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Jamaican Blend

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This unique Jamaican coffee blended with Central & South American beans brings a complex flavor and delicate spiciness with hints of chocolate to fill your morning mug.

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Customer Reviews

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    I loved this coffee. It was fresh and bold. It did not have bitter aftertaste and was very smooth. It has an amazing aroma and I very much enjoy this coffee.

  2. Erik O.

    I have a coffee habit. There are at least two pots of coffee brewed a day in my household. We really don’t like dark roasts as they’re usually bitter. I also feel darker roasts cover up some lesser quality in the beans. It’s difficult for me to find whole bean coffee in my area that isn’t French or espresso roasted. Cameron’s has some really tasty medium and light roasts available. I’ve been a repeat customer for years now. Cameron’s is my go to brand for everyday coffee.

  3. Lindsey J.

    I bought the Jamaican blend as a gift for my grandfather because he is an avid coffee drinker. We both tried it and it was very flavorful and was a nice bold flavor. I would buy again.

  4. Veronica E.

    I absolutely LOVE Cameron’s coffee!! The flavor is rich and strong which is what I need with three littles- one being a very active toddler.

  5. Kelly R.

    This coffee by Cameron’s coffee had really good flavor & I feel like it had a low acidity level because it didn’t give me heartburn the way some coffee does.

  6. Leo F.

    I got the Jamaican Blend by Cameron coffee from Kroger the other day and I loved it. I am a huge coffee lover and can’t believe I haven’t had Cameron before.

  7. Victor L.

    With this coffee, I prepared it as a cold brew. It has a great taste, smooth and rich and especially good with some milk. Little pricey, but otherwise a great coffee.

  8. Virginia B.

    I did receive this free to review but all opinions are my own and it’s really not for me and I didn’t like the bitter coffee taste I also do not feel it is extremely caffeinating I really did not like it it kind of clogged up my filter I have the Keurig filters for loose coffee and it just was not a fun time to clean up either Kenna smells weird after brewing

  9. Nicole C.

    The coffee was amazing. THe flavor was extraordinary! I would definitely buy this product again. IT was very expensive i would only buy again if i have a coupon

  10. Lindy T.

    Delicious!! This is one of the best coffees we have tried lately. It is so smooth and fresh and the smell while brewing is amazing. Jamaican Blend was the only flavor available that day but we will definitely be looking forward to trying more, especially hoping to find the Southern Pecan.

  11. Ginger S.

    I’m a coffee drinker. Cold, hot, iced… whatever. This one is one of the best! It smells delicious when brewing and tastes yummy! No bitterness. Just smooth flavor.

  12. Cathy J.

    Took awhile to find a store that actually had this w/out it being online but finally did. Sadly though they didn’t have the darker roast my husband favors. The coffee was still very tasty (smelled so good in the bag) just more mild than perferred.

  13. Floriane R.

    Very flavorful and smooth. I liked the strength of this coffee, not too strong, not too light. I love that it’s a Midwest-based company and I would consider purchasing again.

  14. R S.

    I’ve actually had a different Cameron’s product before & loved it so I was so excited to try their ground coffee. I thought the quality, flavor, & variety of options was top tier. I’ll definitely be buying again!

  15. Stephen B.

    The price was reasonable what’s nice is that also was ground so I didn’t have to do it myself flavor was excellent packaging was also clear to see in the aisle its also reasonable priced mine was 7.99 a bag plus tax it’s a treat for my wife and i

  16. Patrick G.

    This is a good coffee to have as a backup, when you unexpectedly run out of your first choice. Its taste is smooth, but it’s also one-note. It’s lacking complexity. This coffee will offend no one, but it’s also not very memorable. Perhaps a larger percentage of the Jamaican beans (only 5%) should be used in this “Jamaican Blend”.

  17. Catherine G.

    This coffee was fresh and flavorful with a nice balanced smooth taste and smelled great. I wish they would come out with an espresso grind so I can use it with my moka pot.

  18. Jenny M.

    It tasted very good. It was smooth not bitter like some other brands. It is a good value. Coffee has gotten so expensive but this brand is reasonably priced. I drink my coffee with a little half and half and it tasted great. I would purchase this brand again and try some other varieties.

  19. Brianna S.

    We usually like to get whole bean coffee and grind our own, but this is actually pretty good and not too weak or too strong. Had a good flavor and is easy to use.

  20. John B.

    The brand of coffee has good marketing with its design and the blends without flavorings are great. Organic varieties would be ideal but its good

  21. Jane B.

    I really enjoyed waking up and having a delicious cup of Cameron’s Coffee. It has the perfect taste for waking up to a happy and energetic day.

  22. Lynn S.

    The package tell you always smooth,never bitter and that was truly correct not bitter at all. I tried the Jamaican blend medium dark roast and it tasted great. I would definitely buy it again along with trying out the other flavors.

  23. Huyen L.

    I like the rich bold taste and flavor of this Cameron’s roasted ground coffee. I tried the Jamaican Blend. It has a complex flavor and delicate spiciness and provides just the right kick to start my day.

  24. Kayla Y.

    I normally don’t like darker roasts on my coffee, but this one’s an exception. It didn’t have any of the bitter notes that I dislike, and the flavor itself was smooth and rich. I’d happily get this again!

