cup of smooth coffee in a bright yellow mug

So what makes a coffee blend, bright?

What does bright coffee taste like?

When a coffee is brightly acidic, it is considered balanced, smooth, and citrusy with a mild yet rich flavor. Not overpowering but deliciously intense in all the perfect ways. Bright Coffee has the always smooth, never bitter taste you love. Enjoy the day-brightening power of your favorite mug. 

If you like Hawaiian, Breakfast Blend, Decaf Breakfast, Organic Woods & Water, Woods and Water then chances are, you might be a fan of Bright Coffee. 

Here are some descriptors of our favorite Bright Blends:

What does Breakfast Blend Coffee taste like?

A bright and fruity blend of coffee. Say good morning to this perfect blend of Central and South American coffees that are slow-roasted to a mild, yet rich flavor. 

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What does Woods and Water Blend taste like? 

Woods and Water coffee blend is big and bright. This bright, big-bodied blend of Central American beans is a unique light roast with complex characteristics.

Now that you know a little bit more about our Bright Blends of coffee, we hope you will find the blends that fit into your perfect morning routine.

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What does Hawaiian Blend taste like?

A sweet and mellow blend for your favorite mug. Brew a cup of Hawaiian Blend with the bright, fruity sweetness in this enticing blend of South American and Hawaiian beans.

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If you want to have a little fun and find out what Cameron’s recommends for you, based on your typical morning routine, check out our Flavor Finder Quiz.

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