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Bright & tropical with hints of chocolate and nuts, this blend of Hawaiian, Central & South American beans will brighten your day.

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  1. Eboni P.

    I love coffee and I was happy to try Cameron’s Specialty Coffee. I got the Hawaiian blend and loved it. Normally I like a medium roast and flavored coffee grounds. I was very surprised by how good the light roast is. Cameron’s Coffee is now one of my favorite coffees. I’ll definitely try other flavors. #trynatural

  2. Rhiana H.

    I tried the Hawaiian blend. I don’t drink my coffee black. I usually add some Nestle Quik and the flavor of the coffee was perfectly balanced with it! It was very smooth!

  3. Philip C.

    I have Camerons Coffee to thank for that. Their light roast Hawaiin Blend has a brightness to it that reflects the sun rays coming through my windows. Though light at first sip, it gives way to a rich depth of flavor that leaves an aftertaste that seems to have dark chocolate notes.

    This coffee is sustainably sourced and roasted (by hand) in small batches from 100% Arabica beans.

    I am a fan!!

  4. Ls H.

    We’re Usually drink a dark roast coffee bit the only flavor our store carried was Hawaiian. Was pleasantly surprised buy the body of Cameron coffee. Hawaiian coffee has a smooth pleasant flavor. We will keep looking for one of the darker roast ti try

  5. Jessica B.

    This was a great coffee. I tried the Hawaiian blend since it was different from what we usually buy. It was very smooth and had a great, full flavor, especially for a light roast

  6. Elizabeth V.

    **I actually tried the Hawaiian blend. This was the only blend available at the store. I would really love to have tried a darker roast. The Hawaiian blend was still a little bitter for me, even though the packaging suggests that the coffee isn’t bitter. That said, for a light roast, it was smoother than I thought it would be.

  7. Hannah K.

    this was a great deal and good coffee! Tried the Keurig cups, the Hawaiian is very good. Will be buying again to try the others. Also available at Sprouts !

  8. Kelsee P.

    Wonderful tasting coffee!!! I enjoyed the light Hawaiian flavor! Great notes and seemed the perfect amount of caffeine! The price point is great, so I would definitely buy again!!

  9. Morgan E.

    I tried the Hawaiian Blend coffee and found it to be a flavorful and enjoyable choice. The unique bleed offers a delightful taste, unlike other brands. However, my only qualm was the limited availability of organic choices at the store when I made my purchase. I wish there were more organic options to explore within Cameron’s coffee range, but overall, a satisfying coffee experience with the flavor I chose.

  10. Lesley N.

    This was my first time sampling Cameron’s Coffee and I was pleasantly surprised by the aroma and flavor of the coffee. I got the Hawaiian blend which is a light roast with surprisingly bright undertones. It had no bitter undertones and was very smooth. This brand is my new favorite coffee brand that I would recommend all to try.

  11. Rachel K.

    I went to multiple different stores and was only able to find the Hawaiian blend. It was okay. A little bitter. I really wish they would have had other flavors in the stores, but after the fourth store I was tired of looking.

  12. Pamela T.

    I tried the Cameron’s Hawaiian blend. It was the only flavor in my store, but it’s not listed in the drop down fir thus survey. It was good, but I wish there were other flavors.

  13. Mario M.

    Grocery store coffee is generally old. Usually not fresh roasted, usually nothing special. We tried the Hawaiian blend, which was 10% Hawaiian -grown beans. All things considered, the coffee was slightly better than most pre-ground grocery store coffee. Hawaiian blend wasn’t a variety choice on the drop down but we did try the Hawaiian blend, not French roast.

  14. Judith O.

    I tried the Hawaiian Blend. It was mild and smooth. It did not give me heartburn like other coffees. Tastes good with creamer. It was a nice change from the store bought coffee I usually get but may not be purchasing it again due to the price.

  15. Amber S.

    I absolutely loved Cameron’s coffee the Hawaiian flavor light roast. It is by far the best coffee I have ever tried. It had a great flavor and my son loves it also.

  16. Heidi G.

    I tried the Hawaiian Blend from Cameron’s. This coffee was a light roast. It was smooth and no bitter taste. The coffee gave a hint of tropical flavors. I like that it is handcrafted in small batches and sustainably sourced. Will try another blend the next time I need coffee.

  17. JAMES L.

    This was a very good coffee. Great smell. Great taste. The 10% Hawaii mix is awesome. The price is lower than a Maui bag and just as good. Love this bag and will be looking for it when it is properly discounted at the Kroger.

  18. Lynette ..

    My husband enjoyed this coffee very much we tried the Hawaiian blend and he liked the flavor and it smelled really great too, hope to buy again

  19. Ronda C.

    I bought the Hawaiian blend. I was surprised that it’s only 10% Hawaiian coffee and the rest was Colombian (and another blend I believe). It does have a nice, robust flavor without being too acidic.

