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French Vanilla

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Exceptional beans mixed with notes of French vanilla cream make this cup smooth, sweet and unforgettable.

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  1. Jan O.

    Smooth and delicious. Lots of flavor – I don’t need creamer with it. Guests always ask me what it is. LOVE IT.

  2. Terry

    This is my new favorite coffee! The vanilla is not in you face VANILLA it’s in the background with hints of sweetness. Amazon is no longer carrying this so here I am!

  3. Christine


    Someone gave us a bag of HIGHLANDER GROG and we were so impressed and sorry to have finished it that I looked all around nearby stores for more. When I could not find, I looked online. Since we had already had the Higlander… I figured we could try the other flavors. I wanted to try a variety of flavors & narrow them down too a few favorites we could order again later. I got a pretty big order and French Vanilla & Almond was one of the flavors. Wow, we are very disappointed, it just does not taste so great, I can’t pin point why… artificial undertones???, but it also is very hard to get the strength just right. The first batch was way too strong, and we have been trying to gradually reduce to get the perfect strength for us. My husband is the coffee brewer around here… he makes a great brew, this flavor, not so much. I really hope the other flavors are much, much better. On a good note, I must say the customer service is great. I got a nice handwritten note from accounting thanking me for my order. I hate to give this a low rating, but our taste buds are just not liking this flavor.

  4. Kelly

    Love The Flavor!

    I absolutely love how this tastes. You get both distinct flavors in every sip. I just wish some of the flavored coffee came in dark roast too. Cameron’s Velvet Moon and Intense French are my all-time favorites. I’d love a dark, flavored coffee!

    That being said, I’ll be a Cameron’s coffee junkie for life. You guys make THE most delicious coffee I’ve ever had. I live in Minnesota, so I love supporting a local business as well.

  5. Shawn

    It is NO Toasted Southern Pecan

    Love other blends but DO NOT LIKE this blend AT ALL. It tastes like Amaretto Sour without the alcohol.

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