  25. C T.

    Always enjoy trying new coffee varieties. I usually buy beans but getting this brand ground was perfect for my cold brew. Good flavor, not burnt. Enjoyed it.

  26. Radia C.

    I was given the opportunity too try Cameron’s coffee with a coupon for a free bag of whole bean Cameron’s coffee from #SocialNature and their awesome program.
    I chose the Jamaican Blend by Cameron’s and I was not disappointed!
    It was smooth, flavorful and had a nice nutty, earthy, chocolate flavor. It’s my favorite coffee for my morning ritual. It’s a medium roast, which I prefer, and it’s absolutely delicious!
    I’ve tried other Cameron’s coffee flavors and they’re all amazing. Always smooth, never bitter!
    I highly recommend you try it for yourself.

  27. Norma H.

    Love this coffee. We were tried and true Pert coffee people. We switched. It’s just so surprising to us that we found a better coffee. I was skeptical about the Jamaican blend. I figured it wouldn’t perform! It did! We are sold!

  28. Ellen L.

    I bought the Jamaican flavor which I’d medium to dark roast. Once you open the bag , it smells so good. And the taste is not bitter and smooth. It is the perfect cup of coffee. I could easily drink it plain but I prefer creamer in my coffee.

  29. Casey B.

    Good coffee. Would definitely buy again. I don’t make coffee too often, but when I do, I like to have some on hand, especially if I have guests.

  30. Nancy R.

    The Jamaican Blend had a very unique flavor but I loved it as it was different. It was not an overwhelming flavor. It was a coffee that I could not drink everyday but several times a week. If you want something new and exciting I would try this coffee!

  31. Vicki H.

    Previously I was hesitant to purchase Cameron’s coffee. I am picky about what I brew at home and would spend money on supposedly top quality coffee. When trying Cameron’s I was surprised at how smooth and balanced my morning cups of coffee were, at a fraction of the price. This is my new regular coffee!

  32. Patricia M.

    This coffee was easy to find in the regular grocery store. It is sealed well in the packaging. I liked all the different types and flavors of coffee available. It’s becoming a well known brand with fun commercials I’ve seen on tv.
    The type I tried I made it strong but it is not bitter at all.

  33. Makayla M.

    I love the sustainability of this coffee and it’s accessibility. It tastes great and is at a great proce compared to many other coffees which can run expensive.

  34. Karla M.

    I’m a craft coffee person but this was a decent substitute for a store grade coffee. I prefer grinding my coffee beans myself though and may have liked it better if the coffee beans weren’t pre-ground.

  35. Judith B.

    I recently received a voucher from Social Nature to redeem for a free bag of specialty coffee from Cameron’s Coffee. I tried the Jamaican Blend, which was the only medium/dark roast I could find. The coffee was good, not as good as the Caribou Coffee that we typically drink at home, but a significant upgrade from the Folger’s we drink at work. I wish there were an actual dark roast so that I could compare flavors with something closer to what we typically drink. I do like that this brand is carried in most of the grocery stores near me, so it was easy to find and easy to redeem the voucher, no special trip necessary.

  36. Brittany B.

    Coffee was super fresh (and stayed fresh in its bag). Flavor is a little sweeter than I usually prefer. I wouldn’t call it a bold flavor, but good for the he mornings.

  37. Aaliyah W.

    Initially the packaging gives a smooth and sleek look. The taste of the coffee matched. I like that it has a robust profile and that they also come in pods.

  38. Julie S.

    The first thing I noticed was the great aroma of the coffee. It was very pleasant. I make cold brew at home, and this made a great tasting cold brew compared to my usual brand. I would prefer to find a whole bean option in the future, but this was pretty great for already ground coffee.

  39. Hannah B.

    I am admittedly a coffee snob; however, I am comparing this to other grocery store coffee and not my local roasters.
    Because I don’t currently own a drip machine, I opted to turn my new beans into cold brew. I thought they had a lovely, almost sweet flavor that really complimented the cold brew format. It was smooth and didn’t need cream. My only wish is that my stores carried whole bean as an option like I see on Cameron’s website, because I would love to try it with my pour over setup.

  40. Gabby H.

    I tried the Jamaican blend and it was pretty good. The flavor is complex and full bodied. It smelled nice brewing. I tried it black to get the extent of the flavor. Enjoyed it overall.

  41. Lauren D.

    I thought camerons coffee had a nice flavor, not too bitter. I am more of a fan of medium to dark roasts, so I tried the Jamaican roast. It was smooth and full bodied. I will buy it again, I also plan to try the French roast.

  42. Alyssa M.

    I had never heard of Cameron Coffee so it was nice to try a new ground medium-dark roast. I chose the Jamaican blend because I like a more full bodied roast and this was was very nice! It had a wonderful flavor all on its own. Will try another blend next time!

  43. Becky F.

    I was delighted when I opened this and it smelled so smooth. I was even more delighted by the taste. It is not bitter at all.
    I purchased the Jamaican Blend and was happily surprised that it actually tasted like the coffee we drank in Jamaica on our honeymoon. I’ve tried other brands of Jamaican blends and none of them came close.

