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Toasted Southern Pecan

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Show your best hospitality by serving this smooth coffee with the taste of sweet, toasted Georgia pecans.

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  1. Miranda P.

    This is my perfect coffee. It’s got a great balance of flavors with a slight sweetness and nutty notes. This is the only coffee that I buy. When friends and family come to stay, they are always asking about what brand we use and usually end up converting to the Souther Pecan way.

  2. Jenny P.

    I loved the subtle nutty hint that comes through a little more than a normal coffee. It was nice to try something new and a little different than the generic roasts.

  3. Tatyana K.

    I love the taste of this coffee, just the tight roast level for my taste and I really enjoy their flavor selection, definitely going to explore them all.

  4. Julianne W.

    It’s good coffee but it doesn’t stand out. Would I buy it again? Probably not. There’s better beans out there for about the same price. Not bad though.

  5. Dina B.

    I usually drink coffee daily and am happy to to new brands. I enjoyed the smooth flavor of the toasted southern pecan. It was not overpowering and the perfect amount of sweet.

  6. Bambi

    Toasted southern pecan is the truth and the way to life. I love every drop

  7. Kory O.

    My family and I were able to try the brownie flavor of Cameron’s coffee. It was very good but not as flavorful as my normal chocolate coffee. While I liked this one I think that I will go another route if I want more flavor with the coffee.

  8. K S.

    I knew that I already liked Cameron’s brand coffee, and now that I’ve tried the toasted southern pecan flavor I think that I just might have a new favorite!

  9. Paul P.

    I have had Cameron’s coffee many years ago while travelling and staying at various hotels but never for any extended period of time to allow for a proper taste test. So far, this bag of whole bean has been a delight to brew and drink. being from Texas and having consumed Southern Pecan roasted at a local company, I was skeptical that the Cameron’s brand would compare favorably. While I would not purchase it for every day use due to the price, I will do so for special occasions.

  10. JeNai R.

    The flavor to coffee ratio was was weaker than I like. Adjusted grounds to see if that made a difference with French press. More grounds ended up bitter, less ground ended up weak and water down tasting. Everyone has different taste buds, I would recommend giving a try if you like pecans but, I personally prefer a stronger pecan flavor with a medium roast flavor base. For reference I tend to use drink Nespresso daily, their flavored coffee is very balanced to me.

  11. Donna F.

    Tried the toasted southern pecan and you can taste the pecan. It has such a rich and enjoyable flavor, that is full bodied. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for something new to try.

  12. Kristy A.

    The flavor of the specialty coffee was delicious! It was so creamy and easy to drink. I look forward to trying other varieties for my daily breakfast cup!

  13. Wendy M.

    Absolutely loved this coffee. Love the flavour. The recyclable pods.
    Had family stay and had to buy more very quickly!
    They loved it.
    Now it’s always on the shopping list

  14. Michelle S.

    This Cameron’s coffee was very good. Actually delicious! The smell was as good as the taste. It was very smooth coffee. I can’t wait to try more flavors!!!

  15. Tiffany F.

    This is a great product. The quality is wonderful. The flavor and richness are on point. I think my complaint would be the price – it’s a bit much.

  16. Tammy L.

    I tried the toasted southern pecan flavor. I made it as a cold brew in my French press and it was great. It was smooth and light. I added creamer and ice and will try their other flavors.

  17. Allison H.

    Good strong flavor, however I feel like I had to use a lot of it to get the desired richness. I do love a bold rock cup of coffee so it’s probably just my preference. Regardless I still enjoyed the flavor a lot!

  18. Jewel N.

    This brand is spectacular! They have some amazing variations, it was actually difficult to choice a flavor to sample lol. It’s fresh, a nice ground, flavor is amazing and delicious. I’m am super excited this brand to add into my cold brew routine!

  19. Becky L.

    I was excited to try this new to me coffee, and I was not disappointed. This coffee had a rich decadent taste that has made my morning ritual even more enjoyable. We will definitely be purchasing again!

  20. Amanda C.

    I opened the bag and was immediately having a better morning it smells SO good. While I’m normally a cream/sugar kind of person, I could easily drink this black. My only wish is that they had whole bean offering since we brew with a french press and the pre-ground coffee is a little small.

  21. Lisette P.

    Ever since we got our own coffee machine, I’ve been trying to find new coffee brands/flavors that both my husband and I like. we tried the Southern Pecan flavor and loved it! Part of me thought it would taste like those gas station Texas pecan flavors lol thankfully it was sooo much better. I would definitely be interested to try another one of this brand’s flavors especially the hazelnut one.

  22. WH M.

    We really like the Toasted Southern Pecan variety. It is a light roast and the toasted pecan flavor is noticeable without being too overwhelming or artificial. Makes a great cup of coffee!

