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Spooky season mornings deserve a little something extra. After a spooky night out surrounded by ghouls and goblins, we think there is no better way to fill your mug back up than with some smooth coffee and a side of leftover Halloween candy.

Check out three of our favorite Halloween candy & coffee pairings below for the smoothest and sweetest of mornings. (P.S. – pair them with this extra spooky mug for an added bonus).

Halloween Candy & Cameron’s Coffee Pairings 🍬

Cameron's Coffee Sea Salt Caramel Flavored, Ground Coffee, 12oz. Bag with Snickers Candy

Sea Salt Caramel + Snickers

Is there any pairing better than sweet + salty? Enjoy a full mug of our Sea Salt Caramel coffee along with a Snickers and roll into your day with that salty sweet chocolate and peanut richness.

Cameron's Coffee Vanilla Hazelnut Flavored, Ground Coffee, 12oz. Bag with KitKat Candy

Vanilla Hazelnut + Kit Kat
Vanilla Hazelnut coffee pairs well with the light crunchy wafers and chocolate of a Kit Kat. Pro tip – use the Kit Kat as a coffee stirrer. Mmmmm!

If you had an extra late night trick or treating, try it with our Vanilla Hazelnut Jumpstart Blend for an extra boost.

Cameron's Coffee Chocolate Covered Cherry Flavored, Ground Coffee, 12oz. Bag with Almond Joy Candy

Chocolate Covered Cherry + Almond Joy
Pair our Chocolate Covered Cherry blend with an Almond Joy for some up at sunrise, all for you, joy. Close your eyes and imagine you are having a delightful cherry coconut cake for breakfast.

Which pairing are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!