  44. Kate G.

    I loved this coffee. The flavor was fantastic, just the right balance of notes. I thought the texture was amazing. It tasted so smooth, silkier than other coffee brands. I would definitely purchase again.

  45. Teresa M.

    One of my favorite coffees, always please with taste and quality

  46. Ariella M.

    This was a great choice for coffee. I really don’t like artificial flavoring in coffee and fortunately Cameron’s offers that option. I got the Jamaican blend which smelled so delicious and tasted great with my almond coconut creamer and monkfruit. I didn’t taste it black but the scent was amazing. They have other artificially flavored options for those that prefer that. Another great benefit is that it’s affordable and still retains its good quality.

  47. Dana S.

    Smells great when you open the bag and has a nice smooth taste. I typically use pods but this is nice for when I want a “fresher” cup! My husband prefers ground coffee so this was a great addition to our coffee line up!

  48. Kristen S.

    I purchased the ground coffee. I have liked the taste of it so far. The price is also really comparable to other. Coffee brands at the store.

  49. Christy N.

    Was a little difficult to find.
    I had to ask 4 different people for help finding this product.
    The last person that helped me finally found 1 bag in the back room.
    I am glad they did.
    It was very good and worth the extra wait it took to find it.

  50. Makayla N.

    I fully prepared myself to not enjoy this as I am particular about coffee. I was surprised at how smooth the taste was. I do prefer a bolder flavor and would be curious to try a dark roast.

  51. Brittney M.

    I purchased the Jamaican coffee and it was delightful. It was a mellow cup that you can drink black if you are – black coffee kind of person. It tastes great with my International Delight creamer. It wasn’t bitter and I enjoyed it.

  52. Nashwa B.

    I really enjoyed the flavor of this coffee. it tasted fresh and the flavor was good and it wasn’t too strong or overpowering or too weak. I use my French press to make the coffee and it came out perfect.

  53. Christine B.

    We really enjoyed the Jamaican blend variety. Very flavorful and warming. Reasonable price for value and other great options left to try still!

  54. Marilyn S.

    I love the aroma and flavor of the Cameron’s coffee. I got the Jamaican blend and it did not disappoint! Its a medium blend so it’s not bitter but still caffeinated! Highly recommend this to anyone!

  55. Nick D.

    Overall, this coffee was less than I expected. I was bummed to see there were no whole bean options, and they didn’t do a great job at describing the flavors. I also didn’t like that it was mostly flavored coffee options. I definitely wouldn’t buy this again or recommend.

  56. Carla V.

    The multi favors maded it hard to decide. But the Jamaican blend has a great taste and unique flavor. I’m glad I choose it and can’t wait to try the others.

  57. Natalia R.

    I’m a coffee lover and this one is a new addition to my coffe family. I think is my first time trying a mix of Jamaican coffee and central and South American coffees all in one. I can tell I was a little afraid but is been so good so far , lovely smell, and perfect flavor

  58. Cassie T.

    I have been a fan of Cameron’s for awhile and enjoy their coffee. I tried the Jamaican blend and it did not disappoint. Would purchase again!

  59. Ann R.

    I loved the full bodied taste of this Jamaican blend coffee. It had a depth of flavor without the acid bite of some coffees. It was smooth to drink and melded well with many foods. I drink a full pot everyday and it was a joy to taste this one with no sour stomach at all. I can’t wait to try the other flavors.

  60. Liana E.

    I loved the flavor of this coffee and varieties available. I was drawn to the brand because of the eco-friendly practices like the pods packaging, using less water, etc.

  61. Rebecca N.

    This is a great coffee and isn’t over the top expensive. Love they have an organic flavor!! Really smooth and rich. I like it’s available in many sizes also. I mostly like the plain coffee. I am not much on flavors but the breakfast blend Columbia French roast etc and many more unflavored are available.

  62. Molly H.

    Tasted great and I am a coffee snob. I love knowing that I’m not spending an excessive amount for a rich and unique taste. It makes it easier to get up in the morning.

  63. Deanna E.

    The Cameron coffee was very tasty and had great smell and color. I don’t care for light color or taste in my coffee and this had neither. Not bad at all.

  64. Rochelle R.

    I found this to be a mid-level coffee. Better than Folgers but not on the same level as Peets. This would be great to used in a blended coffee drink. If you don’t want the coffee to over power the other ingredients.

  65. Mandy C.

    This coffee has the strength and the flavor we love in this house! The packaging makes it hard to store, but the package does keep the coffee fresh. I will buy again.

  66. Sandy L.

    I really like this coffee it has a rich full taste. When I brewed my first cup it smelled amazing. I tried the Jamaican Blend, which is a medium-dark roast, love the full body taste.

  67. Robyn S.

    Cameron’s coffee is always delicious. Bought the bag and use refillable pods to make just the strength and flavor I want. Their eco-friendly pods are also amazing. Best coffee for the price.

  68. Susan C.

    Limited variety in store- only two. I am more of a tea drinker but found this coffee to have a fresh, no acid taste. Looking forward to trying the other varieties.