  23. Abby G.

    I was extremely impressed by Cameron’s toasted southern pecan flavored coffee. It was both nutty and smoothe tasting. I made it in a French press and followed the instructions explicitly. It is made with 100% arabica beans with natural and artificial flavorings. I highly recommend this product.

  24. Kylie M.

    Bought the Texas/Southern themed coffee and really enjoyed it! It’s a dark roast but didn’t think it was too overpowering. Will definitely buy again and love that they are available at H-E-B!

  25. Donna A.

    I purchased a small bag of ground southery pecan at our local store because it was on sale . I absolutely love the aroma and flavor of this coffee! Never before have I enjoyed a coffee as much. I’m a fan!

  26. Helene W.

    I liked some of the different flavors that were available for selection. Even seasonal flavors were available from this brand which allows for a lot of variety.

  27. Karen T.

    I loved choosing a variety . It was unique flavor specially coffee that made me feel like I was at a fancy coffee shop. I can’t wait to sample some of the other varieties. It’s rich, creamy and so sweet .

  28. Phoebe H.

    I drink black coffee every morning and this is a great new option for me! Nice rich flavor and pretty smooth, not too bitter. Just a slight aftertaste.

  29. Kristi E.

    I drink coffee every morning, and the flavor options and great taste make Cameron’s one of my favorites. I like that it’s a USA based company.

  30. Julia E.

    Cameron’s coffee is the best coffee you can buy at a grocery store. No bitter taste in any of them. I buy it and make cold brew and it tastes great.

  31. Marshall P.

    I was really pleased with the toasted southern pecan. More importantly, my mom really enjoyed the taste, which is saying something as she is very picky about her coffee. Well done!

  32. Katie M.

    I don’t venture to try new coffees very often, But this one was totally worth it! Great flavor and I love that the brand has a lot of different varieties. I will definitely be trying again.

  33. Lani T.

    I loved this coffee. It was very smooth and rich tasting. It didn’t have as much pecan flavor as I was hoping but still was delicious. Even after sitting in the pot for a few hours, it did not have a bitter taste that most other coffees get.

  34. Angie A.

    I absolutely adore Cameron’s coffee! We use the Toasted Southern Pecan coffee pods which are eco friendly. The flavor is fantastic, not at all bitter. I also love the Chocolate Caramel Brownie flavored ground coffee. These are favorites of my family and we will continue to keep them stocked in our home.

  35. Jonathan E.

    Cameron’s is really good reliable coffee. I had the toasted pecan flavor. I typically don’t go for flavored coffee, but thought I would give it a try this time. Usually it is too strongly flavored or sweet, but this is really nicely balanced.

  36. Sogol A.

    I really enjoyed this brand of coffee. It was brand new to me but the flavor was awesome and was a very smooth and yummy way to start my day!

  37. Anna K.

    Overall a really nice coffee flavor – grinded very nice in my coffee grinder and made a wonderful cup of french press for me and my husband to enjoy at home.

  38. Cassie B.

    I absolutely loved how fragrant and smooth this coffee was! Deliciously sweet and not too strong, just right! It’s a great value for the price as well.

  39. Nicky S.

    I love the taste and texture. Smooth flavor but strong. Many varieties to choose from. you can give it a try and won’t be disappointed. I would be buying this in future and rotating with my other schedule.

  40. Trish L.

    This coffee is so smooth. It has great flavor. The southern pecan is absolutely delicous. Wish they had k cups. My husband usually drinks only plain coffee. Even he liked the flavor.

  41. Brittany T.

    It has a great toasty flavor and smells amazing! The notes of pecan bring a good pleasant taste instead of most bitter coffees. Can’t wait to try the other flavors and options.

  42. Giovanna B.

    This is the best coffee ever my they have so many different flavors. Plus they have whole beans. We really love the southern pecan flavor . I love it

  43. Akayla C.

    I’m always hesitant to try new coffee as it’s always hit or miss. I tried the pecan flavor and found it had a pleasant aroma and was very delicious.!

  44. Janet H.

    Thanks for the opportunity to try a different flavor. Cameron’s is one of my go to coffees and I always get the French roast but decided to switch things up and try the Toasted Southern Pecan. What a treat! Will definitely purchase again.

  45. Victoria O.

    This was easy to find in store. Super hard to choose just one to try! They all sounded delightful.
    I tried the toasted southern pecan! The split second you open this bag you want to melt into the bag the aroma is just that good! The taste is OUTSTANDING sweet toasted pecan is so flavorful I promise you will drink more than a cup of coffee.
    Cameron’s coffee makes you do a happy dance all the way to the store

  46. Keri E.

    I enjoyed the flavor and aroma of this coffee. It retained a good flavor throughout the brewing process. However, it was little difficult to ind a store that can variety of the types/flavors.

