid of it and my stomach was a little upset. I ended up, while drinking this coffee, full head to toe with my muscles aching all day and through the night also. My muscles and my body ached so bad, that I couldn’t fall asleep or stay asleep! When I stopped drinking this coffee and went back to my old brand of coffee, no more body aches. I won’t be buying Cameron’s coffee again. I wanted to warn other people that if the same thing happens to you, it’s the coffee!

    • Cameron’s C.

      Thank you for taking the time to write a review. We’re sorry to hear about this unusual experience with our Highlander Grog! We would like to address your specific concerns and do what we can to make things right. Please feel free to contact us directly at the email address so we can discuss your experience and find a solution.

  16. Myles D.

    Absolutely love this coffee! The taste is bold, but not too overpowering. The price is amazing for what is offered. Definitely going to recommend this to friends and continue to buy it for me and my family!

  17. Rusty M.

    Decent coffee with a smooth taste and no bitter aftertaste. I would have liked a little more flavor for the variety I tried but still had a good taste.

  18. Ryan C.

    Cameron’s is hands down my favorite coffee brand at this point. Every flavor I have tried thus far, most recently “Highlander Grog”, has been absolutely amazing, without exception. The flavors are bold, but not overwhelming or artificial. The strength of the brew is always spot-on, with no bitterness or harsh aftertaste. Add to this the fact that the company offers eco-friendly pods and maintains a high level of sustainability, and I’m a customer for life!

  19. Annette K.

    I tried the Highlander Grog from Cameron’s Coffee. It was really good. Nice and smooth. It had notes of butterscotch and rum. I normally buy a different brand of the same kind of coffee and it was pretty comparable. #trynatural #GotItFree

  20. Monica H.

    Great morning coffee that comes in a variety of different flavors. Flavorful without tasting artificial, it’s a good every day coffee to enjoy to get your morning started!

  21. Janelle B.

    We shopped together, one of my daughters and I, for the best use of this voucher for free Cameron’s Coffee. She only drinks decaf so was super pleased at the vast selection, and she picked the Highlander Grog for her childhood memories of my drinking that very flavor very regularly.

    We then brewed a pot together Christmas Eve morning…and it was every-drop-enjoyed by all who partook.

    The flavor is rich and not bitter or acidic, and the variety of Cameron’s Coffee options–from caf/decaf to numerous flavors of each–is a bountiful best!

  22. Joe S.

    I don’t usually buy flavored coffee, but the Highlander Grog sounded interesting as it’s a coffee flavor I had never seen before. I gave it a try and found it delicious – not too strong, adds a nice tone to a good coffee flavor.

  23. Marius

    Probably the worst coffee I ever had. The smell is better than the taste, but the taste is all over the place, very weak and it leaves a really bitter taste. Avoid and go for something else.

  24. Jennifer R.

    We love Cameron’s coffee in our house – it’s one of our favorites. My husband loves Highlander grog – it is flavorful and a real treat for the senses.

  25. Cassandra L.

    This coffee is very flavorful, I had the opportunity to try the Highlander Grog, which taste like a creamy butterscotch and Jamaican me crazy, which has a caramel taste that is so delicious. Both were very smooth and very flavorful. I will definitely purchase this brand in the future.

  26. Sam K.

    I don’t do coffee at home often since I’m not a morning person but after getting to try some Camerons coffee, I might have to start making it at home. I usually stop at the gas station and get some but this is way cheaper. It tastes great and is pretty dang smooth. I got the highlander grog flavor.

  27. Natalie M.

    i was really excited to try this brand. they have great flavors available and unique ones as well. it’s been a great daily coffee and i want to try others!

  28. Tricia K.

    I tried the coffee labeled with Rum and Butterscotch flavoring and it smelled great but it didn’t wow me. I am more of a traditional French Roast kind of gal. While it was drinkable and nothing was wrong with the coffee, it was just not my flavor pallet. Hence the average rating for my taste buds.

  29. Kadee J.

    I really enjoy flavored coffee and this brand brought me new flavors to try. I enjoyed the Highland Grogg and it had such a expansive flavor, I loved that it was multi layered. They have some “plain” ones too so those would be great to try for all!

  30. Ashley U.

    I have been enjoying the Cameron’s Highlander Grog. It has a such a great flavor. Just the perfect cup of coffee in the morning. I will be purchasing again!

  31. J H.

    this just doesn’t taste as good as it use to. Lately it doesn’t have the flavor it did when we started drinking it. very disappointed

  32. Courtney M.

    I picked out Highlander Grogg. The flavor is listed as that of like a whisky n cream type of flavor. I don’t drink alcohol , so not sure about that but what I can tell you is that I found my coffee to be delicious. The flavor was balanced with the light to medium roast of the beans.
    I drank it both with splenda and non dairy milk abd straight up. Both ways were great. I think it woukd be terrific iced too.