  69. Nicole C.

    I tried the Jamaican blend and really enjoy it, plus it’s more affordable than a lot of the nicer coffees. They have quite a bit of variety so that is really nice too, and it’s good to know that they are a good company.

  70. NiaShay M.

    This item is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! the flavor is outttta this world and I even brewed it with the kerig and it worked soo good !

  71. Anna L.

    I’ve had this coffee before, and have always liked it. Was able to try a new flavor this time. I’m always impressed with the quality of this coffee, and will definitely buy more in the future

  72. Emily C.

    I tried the Jamaican blend and was very pleased with how smooth the flavor was! I don’t typically like sweeter coffee blends (ex. vanilla or hazelnut flavor), so I liked that they had some more standard varieties like French roast and breakfast blend. Also think pricing is fair. I do wish they made some decaf options!

  73. Shawn H.

    Wonderful taste the blend was out of this world i drink coffee every day cause it made me want to wakeup a get a fresh brewed coffee and it made my day better

  74. Kristie S.

    This was a great sample and great coffee. We tried the Jamaican Blend and it was well liked by everyone. My son said it had a smooth taste and wasn’t bitter at all.

  75. Christopher H.

    I enjoyed the specialty coffee by Cameron’s coffee. It has great flavor and a fantastic aroma. I tired the Jamaican bill and it was fantastic!

  76. Kate K.

    Perfectly roasted and ground for a drip machine! Would love a whole bean option so I can grind it for other brewing options as well in the future. Made this for my extended family and they all enjoyed it as well!

  77. Breanne B.

    I have had Cameron’s before and support the local company. I have not had this flavor before , the north shore blend and Jamaica is very good. Would recommend. Great price point for the quality of product !

  78. Steph P.

    I’m always looking for smooth coffee without a bitter aftertaste (since I drink it black!). This was surprisingly smooth and seemed to be low acid. Great coffee!

  79. Eliz A.

    I really like this coffee and would recommend to friends & family. I would drink more myself but I am caffeine sensitive. I really wish they made decaf. And the same blend in instant crystals would be fantastic!

  80. KIM B.

    Sometimes I stick with the same brands because I’m content with what I’m using. I ventured out and purchased this coffee and was pleasantly surprised. What a way to wake up in the morning. The aroma just called my name. It’s not bitter and very smooth. You can make it as weak or strong as you wish but the basic instructions are just right. I feel like I’m getting fresh from the coffee house taste every morning for a fraction of the cost. This is Jamaican; I’ll be trying their other blends soon.

  81. Mary C.

    Cameron coffee is a coffee that is under the radar and somewhat unknown, but worth the time to try. This coffee is very smooth and tasty. It is definitely a coffee I will purchase in the future. Give it a try!

  82. Kyley B.

    I chose the Jamaican Blend variety of Cameron’s coffee. We are cold brew people and the pre ground coffee did great in the cold brewer. The result was a rich smooth low acid cup of coffee that fueled the morning perfectly.

  83. Vanessa W.

    I’m really enjoying this coffee! I am no expert, but it’s very smooth, full-bodied, and not overly strong. Seems like a good go-to for whatever extras you like to add to your coffee. Also, love the packaging – it’s so bright and fun!

  84. Dawn K.

    I really loved this coffee! I was actually surprised by how good it was. U usually drink my nespresso every morning but I have switched to this and am very happy. Coffee was flavorful and delicious

  85. Michelle F.

    Its pretry average coffee, nothing special. While the title is full bodied and complex, there isnt complexity to the flavor profile. Roast is as advertised and well ground.

  86. Catie R.

    Was surprised by how nice and smooth this coffee is. Wish it was organic, but that’s just one complaint. It has a nice grind size which works perfectly in my moka pot.

  87. Jenny J.

    I really loved this product! I tried the Jamaican blend and it had a smooth feel and a really strong flavor without any acidic back taste. Would recommend!

  88. Christine L.

    This coffee had a good rich dark flavor. I do not care for light or weak coffee and this coffee was neither of those. Had a smooth taste. I would buy again when on sale

  89. John Kevan D.

    The Jamaican blend had a good clean flavor that reminded me of Central American coffees I have tried. I would note it includes 5% Jamaican coffee, so it is milder like a dark roast Central American coffee than a true Jamiacan coffee.

  90. Jaime S.

    Great coffee, a smooth rich roast that fully lives up to the Kona roast reputation. Full bodied and full of flavor without being heavy or bitter.

  91. Jill F.

    Smooth coffee, nice flavor. I rarely drink coffee, but this has been fun to have. It is pretty standard and was easy to find in the store. Unsure if I would purchase again.

  92. Bailey W.

    This coffee is bottom shelf for a reason. I was not impressed with the body or flavor of the coffee. Tasted cheap and not great. Will not be repurchasing

  93. Laura C.

    We have been enjoying Cameron’s Jamaican blend for several days now. Great aroma right out of the bag and beyond. Hoped the taste would be smooth and it certainly is. A very pleasant cup of coffee, for me to start the day; for my husband to continue with into the day.

  94. Judy H.

    The coffee was really good and I generally like flavored coffee. It was very good black which is how I chose to drink this brand. The coffee did not have any type of bitter after taste which I find in other brands.

