Light Roast

Chocolate Caramel Brownie

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Sweet, creamy caramel draped over rich chocolate. Indulge in a bite of brownie in every cup.

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  1. Damon S.

    It had a good flavor. Rich chocolate fudge flavor. I added a pump of caramel and some creamer and it was good. It has a smooth flavor and a good overall coffee.

  2. Jessica S.

    I love the flavor options but I do enjoy a stout espresso or dark roast, I didn’t not see that as an option. However, a flavored coffee is more of an occasional drink for me so I picked the chocolate caramel brownie and it’s delicious. I thought it was aromatic and flavorful.

  3. Heather S.

    I went with getting the Chocolate Caramel Brownie flavor Cameron’s coffee and it was good. I forgot that I don’t care for caramel flavor very much but it still was good. You can definitely taste the chocolate and the caramel but not much of a brownie flavor. I also purchased the Hawaiin flavor one but I haven’t tried that one just yet.

  4. Cheryl C.

    The entire kitchen smelled like I was baking brownies. The taste was definitely a treat. Very smooth and delicious. I would recommend adding this coffee to your grocery list.

  5. Cassandra M.

    I found this product easily in the coffee section of Walmart. With the bright colored packaging, it stood out from the rest of the brands. I was impressed with how many different flavors there were to choose. It took some time but I ultimately decided on the chocolate caramel.

    This morning I tried this product as my daily cup of coffee. It had a very pleasant aroma and the chocolate caramel flavors came through. I liked that it wasn’t overly flavored, just a hint. I found the coffee just somewhat bitter but otherwise, I enjoyed it.

  6. Kelly S.

    Received voucher from Social Nature to try, ‘Cameron’s Smooth Coffee’ for free. There were several flavors to choose from, and I chose to try Cameron’s ‘Chocolate Caramel Brownie,’ Ground – Light Roast (12oz). This coffee smells so yummy! And, the taste is rich and well-blended – it definitely has this ‘dessert-like decadence!’ Paired with my favorite butter shortbread cookies, this coffee is a real treat! Thank you!

  7. Anonymous

    The Best Switch Ever!

    I have drank Folgers breakfast blend for years. After my better half said she could not drink it anymore I gave up my morning go-go juice to let her bring new brands and blends home to try. We went through 8 brands and flavors before switching to Cameron’s Chocolate Caramel Brownie. For me as a guy I was thinking absolutely not this sounds like some Starbucks drink… but I wrong and it is the best smooth & bold coffee that has been our go to every morning for 8 months. Great blend Cameron’s

  8. Anonymous

    Not preferable

    Not a fan of flavored coffee but thought I’d give it a try. Just not my preferred style. I do like the regular brands though! I give Camerons Coffee an excellent rating overall with their eagerness to satisfy their customers. Great products, great people!

  9. Anonymous

    Our favorite.

    Hubby rarely drank coffee until he tried what I have been drinking for years, the Chocolate Carmel Brownie! The best coffee ever! Does not need cream, sugar or anything else to make it taste better. Sometimes I mix this with Caramel Cream for more caramel flavor but it is rate. I travel with my own bag of coffee or the K cups.

  10. Anonymous


    this coffee keeps the best chocolate flavor!!! Other brands are a 1 and this is a 10++. Thank you a million times Better!!

  11. Jen

    THE Best coffee!

    Love this coffee more than anything I’ve ever tasted! We love to make mochas using this flavor. The only downfall is that once you’ve had this, you won’t want anything else! Thank you for this moment of heaven and little taste of bliss I get to have every morning!

  12. Sharon


    One of my favorites to drink. I’m back drinking your coffee. None of the other premium coffee hold a candle to yours. I have to say that I may just buy all my favorites and rotate them over and over with the non flavored ones from your company

  13. Melissa

    Most Amazing Coffee EVER!!!!

    I get compliments on my (your) coffee EVERY time, someone has it. Nothing compares to the taste and I am disappointed now, everytime I have to drink anything but The Chocolate Carmel Brownie. Keep up the amazing work.

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