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Gold Roast Hawaiian Blend

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Brew a cup of gold with the bright, fruity sweetness in this enticing blend of Central & South American and Hawaiian beans.

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  1. Janis D.

    If you want to feel like you are in a cafe on the town’s square–you can easily be transported there if you close your eyes and sip on Cameron’s superior coffee! The amazing aroma set up for a smooth and bold rich flavor experience! I’ve really enjoyed trying the Gold Roast Hawaiian Blend! While I generally use a French Press to brew my morning coffee, the Cameron’s packaged ground coffee was too fine and I ended up using a drip method. I generally stay away from artificially flavored coffee and was glad to see that there were blends that were all coffee and nothing but the natural roasted beans!

  2. Megan G.

    I got the Hawaiian Gold Roast to try and I couldn’t ask for a better coffee blend. Flavor is great, it’s energizing, and I like that it’s a unique blend compared to typical coffee brands.

  3. Kimberly K.

    I actually got the Gold Coast Hawaiian Blend and I really like it. It’s smooth and made for a great morning coffee. I’m not sure it will fully replace my regular coffee but it will be an option whenever I want to change it up.

  4. Rebecca B.

    The Cameron’s Specialty Coffee I tried was Gold Roast Hawaiian Blend. I looked at other flavors and they mentioned artificial flavoring, which stopped me from buying them. It was a good cup of coffee and I enjoyed it.

  5. Luke B.

    This coffee is so smooth and delicious!

  6. Louise S.

    My first sip of this coffee was amazing – the best cup I’ve had in years. I was not familiar with your brand, so nice to find a company producing such a quality product. Delicious!

  7. Alicia S.

    I saw this in the store & took a chance on it. It’s fabulous! I am switching from our other brand to yours. It’s so good. Really excellent product.

  8. 1netta

    I am a coffee drinker. I have never tasted a cup of coffee so good in my life! Its so smooth and flavorful and I probably sound cliche…oh well!
    With every sip I looked down in my cup….wow!

  9. Anonymous

    I go out of my way just to find this coffee! Been looking for a delicious coffee and I found it at a local store. If they don’t have it, I try and find it somewhere else.

  10. Anonymous

    Made my morning!

    I poured my first cup of Gold Roast Kona Blend and drove to work, when I arrived at work the coffee was gone and I seriously wanted to turn around and go home for another cup. Amazing flavor profile, love it and will be purchasing more!

  11. Anonymous

    Replaced all our coffee

    I bought this at our local store just to try it because I always like Kona blends. WOW was it amazing!! We’re drinking a bag a week!!! I’ve given away all the other bagged coffee I had. It’s the reason I get out of bed during this pandemic!

  12. Anonymous

    Two Empty Mugs All The Way Up

    Cameron’s has always had a special place in my heart as well as my pantry. Usually my go to is the Jamaican Blend, only when the Jamaican is out do I go for the Kona Blend but boy when I do I don’t regret it. The balance between fruity and nutty flavor is outstanding and is a must for your morning routine.

  13. Anonymous

    Thumbs up

    The day had come when our wallet couldn’t handle the Dunken Doughnut price any longer so we were looking for something close to that flavor. We tried Gold Roast Kona blend just going by the sniff test and we have been sold ever since. It’s what wakes us up in the morning and what we use when we have guests too.

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