  95. Yasiris H.

    Wow this coffee is soo amazing! I would definitely purchase again. It is very smooth. I do not taste any bitterness. I got the Jamaican blend with my free voucher. I used my $1 off coupon to get my second one.

  96. Jillian N.

    I’ll start by saying that I’m somewhat of a coffee snob. That said, Cameron has some interesting flavors, and the brew is pretty decent. They’re readily available, and fairly inexpensive compared to many of the brands that I drink.

  97. Olivia H.

    It was strong but very good. I took it with me to my family Christmas. Everyone just loved it. This will definitely be a favorite coffee of mine!

  98. Kevan D.

    I like my coffees and I was very pleased with the deep flavor and rich taste of the Jamaican blend. Its flavor rivals Central American coffees that I frequently buy. i will try the Southern Pecan next.

  99. Caroline C.

    To call this JAMAICAN BLEND is misleading and dishonest when there is only five percent or less of Jamaican coffee. It is smooth perhaps too smooth as it lacks body and complexity. Not impressed.

  100. VALERIE V.

    We made this coffee in a classic coffee pot. It tasted pretty dark and slight bit bitter. We needed some creamer to ease the strong taste. It might be good as an espresso roast.

  101. Ari W.

    I thought this had great flavor and was rich. I loved it. And blend was greatly enhanced and better than other blends of the same name. I would get again.

  102. Rebecca H.

    I really enjoyed this coffee. I got Jamaican Blend and it was a nice cup of coffee. I am now more interested it some of the other varieties to see if they are as good.

  103. Amy Z.

    I appreciated the wide variety of flavors and sustainability claims. We purchased the Medium-Dark Jamaica flavor which was pretty mild with a straightforward yet slightly bitter flavor. We prefer deep, dark full bodied coffee which this was not. Would recommend for people who prefer a lighter bodied taste or seek a wide variety of flavors.

  104. Maryna P.

    I tried the new coffee and was not disappointed. Mild flavor that is a nice way to start the morning. I like my coffee medium roast and this one was brewed just right. I think I will buy this brand next time.

  105. Cathy J.

    I really liked the Specialty Coffee by Cameron’s Coffee. I got the Jamaican Blend and really enjoyed the taste. I would definately buy this product again.

  106. Jozie J.

    I tried the jamacian one that says medium to dark. it did not smell good opening the bag or after brewing. I tried it and could barely drink it. tasted like hotel free coffee

  107. Ashley M.

    I am a self proclaimed coffee snob. I only buy coffee from local roasters in my city. I thought I would give this a try anyways. aroma and taste was not good at all. passed bag along to my mom

  108. Kristy D.

    This has a really smooth taste. I really enjoyed this in the mornings. Ready to try some of the other flavors. I will be getting this again.

  109. Monica L.

    I found these coffee options all to be on the light, smooth and mellow side. This is fine for drinking straight, but not rich enough for cappuccino.

  110. Holly S.

    I was pleasantly surprised when drinking this as I expected it just to be an average coffee variety but it actually exceeded my expectations. It had a smooth and rich taste and I look forward total trying the other varieties.

  111. Patti M.

    Not a huge fan of coffee but Cameron’s coffee really hit the spot on a rather cold and dreary day in the Midwest. Very flavorful but not overbearing. Plan to try other flavors to rejuvenate taste buds.

  112. N W.

    I enjoyed this coffee and it was a good every day coffee. Not too strong. Tasty and yummy. I’ll add an extra scoop tomorrow so it’s a little darker. I wish they had a few more flavors, but other than that I think it’s a great product. I like the plain flavors better than the cinnamon or nut flavors.

  113. A.C. H.

    Have been buying this coffee for a long time. Really enjoy the aroma and awesome flavor. There are so many flavor varieties as well. Priced better than many other brands and the flavor is better than a lot of the higher end brands.

  114. Sandy M.

    We like Cameron coffee a lot and do already buy. Tried a new flavor this good bold rich taste. Good flavor good value when on sale. Bigger grind so doesn’t make a mess

  115. Shelly B.

    This seemed like pretty standard ground, bagged, grocery store coffee. I wasn’t excited or disappointed. It got the job done but didn’t wow me.

  116. Meghan S.

    I enjoyed trying Cameron’s coffee. The flavor was mild and smooth – not too acidic or bitter, just right! This is a great everyday coffee for a mellow brew that doesn’t require adding a lot of creamer.

  117. Don G.

    The Jamaican blend is the perfect morning brew. This brand has found a permanent spot in our regular rotation. We will try the other varieties soon.

  118. Todd S.

    Tried this in time for the holidays since I knew I would have more time to enjoy multiple cups and Cameron’s did not disappoint. While the store didn’t have the eco pod version of what I wanted (they were out), we made do and really enjoyed a great cup of coffee each time.

  119. Kathy A.

    I was very pleased with the Cameron’s Coffee that I received to try for FREE! I love that it is roasted and prepared VERY close to home! I will definitely buy again! Great price! Just wish there were dark roast varieties as I didn’t see them at the store.

  120. Theresa O.

    The product smells fantastic. Once brewed the flavor was very mild. I would try a stronger darker version next time. The no plastic pod is a definite plus. I would try another version next time I try these.