  47. Jessica P.

    I was given chance to review this product in exchange for my honest review. I typically prefer cup of dark roast black coffee. I enjoy flavored coffee but so many brands taste horrible. I tried southern pecan and taste delicious and seriously smooth. I can’t wait to try other varieties

  48. Gabe M.

    I have seen this coffee on shelves and was eager to try it . I usually opt out of flavored coffee as it tastes synthetic. This was no different. Not my favorite but might try the unflavored variety.

  49. Sarah C.

    I generally love Cameron’s coffee products, however this flavor unfortunately was not my favorite. My husband selected this flavor ( toasted southern pecan), and sadly I found the artificial flavor too pronounced. I will continue to buy other Cameron’s products but not this particular flavor.

  50. Elizabeth D.

    We tried the pecan, and my husband loved it. It was a little difficult to find but I’m glad we kept searching. the flavor was full and not bitter smooth, and the brewing smell was fantastic thanks for the opportunity..

  51. Gladys P.

    I looooooooove the toasted southern pecan flavor. It smells and tastes delicious. I don’t put sugar in this flavor like I usually do with other coffees because the flavor is a bit sweet. Huge fan.

  52. Lynda B.

    This coffee was delicious. My husband loved it. It was a special treat. The price was very high and not very affordable but it was a nice treat. The flavors were great!

  53. Mary E.

    I love this coffee. It fills the house with a deliciously nutty, sweet scent and tastes great too. It’s especially perfect for cozy cups in cold seasons but I think it’d be good as cold brew in warmer months also.

  54. Chris P.

    I liked this quite a bit. It was definitely better than Yellowstone which had a strong, burnt flavor. My favorite is the Toasted Southern Pecan which has the pecan flavor isn’t too strong. Go stuff.

  55. Christina J.

    The toasted southern pecan has a lovely, smooth taste. I really enjoy it and would definitely add this to my rotation of favorite coffees! I’m anxious to try the other flavors as well! I prefer iced coffee and I make a pitcher of this in advance and leave it in the fridge to take on the go. It’s my new favorite!

  56. Juli J.

    Wow, what a smooth coffee! I don’t normally drink my coffee black, but I really enjoyed the flavor and was impressed that I really didn’t need my usual almond milk creamer. Yum!

  57. Lindsey M.

    I tried the Toasted Southern Pecan flavor and it is my favorite! I typically like light and sweet coffees and this was amazing! The eco pods were new to me but they worked just fine in the keurig.

  58. Emily X.

    I don’t drink lot of coffee, but i tried anyway. I made Latte out of it. It turned out great, I loved the smell and taste.
    the price is very affordable, and easy to get, quality is good too.

  59. Mary S.

    I tried Cameron’s toasted southern pecan coffee. Overall the coffee had a light , smooth flavor but I did not taste the toasted southern pecan flavor as much as i expected. I would definitely try other flavors.

  60. Amy K.

    Wow! As a coffee snob, I was SUPER surprised by how much I liked this coffee! I tried the Toasted Southern Pecan variety for something different and it is SO good. It has a deep, rich flavor and is my new favorite morning treat!

  61. Lenea G.

    I got the Toasted Southern Pecan. It had a nice nutty and sweet flavor. Add some mocha syrup to it and you got yourself a nice morning! I’m really looking forward to trying the cold brew mixes next.

  62. Kelly D.

    I recently tried Cameron’s Coffee single use pods. These pods are easy to use and the flavors of the coffee are very rich and smooth. I would definately recommend these.

  63. Deborah H.

    Oh My Goodness! The Toasted Southern Pecan is out of this world. We loved it! It was very easy to find in the store. It was comparable in price to other specialty brands. We are looking forward to trying other flavors.

  64. Hope B.

    Loved the variety of flavors this brand has and the appealing packaging. I tried the regular ground toasted southern pecan and I have to say this is some great coffee! I do wish they had decaf flavors, as I prefer less caffeine but regular caffeinated coffee drinkers will love this product!

  65. Cici R.

    I tried the Toasted Southern Pecan ground coffee, and it’s delicious! I’m surprised by the amount of flavor and the fact that it doesn’t have a weird artificial flavoring taste. I’m quite impressed; it’s better than I expected. I will absolutely try more flavors from them – I’m curious about the maple cream one!

  66. Violet R.

    Rise and grind! Love this brand and its amazing flavor. Great way to wake up in the morning and smell the coffee. Will def be getting more of this brand!

  67. Kassandra B.

    Loved the packaging the smell and the taste of Cameron’s Coffee. It beat out my daily store brand. Can’t wait to try other flavors once the store carries them.

  68. Morgan Grace M.

    I love drinking black coffee but so often it tastes burnt. I love that Cameron’s tastes lighter. I would buy this again, especially because the price point is a bit better than other specialty coffees.