  20. Kelly W.

    My dad loves Hawaiian coffee and I got the Hawaiian blend so we could try it together. He raved about it. He compared the flavor to other Hawaiian coffees he’s had when he visited the island and he loved the fresh taste of the beans. He’s had Kona coffee and said this blend is just as good as Kona. Sweet and light. Great morning time coffee.

  21. Catherine S.

    I tried the Hawaiian blend and it was very smooth tasting, Normally I go for a stronger brew but this was pleasant and light. Would recommend for anyone who enjoys a light blend coffee. I don’t know why the Hawaiian blend wasn’t on the list, it was the only flavor available at the store I bought it at.

  22. Tom D.

    I tried one of Cameron’s specialty coffee blends, but it’s not one of the ones that are listed on the drop-down menu below. It was labeled as their Hawaiian blend, and I got it since it was the only Cameron’s coffee that they had at our grocer. It ‘s very smooth and not at all bitter, but I was expecting something with a little more flavor like a Hawaiian Kona blend.

  23. Sandra V.

    Specialty coffee by Cameron‘s coffee is a huge flavorful drink that wakes you up in the morning! I had the Hawaiian morning breakfast blend.

  24. Chad V.

    I got the light roast Hawaiian blend. One of the best tasting coffees ever! I had never tried it in this brand before, but definitely will be getting more in the future.

  25. Tonya T.

    This coffee is good but I had to adjust and still am adjusting how to make it. The instructions on the bag need to be adjusted! It says it is one to two tablespoons per 6 oz of water that makes it super strong! I would encourage this company to adjust them quickly.

  26. Km R.

    I picked up a bag (10 oz.) bag of the ground light roast Hawaiian Blend by Cameron’s Coffee (100% arabica coffee). Once brewed , I found the Hawaiian Blend variety to have a smooth tasting and suited my palate quite well. Reminiscent of the Kona Coffee’s from Hawaii, Cameron’s Coffee was found to be: not over powering, and not bitter. It was just right as it also didn’t seem acidic at all.

    Though they advertised 11 varieties, the store was limited to 2 flavor selections. I had really wanted to try the Vanilla Hazelnut blend to no avail. However, this Hawaii blend made a perfect cup of coffee. Vouching for just the Hawaii blend that I tried, I recommend to try some of the other flavor varieties.

    To summarize, the Hawaiian blend by Cameron’s Coffee was quite smooth and delicious. I’d recommend this brand of coffee to try.

  27. Viktoryia L.

    Specialty Coffe by Cameron’s Coffee is one of my favorites now. It has a rich flavour, and a smooth taste. I tried Hawaiin bled and was impressed by quality

  28. Adrienne C.

    Being a dark coffee drinker, I wanted to try the French Roast. After going to three stores, however, I could only find the Hawaiian blend. I was surprised by how much I liked it! I drank it black. It’s very smooth, not bitter or sour, with an interesting, pleasant aftertaste.

  29. Lily S.

    I actually got the Hawaiian blend from my local Kroger and it’s the only one available. Format is ground and roast is light. I wish there was a whole bean option but when it comes to anything Hawaiian, there’s no complaint about it! Also, I’m starting to really love the light roast especially with oat milk, so smooth yet it’s not bitter.

  30. Natalie P.

    This Hawaiian Blend of Cameron’s coffee has very mild and delicate flavor and I really like it. No bitterness at all, smooth with light fruity notes. If you also like light roasted coffee like me, I think it worth to try this variety. This coffee one if my favorites.

  31. Bobbie R.

    Ive tried sooo many coffees and I keep finding this as my#1. Smooth, great tasting not to bold or light its PERFECT.
    If you love good tasting coffee without all the added flavorings, you MUST try this!!

  32. Bobbie J R.

    I absolutley LOVE this!!! It smells wonderful brewing, and taste even better.
    Perfect brew, not acidic or bitter.
    If you like ( the big red can brand) Then you will LOVE this one!

  33. Anthony C.

    Tried this brand and type because they were out of my normal selection. Wow, it’s fantastic. I can say with all honesty this is the second best coffee I’ve ever drank. For clarification the best cup was Savannah Coffee roasters when I was at the store in Savannah and they roasted it and ground it right in front of me, it was still warm. This was a close second! Try it you won’t be disappointed, also it’s acid content bis very low.

  34. MommaJoy

    This was the 1st Cameron’s coffee that I tried and I’m never going back. I like Kona coffee and the normal brand I bought at Kroger was out. When I went to Target I saw this, plus it was on sale. The price point was already very reasonable, so I gave it a try.
    Yes, yes, yes…this is what coffee is supposed to taste like. Nice, flavorful, not bitter!!!
    Now I often make my own blends with this and the breakfast blend to change things up.
    So grateful I found this coffee!! By the way, I drive out of the way to buy this, as Kroger doesn’t carry it. It’s that good to me!

  35. Thomas

    Great Kona

    Great flavor and not to strong just the way Kona tastes hard to find a good Kona blend and this is the one.

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