  121. Steve O.

    What I bought is called Jamaican Blend (5% Jamaican coffee). I’m very disappointed. Not much flavor and a slightly odd taste.

  122. Dustin H.

    This coffee is great to have either hot, hot or iced. I am grateful for companies like this that gives samples to customers. I am satisfied with this product and will be returning customer!

  123. Carol D.

    I liked the strong flavor of this coffee! It is comparable to the Folger’s Columbian I usually drink (though different). It seems full-bodied and good for everyday or afternoon pick-up. I am drinking it with half and half and a small spoon of sugar this afternoon.

  124. Ashley P.

    My husband and I were a big fan of the coffee from Cameron’s. The roast on the beans is great and it packs lots of good flavor in each sip =)

  125. Amie I.

    I love the great flavor of this coffee. I purchased the Jamaican Blend because I love the flavors of Central American coffee beans and this blend did not disappoint . I can easily brew this in my coffee pot or French Press and both ways brew up beautifully.

  126. Sylvie F.

    I tried Cameron’s Jamaican Blend Coffee. It has a rich full flavor/taste. Made from premium Arabica coffee beans. The perfect beverage for anytime of day!

  127. Laura S.

    My husband is the coffee drinker in our house. He usually prefers whole bean coffee but he said it was still good. We got the Jamaican blend.

  128. Sada G.

    I tried Jamaican Blend flavor. The taste is great. This coffee is smooth and not at all bitter. It goes well with almond milk. I enjoy Cameron’s coffee every morning. I would like to try hazelnut flavor next time.

  129. Stephanie H.

    I have been using the coffee for years. Purchasing from Costco. This coupon was great because it gave me an excuse to try a new variety. I chose the Jamaica Blend. It was smooth but strong. The beans looked great. I didn’t see much debris in the bag. Would definitely buy again.

  130. Joumana M.

    i have never heard about Cameron’s coffee until I received a voucher from Social Nature. I was surprised by the wide variety they offer. I tried the Jamaican blend. Taste was awesome. Reminded me about my stay in Jamaica. Bold , strong flavor. Great discovery.

  131. TC J.

    There was a variety of blends. However, none were decaffeinated. It had a long fresh date listed on the package. The blend I selected was much weaker than present brand.

  132. Jennifer R.

    Purchased the Jamaican and it had the deep taste that I like in coffee. Did appreciate that there were several choices for decaffeinated coffee.

  133. Jen K.

    I thought this coffee was good. I think the Jamaican blend flavor was unique. I would recommend this flavor and I can’t wait to try the other flavors.

  134. Rylee O.

    I personally tried out the jamaican variety of this coffee. It’s a very good mid roast that does not have any bitterness and is very aromatic.

  135. Katie G.

    I am usually more a fan of whole bean coffee as I like the fresh ground beans. It just tastes better. The Jamaican blend did not disappoint! I made strong in my French press and it was so well balanced and great with a splash of cream! Great pre ground coffee!

  136. Jacob M.

    I was not at all surprised with this coffee. It made for a great cup of coffee and looked forward to drinking it every time. Made it a traditional drip coffee.


    I’m no coffee connoisseur. I make cold brew, and it all tastes pretty much the same to me. This coffee measures up to my usual brand or whatever is on sale.

  138. Lisa S.

    Smooth taste and low acidity. Delicious start to your morning. I enjoyed it with just a splash of oat milk. Plan on tasting more flavors soon

  139. Tish G.

    We’ve been drinking a nameless “budget coffee” for a number of years now. The cans were handy around the farm but the flavor of the coffee left much to be desired. After our taste buds finally went on strike we were forced to try something new. What do you know? Cameron’s was just the coffee we were waiting for! If you are looking for a mild but flavorful blend I’d say you can’t go wrong with Cameron’s. That’s not even to mention how budget friendly the price is. We’re Cameron’s drinkers now. We even bought some of their whole espresso beans just the other day.

  140. Lori W.

    We enjoyed this new coffee. It was a nice change from our normal coffee. Great flavor and taste. We will recommend this coffee to others. I will check out the flavor products I need to make a coffee purchase.

  141. Jennifer P.

    My only negative comment on this brand is that there was only 1 flavor to choose from at the store. Who knows? Maybe this coffee was meant for me to consume. The coffee is ground very fine, which yeilds a really rich flavor. Normally, I’m not a floral blend coffee girl, but surprisingly this was a win. The toasted coconut (not overpowering) hits you in the beginning and the floral notes smooth it out for the finish. I will be adding this to my rotation!

  142. Donna M.

    Very robust and delicious..I need my coffee in the morning and now I’ve tried it I’ll buy it again..I used the coupon and got one free and one discounted

  143. Joumana K.

    I tried the Jamaican blend. I loved it. It has a smooth and rich flavor. I highly recommend it . I am definitely going to try the other flavors.

  144. Colleen R.

    I got this for visiting guests over the holidays and they went nuts over it. I am sure they will be buying some when they get home. I liked the smooth, rich flavor. Great coffee!

  145. Maddie B.

    The coffee was extremely smooth and drinkable. However, it lacked depth, bite, and a fullness of embodiment. For being marked as a full body medium roast, it did not follow through on that advertisement. It was just ok.