  69. Kristin T.

    I’m really picky about my coffee, but no complaints on this one! Delicious. Smooth flavor. Hot or cold. My friends and family that stops over love it too.. Definitely on my grocery list.

  70. Sunny W.

    I really wanted to try the EcoPods, but they only had bags of ground at my Tom Thumb. So I tried the southern pecan. The flavor is great and the coffee is strong and toasty. Great for a cold winter morning and even better with oat milk! I do wish, for the price, that the ingredients were better quality – organic, maybe without the artificial flavoring. Otherwise, it’s a great cuppa!

  71. Caroline P.

    we really enjoyed the light roast variety of coffee! it was the only option we could find but we usually drink dark roast and will try and find it

  72. Ashley A.

    We picked up the toasted southern pecan by Specialty Coffee by Cameron’s Coffee. Liked the taste and texture. Will try some of the other flavors soon. Will recommend to friends and family.

  73. Rebekah B.

    I’ve been buying Cameron’s whole bean coffee for years, and it’s been consistently good. When my mom was looking for a nutty, ground coffee, I picked up Cameron’s Toasted Southern Pecan. It was delicious . I tried another brand previously, and the flavor just wasn’t as good.

  74. Jill M.

    I served this coffee as an after dinner drink with pie during the holidays. All of my guests truly enjoyed it and mentioned the richness in flavor, no bitter aftertaste and the aroma was simply divine!

  75. Cathy S.

    I tried the pecan flavor, a flavor that I had not ever tried with any brand, and it woke me up with it’s wonderful aroma and tasted even better. I wish I had a candle in this scent as well! But I’m here to review the coffee. I definitely will buy again as this coffee is rich, smooth, and I already said delicious. Go now!

  76. Skylar S.

    I tried the Toasted Southern Pecan flavor of the Cameron’s Coffee and was really impressed! It made my kitchen smell divine and it tasted unlike any other coffee I have ever had.

  77. Shelley K.

    My husband and l.both love coffee of any kind. We tried the toasted southern pecan flavor.
    It was very smooth tasting and we enjoyed this flavor very much!

  78. Basia D.

    I love flavored coffee and think that Cameron’s does a great job. I tried the toasted southern pecan flavor and I would definitely get it again. I used it in my espresso machine and thought it tasted great.

  79. Carolyn L.

    I thought this coffee was really tasty. I picked up the chocolate caramel brownie flavor and wasn’t disappointed!! Great flavor without the calories (lol)

  80. Jordan S.

    Very good coffee and would recommend trying it out. Lots of choices and varieties and price is on par with the rest of coffee choices in the stores.

  81. Pree R.

    From first glance, the packaging is clean, yet eye-catching, which made me look forward to trying the toasted southern pecan flavor from the options available. Without the voucher, the coffee is also reasonably priced. I was able to use it in my reusable K-Cup and have been having great-tasting, flavorful and robust cups of coffee each morning.

  82. Brenda H.

    I have seen Cameron’s brand specialty coffee in several stores. I had never purchased it before now. I really like the inexpensive price point for a good quality of coffee> I really appreciated the many different varieties.

  83. Taylor R.

    I purchased the Toasted Southern Pecan ground coffee. It’s so delicious and smells so good! My husband also enjoyed it and typically doesn’t like flavored coffee!

  84. Ruby B.

    Picked up the toasted southern pecan Specialty Coffee by Cameron’s Coffee. Liked the taste. Planning on trying some of the other flavors soon. Will recommend to friends and family.

  85. Chase B.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the great flavor as I thought this might be another major chain of cheaply made coffee. I paired the pecan flavored coffee with pecan milk and it was fantastic!

  86. Carissa S.

    I liked the nice flavor and aroma of the coffee. It is not acidity or have a bad aftertaste. I bought the ground coffee and used in my Keurig.

  87. Rebekah H.

    Cameron’s coffee tastes amazing and not bitter compared to other flavored coffees. The coffee is great and I look forward to trying other flavors and even the plain.

  88. Melissa M.

    Thanks socialnature for letting me #trynatural for free in exchange for an honest opinion. I’ve tried Cameron’s in the past, but hadn’t in a long while. I didn’t realize how many flavors there were to choose from! I bought a couple bags to try. It smelled divine. It brewed perfectly. It tasted amazing. I’ve now found my new brand! Will definitely be buying this again.

  89. Barb S.

    I really enjoyed the smell and flavor of Cameron’s Toasted Southern Pecan coffee . Next time I purchase this coffee I am looking forward to trying their vanilla hazelnut flavor.