  33. Carly R.

    I love coffee. And I really like those with all sorts of flavors and flavor profiles that I can choose from especially those that have both decaffing and regular I typically buy Highlander grog as it is one of my favorite coffees and this one not only was the smell very good but it also came out very good in the actual making of the coffee and the flavor

  34. Jerry D.

    I usually stick with the big name brands I have used for along time.I tried the Rum and Butterscotch flavor and boy did it not disappoint.The flavor was wonderful and I am willing to pay maybe a bit more for this because it is my new favorite!

  35. Sarah S.

    I’ve been a fan of Cameron’s for a while. So many great varieties to try and have enjoyed every single one to date! Definitely one of my go-to coffee brands

  36. Chris B.

    Cameron’s Highlander Grogg is flavorful as is without needing all the extras. Normally I drink black coffee but every once in a while, switch to crafted drinks. This blend is good on it’s own but can imagine it would be a great base as well for those that like to add cream and sweeteners. Price is on par with other specialty blends. I’m glad I was able to try it.

  37. Sheri S.

    Tried the Highlander grog. A delicious butterscotchy nectar of the heavens is the phrase my husband used. I think we may have a new addiction.

  38. Molly B.

    I love highlander grogg and it is a hard flavor to find. I wish they sold this in a decaffeinated variety because I would really appreciate it.

  39. DAVID G.

    I was delighted to see that one of my favorite flavors was on the shelf. I’ve had the old fashioned flavor before and thought it was too artificial. the highlander grog was great

  40. Jackie J.

    This coffee is amazing. When I first opened the bag the aroma just hits you. And the flavor is just as good. I will definitely be using this again and again.

  41. Noure B.

    I usually don’t try new coffees but I decided to give this one a try and I really liked it. I love the brand and their mission of being eco friendly, reduced packaging, and being compostable. The coffee is easy to replace with my current one and it tastes great and theres a variety of great flavors.

  42. Liz T.

    I love trying new coffee flavors and there were several to pick from and they all sounded very interesting hard to pick . Great coffee flavor

  43. Amy A.

    I’ve been a long time Cameron’s coffee user. Never bitter and the price point is great. Glad I was able to grab a bag and enjoy a new flavor.

  44. S Renee B.

    One of my favorite flavored coffees to have at the cafe is the Highlander Grog, a roast with butterscotch flavor. I was really excited to see that Cameron’s had that flavor! My partner and I tried it and agreed the flavoring was pretty unpleasant. I gave it 4 stars because it was a pretty affordable price for an ethical coffee and I would be willing to try it again, as a plain roast this time.

  45. Lisa T.

    I am not much of a coffee snob, but I do enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and this smells as if you’re walking into a coffee shop. The taste of this coffee is not overpowering, which makes it very enjoyable.

  46. Alisha D.

    I am usually a dark roast coffee drinker, but picked up a bag of Highlander Grog because I do enjoy this flavor variety from most other brands. The flavor, though a touch artificial, was enjoyable—not too bitter, and smooth as promoted. I did end up mixing this with my dark roast coffee, but if I was a 100% flavored coffee drinker, I would come back.

  47. Paula Y.

    Love the variety of flavors this coffee has, it tastes smooth as promised and it’s comparable to the brands I like. It was quick to find the item at the store.

  48. Julie B.

    I tried the Highlander Grog and really enjoyed it. The flavor was a big hit in our household and the retail price is a great value. We’ll be adding this to our rotation!

  49. April S.

    My favorite! I grabbed a sample pack of this 5 years ago. I do miss this in whole bean. Not sure why I can’t buy whole bean anymore. Especially when I buy it in 32oz at a time. Happy to support a local MN company and enjoy the best tasting flavored coffee.

  50. Northern MN G.

    This has been my favorite coffee for several years now, but lately the flavor just isn’t right and tastes like terrible bitter coffee. I’m not sure what’s going on and maybe you just have new employees who aren’t making it right. I’m still trying to find a replacement coffee as this has been my usual go to coffee everyday. Hopefully you get the real Highlander Grog flavor back soon.

  51. Srodawa

    found it at Target, what a good coffee, so goooood. Keep it coming. Should have a decaf for when one wants it in the evening.

  52. Mike N.

    Highlander Grog is great!! I’d like to see your sampler packets that grocery stores used to carry. (At least, our local chain grocery store never has the samplers.) That is how I discovered and began ordering large quantities of your coffee.

  53. Karen

    We had been enjoying your highlander grogg flavor for many years! But our recent bags seem to be very different. Have you changed more than just the look on package? Because it does Not taste the same at all. We actually didn’t even finish our cups of coffee,and our other family members who always loved the taste, didn’t finish theirs either. Just wondering what happened to the best tasting coffee ever? It isn’t any more!!!! I really didn’t even want to give a one star rating, but there were no zero rating options.

    • Cameron’s C.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We haven’t changed our Highlander Grog flavor recipe, so we’re sorry to hear about the inconsistent experiences you’ve had. We would like to address your specific concerns and make things right. Please feel free to contact us directly at the email address so we can discuss your experience and find a solution. Cheers!

  54. Barbara S.

    Found your Butterscotch Rum at a local grocery chain and fell in love with your product. I drink my coffee black and the flavor comes through beautifuly

  55. Larry S.

    Why can’t I get Highlander grog in whole bean anymore?