  146. Yulia A.

    I like this coffee so much. It has a very soft taste, not acid as some coffees are and I like it. Reminds me of Brazilian coffee. My husband likes it too. We are drinking it every morning now. We drink it without any sugar or milk, because it has a nice taste by itself and you don’t need any additives.

  147. Wendy L.

    The smell is very good and not over strong in my opinion. It tastes good and it is good quality every time I consume it. I will continue drinking it after I finish my current bag.

  148. Ari A.

    When I opened the Jamaican blend I really loved it’s aroma and when I made myself a cup, the bold, smooth, full-bodied flavor was delightful!

  149. Hailey K.

    I thought that this coffee was just OK. I don’t think that it is good enough to replace the coffee that I am currently drinking right now at home.

  150. Nikki O.

    This was my first trying this blend and it’s amazing! The scent and freshness were great! The flavor is very bold and rich! I’ll definitely be adding this to my daily routine.

  151. Merle B.

    Found this product at Fresh Thyme as well as Whole Foods however Fresh Thyme had a better selection of flavors. Purchased the Jamaican blend and while I don’t often brew coffee at home, it’s delicious.

  152. Marjorie H.

    This new coffee quickly became my favorite flavor! It is smooth, not bitter in the least. It has a good strong flavor, and a great fresh smell. It is a naturally dark color, doesn’t look or taste weak.

  153. Patrick J.

    I had never even heard of this Cameron’s coffee but tried it yesterday and this morning as well. It is a bold taste, not too strong tho. Super flavor and I loved the smell as soon as I opened the bag. Comes in a variety of flavors.

  154. Tonya C.

    I like the full bodied blend of this coffee. It taste much more premium. I like how fresh it tastes right out of the bag. It is full of flavor and the aroma is nice. It is a great coffee to share with my guests and I got many compliments.

  155. Ruth K.

    Although this product wasn’t available in decaf (which is what I usually drink), my husband and I tried this product and both of us were fans. The Jamaican Blend has a good, hearty flavor, but isn’t bitter or harsh. For any regular coffee drinker, I think this product would work just fine. I’m still wishing this company offered decaf.

  156. Donna R.

    I made the coffee for my mom and dad and they loved the Cameron’s smooth coffee a lot they said said it’s better then most coffees they have tired They liked it so much they went and got more
    Thank you

  157. Sara C.

    This was my first time trying this particular toast and it was smooth and delicious. I drink my coffee black and the flavor was full, not bitter! Enjoyed it a lot. Look forward to trying other Cameron’s blends.

  158. Michelle G.

    1st time drinking this coffee. I have seen it before just never tired it. It’s very good. Much better than I had expect. Not harsh and very smooth tasing.

  159. Carrie M.

    I purchased the Jamaica blend. I was actually looking for something else, but this was one of the two varieties they had. One was the lighter one of the dark roast and there were no whole beans available. I prefer using whole beans, but in this case I bought the pre-ground to make a blend coffee. I was pleasantly surprised that it was medium to bold And had great flavor. Easy muse and smell smelled wonderful! I haven’t tried this product in a very long time and this free bag gave me the boost to revisit my options with Cameron Coffee Thank you.!

  160. Leslie A.

    Love this coffee! The Jamaican blend is smooth and flavorful – tastes great! I’m happily surprised that the price isn’t bad for a specialty coffee, and I’m looking forward to trying some of the other varieties.

  161. Missy E.

    I don’t drink coffee so I gave the product to a family member and they told me that this was some of the best tasting coffee they ever had and since they drink coffee all day long I can assume that the coffee is a good product

  162. Rami M.

    This coffee has many different flavors and it was very accessible to find in the aisle. I was able to get this coffee for a very nice price. Even without a coupon it taste amazing and was elegant.

  163. Colleen V.

    Cameron’s Jamaican Blend coffee has a nice bold , smooth flavor. It doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste. I can drink a whole pot at a time. Love It!!!!

  164. Donna D.

    The Jamaican Blend of this coffee was very good. It is good for the soul and warming too. It is great to drink a warm coffee to start your day.

  165. Karlie R.

    Although this has a great price point and lots of flavors options, I was disappointed that they didn’t offer any whole bean varieties in any of the locations I visited. A true coffee conisour (snob) like we have in our household makes this something that is hard to look around. Otherwise is a great cope of Joe 😉

  166. Haley W.

    I like that Cameron’s had a couple of different flavors of coffee with a variety of roasts! I just tried the Jamaican Blend and it was delicious! I didn’t see any options for whole beans, which is what I usually buy. Overall satisfied!

  167. Alyssa E.

    This coffee first got me on the Jamaican blend. So good!! I always like grounded coffee for myself. More flavor that way. I love the aroma from the blend and the way it hits the tongue. Will get again.

  168. Kerstin A.

    Was able to find it pretty easy and well I like it. I would buy it again. Tastes great and the other kinds sounds pretty good. Nothing like a good cup of coffee.

  169. Sarah S.

    Received the same product during our early Christmas party present exchange game. Tried it and liked it and now I get to try a different variety which doesn’t disappoint me either. Good coffee beans.