  90. Sarah H.

    This coffee is delicious! We usually drink Starbucks, but this coffee is much better. So excited to have received a sample to try! Can’t wait to try the other flavors

  91. Ann F.

    The Toasted Southern Pecan coffee was delicious. I love flavored coffees, but sometimes the artificial flavors make it ‘fakey’ tasting. There was a slight chemical smell when opening the bag, but it quickly dissipated, and the coffee smelled great and tasted natural, like it was infused with pecans. Would recommend

  92. Joan V.

    I really enjoyed the Cameron’s coffee I recently purchased. I opted for the Toasted Southern Pecan, and the aroma and flavor did not disappoint, neither of which were overwhelming but rather pleasant instead. The taste was smooth and well balanced, not bitter at all. I like the option to get either the ground version or the whole bean product. The packaging is distinctive and was easy for me to find on the grocery’s shelf. There are many different flavors available, much more than what other brands offer. #trynatural #gotitfree @socialnature

  93. Sheila S.

    I made an afternoon cup for New Year’s Eve. The aroma was amazing. I love the Texas Pecan smell. I drink my coffee black so aroma is everything. The caffeine content is as perfect also. I’m really glad I got a chance to try this before I buy it because I would have just passed it up.

  94. Melissa G.

    I bought the southern pecan coffee, as I am partial to flavored coffees. I really liked this specialty coffee by Cameron’s. For some reason, I had remembered buying this brand about 8 years ago, and it was slightly bitter to me at that time. When I tried it this time, I believe they had changed their formula and improved it as it was not as bitter, and had more flavor. Definitely worth a try if you like to try different coffee, like I do!

  95. Karen M.

    Specialty Coffee by Cameron’s Coffee is an outstanding coffee to make full bodied flavored coffee at home. This coffee works well in a coffee maker. There are new and interesting flavor varieties as well. I highly recommend Cameron’s Coffee.

  96. BRENDA B.

    Hi I tried the Cameron’s toasted southern pecan coffee gond coffee what can I say it was a smooth delightful pecan flavor like earing a slice of pecan pie only in a cup. Delightful so flavorful and smooth I didn’t even need to add creamer that’s a first for me Thank you for the sample its on my weekly grocery list

  97. Current R.

    I have had several of the Cameron’s coffee varieties. If you’re looking for a flavored roast, they have many options. If you’re looking for a bold black coffee, this isn’t the brand for you.

  98. Laura P.

    Cameron’s is always available at my house. Typically we purchase at Costco but I like the flavor varieties from smaller retailers. Toasted southern pecan was tasty!

  99. Samantha C.

    This was really good!! They have so many different flavor profiles to choose from and it was nice that it was already ground 🙂 I’ll be getting more!

  100. Timothy G.

    Went to Meier’s in town to purchase ,was easy to find. I am a coffee drinker and this was good,but did not make me want to run and get some more.
    If it was on sale maybe would purchase again.

  101. Nancy S.

    This was great coffee. It was smooth and bold, with no bitterness at all. We had it both hot and iced and it didn’t disappoint. Good enough to serve guests at gatherings.

  102. Valley A.

    Wow, I’m shocked at how much I like this. I’m glad I tried it. I like the ingredient list. It was easy to prepare and multiple stores in my area have it

  103. Abel M.

    The coffee is pretty tasty. Bold and strong flavor. I tried Toasted Southern Pecan. Getting addicted to it. Already recommend it to friends and family. Will definitely try the other flavors offered

  104. Joumana K.

    The aroma of the coffee is absolutely lovely. I tried the Southern Pecan flavor. I really love it. Also it is not acidic. This is important for me as I am sensitive to acidity . I was perfectly fine. I am really happy about that

  105. M B.

    I tried Specialty Coffee by Cameron’s Coffee in the Toasted Southern Pecan flavor! The pecan flavor had an excellent smell and a great taste!

  106. Diane N.

    Great tasting coffee. My husband is not a fan of flavored coffee, but he truly loved this. Smooth, yummy flavor. I can’t wait to try some more flavors.

  107. Tracy B.

    I thought the coffee had a bitter taste. I like the coffee but I definitely had better varieties. I did like that the flavors variety. I will be trying other flavors.

  108. Yohanna G.

    But the rest of my family loves this new brand I just bought
    Not only had they all 2 cups , they even doubled the cups, 4 cups each.
    That how good it tastes

  109. April V.

    This coffee was different but in a good way its so smooth and not bitter at all like some i tried. I love buttered pecan and this coffee taste like it. With that being said I highly recommend and will buy again.

  110. Hally W.

    I liked the grind of this coffee and it add abundant amount of flavor. I did not use the normal on my base or coffee because it was so flavorable. I will buy this again because there was multiple different unique flavors that I cannot find in other coffee brands.

  111. Jennifer F.

    I think its a decent coffee but no different from other coffees. I would buy it if the price was comparable to other ones on the market that i already buy.

