Spicy Plum Tisane Tea

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2 lbs - Loose Leaf

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Spicy plum fairies make this exclusive blend of Saigon tea, cinnamon, Chinese ginger, South African rooibos, Sudanese hibiscus, Chilean rose hips, and other natural flavor.

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  1. Aryn

    Love but always out

    We love love this tea. The problem is more than 75% of the time we go to order it is out of stock.
    So wish they would have an auto shipment program!

  2. Aryn

    Sweet tea with a kick

    My husband and I are addicted to this tea. It is out “go to” every evening. The taste is cherrish plum, almost smells like apple cider. It is sweet, but not over powering, and not at all bitter.
    We steep ours for a long time and then add honey. Looking forward to summer when we can ice it as well. Truly is a treat

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