Dark Roast

Organic Scandinavian Blend

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This medium-dark roast is mild, balanced and rich with a smooth finish. It’ll keep you warm even on the coldest days.

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  1. Susan N.

    Best coffee ever except not available in Decaf.

  2. Alicia H.

    My favorite coffee! Even better than Starbucks or Cariboo. My local stores no longer carry this flavor/selection, so I am so very glad I can purchase this online. Stays fresh in bag so I don’t hesitate to purchase in 28 oz bag.

  3. Tracy

    I was a guest at someone’s house while they were on vacation. I made some coffee and was looking for some cream but they didn’t have any. I pondered driving to a coffee shop but decided to take a sip before going. I have never tasted anything so smooth. Cream? Who needs cream. After my second sip I jumped on their website and ordered. Best I’ve ever had.

  4. Tim

    This is my first time trying Cameron’s. I was lucky enough to find a big 64 oz bag online at a big box store. I knew as soon as I opened the bag that this was going to be good. It just smelled too good. This coffee is amazing. The beans are dark and oily, the aroma is heavenly. It’s full-bodied, but amazingly smooth, velvety smooth. There is no harshness that you might get from a cheaper blend. Rich flavor, this is the best dark roast I’ve tried in the last 30 years.

  5. Anonymous

    I can’t believe I just discovered this blend!!

    Reading the reviews I see this blend is at least three years old. WHAT?? My only disappointment is that I didn’t discover this earlier. My partner and I are dedicated cold brewers but I wanted to try this one hot first. Pour over single cup drip or as a cold brew this is absolutely fantastic! I found it at a local store on sale but then decided, in this COVID environment, to just order a case online. Thanks for continuing to make this and for making it so accessible. I’ll keep ordering!

  6. Glenn

    Finally found the best cup I’ve been searching for!!!

    I have tried several brands and blends, single origin, you name it. I believe I can finally settle on this one forever! Please have Scandinavian Blend available at all times.

  7. Anonymous

    Cant buy any other now!!

    Every other coffee doesn’t taste as good! I have tried countless others. The Scandanavian is the best! Please don’t ever stop making it!!

  8. Anonymous


    I bought my first 3/4 pound of Scandinavian coffee in 4+ years. This is still one of my favorite coffees of all time. I used to have it shipped to me from a Northern Minnesota grocery store and will continue to buy now that I am living outside of Minnesota.

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