  112. Nicole P.

    This is definitely my new fav coffee I has the Toasted Southern Pecan. The flavor is bold and the aroma is breath taking. Also the price is very reasonable for such a fine tasting coffee.

  113. Nicole F.

    My favorite thing about this coffee is the unique flavor. It isn’t quite as flavorful as it smells, but that’s probably a good thing, lol. These are easier to find online than in stores, but freshness is questionable online. My instore bag was fresh and tasty,

  114. Danielle S.

    I ended up picking up a couple of ground coffees since they were on sale and had too many good flavors to choose from. My dad said he looks forward to Christmas gift each year since he knows there will be good coffee. We tried the pecan one and it was perfect for a chilly winter morning!

  115. DIANA L.

    This is a great coffee. Although it is not as strong as i was expecting . I usually like very strong coffee , but this one was just fine. The smell and taste is delicious . In the morning , i wake everyone one up for coffee from its smell . I will buy it again , and also check if there is a stronger one .

  116. Hannah B.

    I wouldn’t say I’m super picky about coffee, but I am more picky than others in my family. I love Cameron’s though! I’m typically not a flavored coffee person, but these don’t taste artificial or bitter. I enjoyed my Cameron’s!

  117. Alexis M.

    The packaging is appealing and the coffee looks and smells so good. It tastes even better! Had to buy one for my mom and my brother because it just that good

  118. Connie B.

    I love coffee. Light to medium roast are my go to. Cameron is a good brand. I have tried it in the past. No complaints so far. They have a variety of flavors at my local Sprouts.

  119. KHUSH K.

    I love trying new coffee so I was pleasantly surprised by the sample. It’s not much in terms of the sample but I was excited. I loved it. The coffee was really good. It had a strong flavor but the soft notes were there. It wasn’t overhwleming which is good

  120. Mary K.

    Oh Rum buttery, so good. The aroma is good even through the bag. Then brew it, wonderful taste every last drop. Will not take long to drink this UPS

  121. Timothy H.

    This coffee was excellent. I loved how many varieties there was to choose from. I live pecan, so I chose that. Great flavor, will try other flavors. My new go to cup of joe.

  122. Jen

    My favorite ever! I mix with Cameron’s Columbian roast and it is the perfect everyday cup. I won’t buy anything else!

  123. A

    My favorite year round flavor! Love this coffee.

  124. Laura

    Cameron’s toasted Southern pecan is my favorite of all the coffee flavors I have tried. I use ice water when I brew it. I add milk and a bit of brown sugar to my cup and it’s a little bit of heaven. I appreciate being able to buy it here on your website. it must be popular as It’s getting hard to find in stores.

  125. Sherrie C.

    By far one of the best flavored coffees I have ever had. There is no bitterness to the taste. It’s my weekend go to for unwinding and savoring a quiet cup of coffee.

  126. Logan

    I came here to look if something has changed with the coffee and it sure looks like others are having a similar experience! Something is very off with the taste. This coffee no longer has any flavor like it once did. Have drank this same flavor for years and now it’s like a watered down pecan taste. Please fix and continue to package in 3# bags please!

    • Cameron’s C.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had inconsistent experiences with our Toasted Southern Pecan flavor. We would like to address your specific concerns and make things right. Please feel free to contact us directly at the email address so we can discuss your experience and find a solution. Cheers!

  127. Yvonne

    I can’t begin to express my disappointment with these beans in the last year. They no longer taste the same as they had for 3 years or so prior. Now coming back to refill the pantry and whole bean isn’t an option? Truly disappointing that our favorite beans are missing and haven’t tasted great since last August or so.

    I don’t know why the sudden shift in quality, but not offering a whole bean is a deal breaker now.

    • Cameron’s C.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We’re sorry to hear that you’ve had inconsistent experiences with our Toasted Southern Pecan flavor. We would like to address your specific concerns and make things right. Please feel free to contact us directly at the email address so we can discuss your experience and find a solution.

  128. Forrest W.

    Well officially something has changed in this once over the top delicious coffee.Why?I’ve been buying This by the case , now I’m reconsidering.still a fair coffee but not nearly as good as before.Did you cheap it out to sell at Walmart or something?

    • Cameron’s C.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We haven’t changed our Toasted Southern Pecan flavor recipe, so we’re sorry to hear about the inconsistent experiences you’ve had. We would like to address your specific concerns and make things right. Please feel free to contact us directly at the email address so we can discuss your experience and find a solution.

  129. Kathy C.

    What happened to your toasted southern pecan coffee? Did you change the formula ? I have been drinking and loving it for 20+ years. About the time the packaging changed, the coffee changed too. There is very little pecan flavor and the taste is uninspiring to say the least. Just has a strange flavor. People always raved about my coffee so I have had several people try it recently and they say the same thing. I opened 3 bags this morning hoping to get a decent cup. No luck. I am going to donate the remaining 6 bags in my pantry and move to a new coffee. I am so sad about it.