  170. Susan J.

    Cameron’s Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is one of favorite coffees of my 30+ years of drinking coffee! My husband and I both like great full body flavor in coffee. It’s a shame that most breakfast restaurants’ coffee is too weak in flavor. I used to manage restaurants for 15+ yrs, and have worked in restaurants for nearly 40 years. IF RESTAURANTS HAD THIS, IT WOULD RAISE THERE BIZ! A friend lives in Jamaica, and she brought me once a bag of the Blue Mountain coffee, and it was as good as it was rumored to be. Though in the US it’s not always easy to find, and not every coffee company does as good/great a job as Cameron’s does!!! Unfortunately it’s hard to find in grocery stores. Which is where I first bought it. Why they didn’t make sure they kept Cameron’s Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, and many no longer carry any of Cameron’s…what a mistake!!! Grocery stores are proving about inflation… but I wish they’d make sure that they had all items worth the $! I hope Cameron’s keeps doing great; and I hope they continue to make Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee as long as they’re in business. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU CAMERON’S COFFER FOR THIS GREAT COFFEE!!!

  171. Anonymous

    What did anyone expect?

    If you know about Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, you know about the strict standards about the brand. I do love this coffee, however. True, its not the REAL deal, but it is a GOOD deal. Weekends in our house are made for 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Weekdays are made for Cameron’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend!

  172. Anonymous

    The best!

    This is the best tasting coffee ever! It may not be a true Jamaican coffee as others have noted but you will not be disappointed. Beautifully smooth fresh taste and the aroma is amazing….try it. You will not be disappointed.

  173. Anonymous

    Jamaican or not… it’s a good blend

    Not familiar with pure Jamaican blue mountain… so I cannot compare. However, for a medium blend I find it to be relatively smooth ( very little bitterness) with nice flavor. I prefer mild coffee and generally stray from bitter chalky aftertaste blends. This is making its way into my rotation. Solid in its own class as a blend.

  174. Anonymous

    Maybe not True Blue but…

    Much smoother than other dark roasts I’ve tried….Especially dark roasts from the US West coast firms.
    I’m old school and, way back, we enjoyed other herbs from the Jamaican hills and liked them as well.
    Wonderful island and people.
    I’d buy this again from Cameron’s.

  175. Anonymous

    No comparison

    It’s ok, but Blue Mountain Jamaican it is not. If you’ve ever had the real thing then there’s no comparison…

  176. Anonymous

    My friend Winston grew Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica

    Hah! Initially, I was so excited to find this coffee in my local Maine Hannaford, I bought every bag off the shelf. After reading the package, I could only hope that the “blend” contained enough of the real beans to give the brewed coffee that wonderful smooth, dark-but-mild taste that impressed me so much when Winston first gave me some of his precious beans back in 1992, (just after Air Jamaica went out of business- Winston was an airline pilot who had been supplementing his income by growing coffee on the beautiful island). I haven’t seen him in years but I haven’t forgotten what that coffee tasted like, AND THIS AIN’T IT, FOLKS!!!

  177. Anonymous

    Great Blend of Coffee

    I love Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, but pure Jamaican is not in my budget. This blend captures the fruitiness of Jamaican without the sticker shock. Thanks for making it. I wish it was easier to find in stores.

  178. Anonymous

    Great Coffee

    I know nothing about “REAL” Jamaica blue mountain coffee, However I love dark roast and have tried many many pods of medium and dark roast.
    After a coupon from Hannaford store tried this blend and have not bought another dark roast since.
    Thank You!

  179. Anonymous

    I didn’t particularly care for this coffee at first

    I didn’t particularly care for this coffee at first but then it grew on me, there is just something about the taste and I can’t really place it, but I love this coffee. I am under no illusions that True Blue Mountain taste different but I’ve never tried it so this is the closest I can get and I can dream about the rest. I love this coffee

  180. Anonymous


    I took a chance on this coffee that the blend would include a significant amount of Jamaica Blue Mountain beans. I was wrong. Although it is not a bad coffee, the packaging is definitely misleading. Will not buy this brand again.

  181. Anonymous

    Jamaica me remember

    At first I did not like this coffee, I tasted chicory. But it made me think Jamaican / New Orleans….so I put chocolate like the Jamaicans do and it was wonderful.

  182. Anonymous

    Not Jamaican

    Sorry to say I do not like this coffee. I too thought this would be a true Blue Mountain but upon review it is 100% superior grade Arabica i doubt much is actually from Jamaica and they don’t break it out. To me it’s not velvety enough and too bitter. Sorry.

  183. Anonymous


    Makes a great cup of coffee!!

  184. Anonymous

    Excellent Blend

    With the realization that this is not 100% blue mountain, this blend is smooth, without bitterness and still has the basic flavor of blue mountain. This is from a person who knows the flavor of true blue mountain coffee!

  185. Anonymous

    Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend – Surprisingly great!

    I love coffee – kcups, whole bean, ground – all varieties and various brewing methods. I tried this in the kcup version and found it to be amazing. It’s smooth and there’s no bitterness at all. I’m usually a dark roast fan, but this blend hits all the bases for me. Thanks for a wonderful product!

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