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Say good morning to this perfect blend of Central and South American coffees that are slow roasted to a mild, yet rich flavor.

*COMPOSTABLE IN INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities. To learn how you may compost your EcoPods at home, visit

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  1. Dr. Sandra L. K.

    I discovered Cameron’s pods about 2 years’ ago. The coffee always tastes fresh, especially compared to other major brands. Tones are subtle and comfortable to the taste buds. No big surprises. Exactly the way you want to usher in your day. Flavored pods are great for a mid-morning boost or evening reward for a day well spent. Cameron’s pods always seem to make my day better.

  2. Dawna O.

    I’ve been buying Cameron coffee for several years. I usually buy the beans as I like to freshly grind them in the morning to use in my Bialetti. Wonderful way to start the day! I’ve learned which ones are my favorite, mostly the darker roasts, so I buy 4 lbs at a time. The pods are also good to have at the office.

  3. Patty C.

    I did not care for the coffee. I got the donut shop flavor in pods for use in my Kuerig the pod seemed to hold in a lot of water so cup wasn’t as full. I did not like the flavor of the coffee. I tried on 3 different days and just could not drink it

  4. Lisa L.

    This is my first time trying Cameron’s, I chose the Breakfast Blend. It has an excellent taste, and I am most happy for the eco pods that I can still use in my Keurig machine. I would recommend and definitely purchase again.

  5. Jilleen D.

    I love the coffee, I purchased the breakfast blend. The taste was great and I enjoyed it with my favorite creamer.
    I didnt like the economy pods though. They seemed messy when taking them out of my keurig.

  6. Patricia J.

    The taste was great. Smooth but not bland at all. Wanted to have my morning Joe featuring Cameron. I also really liked the degradability of the entire pod.

  7. Kimberly D.

    I love Cameron’s — I purchased the box of pods to take to work and a few folks have commented on how smooth the flavor is and how it didn’t leave them jittery like some of the coffees that end up in the office. Thank you for the opportunity to spread the word!

  8. Autumn C.

    Cameron’s is a delicious coffee but what i love most is that it’s organic and the pods are compostable. Excellent quality and flavor for the price.

  9. Katelyn W.

    I really enjoyed this brand of coffee and enjoy supporting small businesses. the compostable K-cups are great and guilt free. The flavor of the coffee was good but the only downside is that I generally like to store by kcups on a counter top rack but you can’t with these or they will lose freshness.

  10. P A W.

    I enjoyed the smoothness and great flavor of the Cameron’s coffee. The Cameron’s coffee was a great beginning to my morning. No bitterness to it

  11. Sandra S.

    Great coffee. great tasting coffee, husband loves the taste. Has a cup every morning. we bought the coffee pods, because we have a keurig. A lot of varieties to choose from.

  12. Susan H.

    I tried the Breakfast Blend Ecopod Light Roast for Keurig machines. I usually drink medium and dark roasts and didn’t find one of those in my store so tried the light roast. It tasted like watered down coffee, and maybe it’s because I’m just used to a bolder flavor. It was good and just like it said it wasn’t bitter and was smooth. I probably wouldn’t buy it again but if you prefer light roasts coffee this would be a good choice.

  13. Timery T.

    Great smooth not bitter coffee. Was really excited to try this this brand and it did not disappoint. I enjoy trying a variety of coffees and this one really is a new favorite. Not too strong, but not too weak being a breakfast blend.

  14. Melissa L.

    I tried the Breakfast Blend EcoPods which are advertised as being light roast. I typically drink both light and dark roast but wanted to try out something light this time. The taste was strong, it was more like a medium roast to me. Regardless, the coffee itself was great.

  15. Sue G.

    Tasted great. It tasted very fruity and robust. I liked it was organic. The pods were very easy to use. I liked that the pods were not all plastic.

  16. LASHES E.

    Cameron’s Coffee delivers a rich and flavorful experience with their Specialty Coffee, making every sip a delightful journey for coffee enthusiasts.

  17. Alexis D.

    I enjoyed this box of coffee to use with my Keurig maker. The taste was smooth and not bitter. I appreciate their packaging so that each pod can be composted.

  18. Julie B.

    We tried Cameron’s Coffee and thought it was ok. The taste was not as bold as our regular brand. Everything else was fine. The eco-packaging is nice for the environment. Probably wouldn’t buy again due to lack of taste and price.