    • Cameron’s

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We haven’t changed our Toasted Southern Pecan flavor recipe, so we’re sorry to hear about the inconsistent experiences you’ve had. We would like to address your specific concerns and make things right. Please feel free to contact us directly at the email address so we can discuss your experience and find a solution. Cheers!

  130. Stella M.

    My daughter gave me a bag she saw on mark down shelf at Walmart. I fell in love.I startedbuying,like many other reviews have ststed it isn’t yhe same. Her and her hubby came over we were looking at a free I was thinking aboit having tsken down. When they walked over Ihad just made a cup of the pecan, she ask, ” is thst the toasted pecan coffee ?” I said yesshe said she could smell the pecan. Not now, I have looked at some one I’ll need to get a grinder, night be worth it.

  131. Anonymous

    First timer here. Brewed my first cup and was expecting a nicer/stronger pecan taste and smell , not much of either . The coffee in general is good , it’s just lacking those elements. I started reading other reviews after and noticed others are saying it’s changed. Your prices are great, packaging and over so quality, it’s just a bit disappointing with favor and smell. Hope this helps and i will try another flavors in the future. Any suggestions from your company would be appreciated for future purchases.

  132. Dave

    The flavor is overwhelmingly fantastic. Especially when it is kept fresh. I buy the ground version, so I recommend dividing the bag into multiple smaller, sealed, air pressed out ziplock bags.

  133. Th

    Why change a true and tried winner? This light roast is no where as good as the medium roast produced in the year past. Thi revised version lacks both the flavor and body I had fallen in which i had fallen in love.

  134. SARAH

    I have been reading comments here. I agree with a change to my favorite coffee, Toasted Southern Pecan. When the packaging change happened I am convinced that they changed the coffee formula too. It simply doesn’t not taste the same. I am super disappointed. Looking for a new option. Wish it would go back to how it was.

  135. Tony W.

    I saw the reviews for Southern pecan have declined and after reading a couple, I have to agree that something has changed in the beans or roasting process. I bought some whole beans, wondering if the ground had fillers or something included as the flavor wasn’t as distinct as before. but whether ground or whole bean it’s the same reduced flavor. Was great, now only good. Not something I’d go out of my way to order anymore

  136. James D N.

    A friend gave me a bag of the Southern Pecan and i love it
    so i ordered me a bag and i just got it and and when i opened it it doesn’t
    have that pecan smell and it doesn’t have the taste that i was hoping for
    no pecan smell or taste

  137. Will H.

    What happened to this coffee? I used to love it. Now it just doesn’t taste right. What happened? It tastes watery, no flavor. I used to brag about how good the Toasted Southern Pecan was. I’m so disappointed. I noticed the packaging changed too. Please figure out what you’ve done to mess this ONCE delicious coffee. Bring back the old blend flavor. 3/23/2023

  138. Phil @ A.

    This was a delicious coffee, we standardized it as our office blend a couple of years ago and everyone loved it. I also was buying it for home, sadly something changed in the last year and its not as bold and flavorful as before, almost weak I would say to the point we are switching for our office, at least I’ll give it other Camerons blend a try before switching to another brewer.

  139. Jackie B.

    By far the best coffee I’ve ever had.

  140. Jackie

    This is our favorite coffee flavor. After drinking this flavor for years, we noticed a change in flavor in the fall. It is good, but it isn’t *great* like it was before. While unfortunate, it isn’t enough to stop us from drinking it. However, I guess we’re looking for new beans now.

  141. Jari D.

    Love this flavor. Smells so delicious brewing. Can’t purchase it here in AR at any stores

  142. Dawn

    It’s one of my most favorite flavors of coffee. An added bonus is it makes the house smell like baked goods!

  143. Cheri B.

    I’ve drank this coffee for years and is my favorite. I bought a bag from the grocery store and it tastes different. I thought it was a bad batch. I bought another bag at Walmart and it has definitely changed. I don’t know what you did but I will be finding a new flavor.

  144. Jennifergresko2018

    I mix this with chocolate covered cherry flavor and use vanilla creamer. It is so divine!

  145. Maria H.

    $2 less per 32 oz bag elsewhere

  146. Greg

    I just purchased a bag of the Toasted Southern Pecan. We have been religiously buying it for several years now. But, this bag is a dud. It smells decent in the bag, but after brewing it, the flavor is not there. This tastes like regular coffee that someone is trying to pass off as the pecan. Tried to call and inquire but no answer on the line. I am not usually a reviewer or complainer but I hope my next bag is better, I’m only buying one more before I move on to another brand.