  56. Linda

    My favorite coffee of all time! However, I’m disappointed that I can no longer order decaf Highlander Grog. Please bring it back!

  57. Roger B.

    Our families favorite morning coffee! Love it!

  58. Janet S.

    My favorite coffee of all time. I’m now so spoiled by drinking this that I don’t like the fancy stuff from coffee shops! I hope they always have HG in stock!

  59. Anonymous

    Flavor profile is not the same

    The coffee shop recently ran out of this popular coffee and I searched high and low to find a replacement. I was so thankful to find that Sam’s Club was carrying the product again and ordered in a hurry. However, I am greatly disappointed in the Highlander Grog flavor from Cameron’s. The flavor and aroma has changed greatly and is definitely not the great specialty coffee as ordered in the past. I normally don’t post negative reviews, I chalk it up to personal preference and what not but after reading other reviews I don’t feel this is an isolated occurrence. Consume with reservation.

  60. Anonymous

    The taste has changed

    We loved this coffee until our last bag (Drip instead of Whole Bean–the first time we changed to Drip it was fine, but this time it’s bitter). Does anyone else notice a change in the tast?

  61. Anonymous

    Amazing coffee!

    Best coffee I’ve ever had, hands down. Lives up to every five-star review and then some. Searched high and low for it before scoring two 32oz bags. Don’t regret for one second that I now have 64oz of this wonderful gem. If you like straight up smooth, non-acidic, great coffee with a wonderful flavor, then THIS IS for you. On the flip side, if you like acidic, bitter, overpriced swill from your local hipster club, then look elsewhere.

  62. Anonymous

    Too Good to Pass Up

    We bought this on a whim a few nights ago because the description was very similar to a coffee I would buy from an old bakery we frequented. My wife wasn’t as excited as I was, but we both absolutely love this coffee. It has a great taste and smell without being overwhelming.

  63. Frank

    Totally Awesome

    When you first open this package you are hit with a delicious aroma that promises to satisfy you. It hits the mark and tastes as good as it smells. This is going to be our household coffee from now on.

  64. Anonymous

    My only choice.

    I’m an over the road truck driver and I live on coffee. This is all I drink. I’ll take 3-4 bags with me on the road. I just use a simple percolator and I’m set. It’s better even than truck stop coffee which I find to be horribly bitter. Will continue to drink it.

  65. Anonymous

    My favorite

    I love Cameron’s Highlander Grog. It’s the one I drink nearly every day.

  66. Glenn

    This is the drink of the gods

    Wasn’t sure, even after reading the best of the best of the reviews, what to expect. I will drink this on my Sabbath as a thank you to the spiritual Father, special occasions and as a treat to myself coming off a not so nice medical test
    That being said, I love this coffee. Was my 1st, and is my continued basic Cameron’s coffee. Now….

    With all due respect to the gent on 5/22 and, lol, the writer on 4/25 with same name as me!: could it be there are varied strengths of this coffee and for Glenn, did you put in same amount (water & coffee) each time? IDK but I just put it out.

  67. Anonymous

    Gotta love the Grog

    … back in the day.. I first had the Grog from The Acoustic Cafe in Winona. It was yum back then and still is today. Cameron’s only $8.99 a pound at HyVees .. good price, whole beans Hario grinder and an Aeropress .. nuke some water to bout 190ish .. yum.. bit a work, but worth it.

  68. Anonymous

    Never a wrong choice

    This coffee has such a pleasant strong caramel undertone and smell. Every time I make a cup at work, even the non-coffee drinkers are tempted!

  69. Anonymous


    By far the best coffee. So good…the flavor is perfect!! The smell itself is enough! The k cups aren’t as good as the ground coffee, so I would I would suggest getting the ground.SO GOOD!!!!!

  70. Anonymous

    The BEST flavor!

    We bought it on impulse because of the wonderful smell coming from the bag and are so happy we did. We LOVE this blend! It’s not bitter and once it’s brewing makes the house smell amazing. Perfect for this fall weather! We cannot say enough good things about Cameron’s Highlander Grog.

  71. Anonymous


    MAKE MORE! Thank you Grandma for this delicious coffee.

  72. Anonymous

    A treat!

    I noticed when I switched to a k-cup brewer that the coffee didn’t have the same good taste–more artifical. I switched back to a regular coffee maker and found the flavor I’ve liked for quite some time. What a treat! I have a brewed pot waiting for me now.

  73. Anonymous


    After all the reviews I was really excited to try this flavor because it seemed right up my alley, but I can’t even finish the box I have. The coffee itself is weak and the flavor is very artificial and almost sour with a chemical aftertaste. I love Cameron’s Coffee but I thought this flavor was a big miss.

  74. Anonymous


    Thoroughly enjoy this coffee — great flavor, smooth, best ever! I previously enjoyed Highlander Grog at a coffee shop in southern Indiana and only recently found it online. No retailer sells in our area. Add a little half & half to Cameron’s Highlander Grog, and it’s amazingly good. It’s the only coffee that we drink at home. Only wish that they made it in decaf too!

  75. Kay


    SO amazing!!

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