  19. Payton R.

    some light roast coffees are too tangy or fruity for me and this had nice caramel notes which we really enjoyed i would try the other roasts

  20. Hannah K.

    When it comes to coffee, you usually need to choose between quality and convenience. Finally, you can have both! I loved the ease of using coffee pods since I’m brainless in the morning and the idea of grinding coffee beans, measuring them, adding a filter, and brewing them is absolutely beyond me. The results taste better than most coffee shops and are consistently excellent every time. The flavor is rich, deep, smooth, and intense without beyond overwhelming. It’s fantastic as is, with sweetener, or any sort of lightener. If you like coffee even the smallest bit, you won’t be disappointed. Plus, there are so many different varieties readily available both online and in many stores, you’ll never get bored!

  21. Jaclyn F.

    I tried the Cameron’s Coffee. It was good, just a little stronger than I was expecting and on the box, it says its lighter. I liked how it’s eco friendly.

  22. Maggy B.

    I’m not a huge coffee connoisseur so I don’t know a ton about how fancy ones are meant to taste. But as a basic morning coffee this is perfect. I used the coffee pods

  23. Kelly H.

    I love how many varieties there are for Cameron’s coffee. The flavors are so rich and delicious. Makes waking up early much more bearable! Would recommend.

  24. Dee G.

    These were really quite good. I like more mellow flavor to my coffee compared to say the bitterness of Starbucks coffee. Very easy to use the pods. Will definitely be adding this to my rotation of coffees at home..

  25. Jennifer C.

    This was my first time trying coffee by Cameron’s. I am so glad I gave it a try. I am a coffee lover who loves bold tasting coffee and this was definitely it! I used the eco pods, as opposed to their ground coffee and it worked well. I love that it is plastic free! This is definitely a brand I can stand behind and look forward to trying more varieties. Overall, I would recommend. I received this product from Social Nature in exchange for my honest review. #trynatural

  26. Diana B.

    I’m sitting in my ways, and I don’t like to try new coffee because if you don’t like it, you have 11 more pods that are yucky. So when I tried Cameron’s, I was pleasantly surprised, and I don’t have any more pots left. That’s a sign of a good coffee’ When you have to go to the store and buy more. I also really enjoy the eco-pods. Less plastic for that landfill. I give this coffee 5 cups up.

  27. Sharon B.

    The Cameron k-pod is easy to use and produced a flavorful cup of coffee. I don’t think I can buy it on a regular basis due to the price per box compared to the store brand, but I would buy it every few months.

  28. Laura A.

    This is great coffee for the price point. My family really enjoyed the breakfast blend roast, it was a nice robust coffee and wasn’t bitter. It had a pleasant roastiness to it. We tried the pods and they worked great.

  29. Heather F.

    I got the K cups and they are very good. I always buy Cameron’s coffee, so to get the free coupon was a good little treat! Creamy taste for the pods.

  30. Kori M.

    Discovering these eco-friendly compostable pods was a game changer to my morning routine. The fact that they are environmentally friendly adds a layer of satisfaction to every cup. What immediately caught my attention was the rich, aromatic notes of the coffee that you immediately get from opening the package. Unlike other brands, this aroma is a true prelude to the taste that follows. The quality is exceptional, the coffee has a rich nutty taste. I highly recommend these pods to anyone who wants a more environmentally choice while not giving up flavor!

  31. Dave A.

    This coffee has a very pleasant aroma compared to other coffee’s.
    Has a long last flavor and is very smooth. What a great item to start
    the day with.

  32. Andrew V.

    This is just good coffee. I like mine black and this stuff tastes good that way. It peps me up and that’s what I drink coffee for. So it does its job well.

  33. Vicki C.

    My husband and I tried breakfast blend eco pods and we both just love it! Compare to our current brand it’s way better and will definitely get some more.

  34. Rebecca Y.

    We have received a shipment of breakfast blend coffee every month for about 2 years. We loved the fresh smell and the smooth taste. In last month’s shipment ( a case of 6 boxes) we were met by a stale rancid smell. We had to throw the case away due to being terrible. I just returned from the store where I bought 2 boxes. They too don’t have a coffee smell. What is going on?

  35. Dorothy W.

    I love this coffee. It is so mild, not bitter and just a wonderful taste. I have not tried any of the other blends except the Breakfast Blend. I’m really stuck on it. I use the eco-pods and love them because I can just pop one in and I have coffee in minutes. Worth every penny!!!

  36. Megan.wakefield

    for a lighter roast, this is very flavorful! Was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this blend and will probably continue to purchase. My all time favorite is the Jamaican blend but this is a close second!

  37. NADINE P.


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