  147. Cass

    I am obsessed with this coffee. The smell the taste there texture…just amazing!!!

  148. Vickie S.

    I love this coffee I found it in n Az at Bashas but looking at your website I see the packaging is different and wondering if it’s old or idk. It’s all red and doesn’t say organic does someone know ?

  149. Anonymous

    Omgaaa this is the bomb

    Just found this today at Meijer’s, it is sooo good. and doesnt leave my stomach feeling nauseous liek way too many do.
    i am in love with this, i use ‘natural bliss salted caramel creamer, about half a tbsp with this, and its INSANE.

  150. Anonymous

    Awesome Pecan flavor

    Nutty, southern deliciousness. A real morning treat.

  151. Anonymous

    Awesome Coffee!

    The best tasting pecan coffee ever! Amazing flavor!!

  152. Anonymous

    Tastes great but artificially flavored

    I love this coffee but the label says “artificial flavoring”. That seems like a bad thing for an organic specialty coffee like this. I would try it again if natural flavors could be used.

  153. Anonymous

    Won’t buy any other coffee

    Stumbled upon this coffee at Menards of all places. I knew I was running low on coffee but didn’t want to make an extra stop at the grocery store. Honestly, the best coffee I’ve ever made at home. This is all I will buy from now on. It has a great nutty flavor without tasting artificial (which is my main complaint about Caribou coffee which I drank regularly before).

  154. Mike

    A Sunday Morning Favorite

    I’ve been drinking this coffee for years. As some have mentioned, there have been some ups and downs with the flavor. However, buying the whole bean and grinding each batch and brewing with clean filtered water for the most consistent brew has proven to be the key. It is my favorite aroma to wake up to. Cameron’s is truly the best part of waking up…not that other brand. Living in Arizona now, it is more difficult to come by, whether whole bean or ground or in anything above 12 ounces. That said, now that we are ordering online, the 4lb whole bean is a decent value.

  155. Anonymous

    Looked Everywhere for a Pecan Flavored Coffee

    We like to travel and one of our favorite stops, is in Texas, just so that we can get Texas Pecan Coffee. Then low and behold we were at our favorite grocery store this past weekend and we were looking at the different brands of coffee, and we seen your Toasted Southern Pecan. We decided to try it. Let me tell you the taste is smooth, and even after brewing in my big coffee urn (which by the way is 40 cups) the flavor of the pecans is amazing. I just happened to get on your website to leave a question about getting it in a larger container and you already have them. I know where I will be purchasing my coffee from now on. Thank you for making a coffee that I am able to drink on a daily basis and it not upset my stomach.

  156. Anonymous

    Got to have it!

    We love this flavor! we tried some of the other Cameron coffees at a Schnucks groceries in Newburgh Indiana, and Evansville Indiana but they seen to be out of there bulk coffees and that’s the only way we can get it, the management from St louis said they are not going to stock it anymore so I’m glad we can order it direct.
    Until our order comes in we will suffer. We like it better than Starbucks.

  157. Anonymous

    I’m nuts about this flavor!

    I love this flavor coffee. I use the Southern Butter Pecan creamer by International Delight with this. Yummy!



    My husband and I just LOVE this flavor. I have tried other flavors but always come back to this one.

  159. Anonymous

    So disappointing

    Tried the ground. It was awful. Now I can’t get past the smell of it in the bag to try it again. Reading the good reviews is troubling because I cannot waste more money hoping for a good batch.

  160. Anonymous

    Toasted Southern Pecan went south

    I used to enjoy this but I don’t know if I’ll buy it again. The flavor is not there anymore; the last 3 times I bought it the tasted was terrible, no pecan flavor and the bag did not smell right when I opened them. Tried a few more times and it is now strike three, you’re out.

  161. Jacquelyn

    Simply Wonderful

    I’m a terrible coffee snob and this is one of the very few coffees that I will drink every day. The flavor is subtle, but rich and nutty, and it’s smooth every single time. Found out about Cameron’s on a trip up North where they were handing out samples and I was blown away by how good the coffee was with absolutely nothing added to it. I’m hooked and will keep buying Cameron’s. Thank you for making my mornings so lovely!

  162. John

    Stellar Taste

    OMG. It is so delicious. I have a cup every day!

  163. Anonymous

    Love it!

    This is my favorite coffee!! It’s great in the Aeropress!

  164. Anonymous

    Going South

    Toasted Southern Pecan used to be really good.
    Now it has lost its flavor, and it looks to be roasted differently.
    Would like to see the company address this.
    Maybe just a bad batch.

  165. Kat

    Love it!

    This is my absolute favorite! Hate it when the store runs out.

  166. Linda

    Love the taste of this

    Yummy! A great taste, rich but mild. I can’t decide if it is my favorite, so I will have to buy more than the sample packet to find out 🙂

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