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Hawaiian Blend

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Bright & tropical with hints of chocolate and nuts, this blend of Hawaiian, Central & South American beans will brighten your day.

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  1. Anonymous

    Ive tried sooo many coffees and I keep finding this as my#1. Smooth, great tasting not to bold or light its PERFECT.
    If you love good tasting coffee without all the added flavorings, you MUST try this!!

  2. Anonymous

    I absolutley LOVE this!!! It smells wonderful brewing, and taste even better.
    Perfect brew, not acidic or bitter.
    If you like ( the big red can brand) Then you will LOVE this one!

  3. Anonymous

    Tried this brand and type because they were out of my normal selection. Wow, it’s fantastic. I can say with all honesty this is the second best coffee I’ve ever drank. For clarification the best cup was Savannah Coffee roasters when I was at the store in Savannah and they roasted it and ground it right in front of me, it was still warm. This was a close second! Try it you won’t be disappointed, also it’s acid content bis very low.

  4. Anonymous

    This was the 1st Cameron’s coffee that I tried and I’m never going back. I like Kona coffee and the normal brand I bought at Kroger was out. When I went to Target I saw this, plus it was on sale. The price point was already very reasonable, so I gave it a try.
    Yes, yes, yes…this is what coffee is supposed to taste like. Nice, flavorful, not bitter!!!
    Now I often make my own blends with this and the breakfast blend to change things up.
    So grateful I found this coffee!! By the way, I drive out of the way to buy this, as Kroger doesn’t carry it. It’s that good to me!

  5. Anonymous

    Great Kona

    Great flavor and not to strong just the way Kona tastes hard to find a good Kona blend and this is the one.

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