CAFICO Coffee Cooperative in Honduras

Farmer Spotlight: CAFICO Cooperative in Honduras

Cameron’s Coffee sources coffee from all over the world, and this means we often get the pleasure of meeting these farmers where the magic happens: their farms! Today, we’re featuring the farmers of CAFICO (Cafés Finos de Corquín) in Honduras. Come along as we show you around!

Coffee farmer among Arabica coffee plants
Cafico team with coffee samples
Hillside at a coffee farm in Honduras

CAFICO is a coffee farmer cooperative located in Corquín, Copán in beautiful western Honduras. The Cooperative is made of 350 Farmer Members that focus on the production of 100% certified sustainably produced coffees. Cameron’s buys 100% USDA Certified Organic coffees from CAFICO!

Shade Grown coffee farm on a hillside in Honduras
Coffee farmers at a high elevation coffee farm with Arabica plants

Coffee produced by CAFICO’s members is shade-grown between 1100 – 1900 meters above seal level in villages surrounding the Celaque National Park. In this region, the temperature averages about 70° F year-round.

Coffee farmers and coffee beans being sun dried in Honduras
Coffee mill at CAFICO

Coffees here are harvested November through April, are processed in a centralized wet mill and often sun dried.

Young Coffee Plants being grown at a Honduras coffee cooperative

In addition to its sustainable coffee farming practices, CAFICO is proud to support the surrounding community by providing support to neighborhood churches and the local mother-child healthcare center. They also help protect the environment by distributing water filters to community members.

As mentioned above, Cameron’s buys 100% USDA Certified Organic coffees from CAFICO, and you can find it in several of our blends:

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about one of the coffee farms that plays a part in some of your morning mugs!

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