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This unique Jamaican coffee blended with Central & South American beans brings a complex flavor and delicate spiciness with hints of chocolate to fill your morning mug.

*COMPOSTABLE IN INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities. To learn how you may compost your EcoPods at home, visit

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  1. Emily R.

    Overall enjoyed this coffee. Had a very full body intense flavor, borderline too much for me but if you want strong coffee, this is it! I really appreciated the eco pod for the Keurig and I felt it really contributed to the overall flavor. Great feature!

  2. Tammy B.

    Tried the Jamaican blend flavor. Love the convenience of the eco pods. Rich and smooth taste with no bitterness. Pleasant aroma is a great way to start my day.

  3. Leah L.

    I love the eco pods. The flavour and strength was perfect especially for a home brew. I’ll definitely try the other varieties in the eco pods.

  4. Jill A.

    I was so pleasantly surprised at how good this coffee is. I have almost gotten away from drinking coffee because it seems so bitter. This coffee is very smooth and the aroma is rich. I only added a little bit of cream and probably could have drunk it black. Nice product @

  5. Æ A.

    Nothing particularly stood out about this, although I’m not typically a coffee drinker. The people I shared this with commented it was smooth, but otherwise not remarkable.

  6. Christine B.

    I bought the Jamaican blend and I have to say that it is too strong of a flavor for me. Unfortunately, out of my two choices of Cameron coffee at the grocery, this was the one I chose. I was not interested in one with a nutty flavor.

  7. Patty T.

    The coffee was absolutely delicious. I got one for my Keurig machine, I absolutely loved that. The pods were eco-friendly. The coffee itself was bold delicious and definitely will be buying again.

  8. Robin H.

    The pods were easy to use. This had a good flavor and was smooth, not bitter. There were several varieties to choose from which is always good. I would buy this again

  9. Jennifer B.

    Pretty good coffee but kind of pricey. I got the Jamaican Blend, it’s a good medium roast coffee. If there were coupons or sales it would be easier to repurchase.

  10. Bob B.

    Cameron’s coffee has a really good strong flavor to it compared to other coffee brands, making coffee drinking enjoyable. However the design of the pods took a while for the Kiereg coffee machine to detect and the pods expire very quick. Perfect for the office space but not so much at home if you have a small family.

  11. Patty K.

    I felt it was a little expensive. I love that the packaging is 100% reycled paper and the pods is 100%plant based. It has a great flavor. Very convenient and easy to use.

  12. Kristin P.

    After failed attempts to find Cameron’s French Roast variety I opted to try Jamaican Blend Eco Pods. I found the coffee to lack flavor and the intensity that I prefer in a dark roast. Additionally, I found that the coffee had a subtle acidic undertone that left an unpleasant taste on the palate. Cameron’s rang in at prices comparable to higher end coffees yet its taste paled in comparison to other premium brands.

  13. Tania S.

    I love the Ecopods Cameron Coffee, its Very Flavorful!! I have one everyday!!! My family and friends love this coffee! I highly recommend the Ecopods!!!

  14. Sheila T.

    I thought that the Cameron’s Coffee had a nice, robust flavor that wasn’t bitter or too strong. It was bold enough but not astringent like some coffees I have tasted. I tried the pods to use in a Keurig, and it was convenient and easy to prepare.

  15. Jan M.

    This is a full flavored coffee without the bitterness. The fact that it is Eco friendly is a plus. The quality and taste of this coffee is sure to please even the pickiest coffee drinker.

  16. Jane M.

    Great tasting coffee. Smooth and good balance. Not bitter as some coffees can be. I like that this coffee is responsibly sourced and that the pods are eco friendly.

  17. COLLEEN C.

    Cameron’s coffee exceeded my expectations! I didn’t think it would be as rich and delicious as it was! I will try the others kinds and buy this again

  18. Jaclyn F.

    I tried the Cameron’s Coffee eco pod and it tasted really good. I really like how the pods are eco friendly and the variety of flavors you have to choose from.

  19. Ellen H.

    I normally have coffee with just a splash of milk and no sugar or sweetener. I brewed this on keurig machine with the medium cup size setting. After brewing I added milk and took a couple of sips but to me it was bitter compared to my usual coffee. I added a teaspoon of sugar and it helped some..

    The eco pods is interesting – no plastic cup but please note each pod still has a plastic ring so it is not plastic free but is reduced plastic.

  20. Sue R.

    I really like the Jamaican Blend. It was not bitter and had a great taste. The Ecopods were really neat. I like that they are better for the planet. They did clog my coffee pod machine faster than normal kcups do, that was the only downside to these.

  21. Bonni R.

    I would have preferred to get the ground coffee but the only variety I could find was a light roast so I tried the Jamaican dark roast in the pods. I love that the pods are 100% compostable. The coffee is smooth and rich and I can’t wait to try the other varieties. It’s rare to find something that is so high quality and eco friendly that is priced so reasonably.

  22. Shiela R.

    This coffee tastes good and I like the eco pod to reduce plastic. Could be made even better though if the aluminum cover of the pod could be replaced with a bleach-free, biodegradable paper of some sort. That way I could drink it with a reduced risk of chemicals leaching in to the product. If that is changed, then I would prioritize buying this brand’s k-cups vs any other one.

  23. Jennifer T.

    Loved this coffee! It was so clean and smooth. Just the right amount of boldness. I really enjoy bold coffee and this was perfect! Easy to find in the store.

  24. Kelsey K.

    I chose to try the Jamaican coffee pods and immediately after opening the packaging I was in love. The smell wafting through these pods were Devine and the thought of actually having my coffee brewed through an actual filter and not plastic brought me joy I did not know I needed in my life till then. For my first cup I attempted to brew over ice and was very pleased with the robust outcome of flavor even when watered down a bit. This coffee tastes good and makes me feel good, win win.

  25. RJ S.

    In the spirit of professionalism, when I got the invitation to sample Cameron’s Coffee from Social Nature I decided to drink it relatively straight. Just milk and sugar. No hot cocoa mix, or Hershey’s syrup, or discs of melting chocolate like I usually use to doctor my Saturday morning java. I found several vareties of Cameron’s at Food Lion and selected a box of the Jamaican Blend, which is a dark roast of 100% Arabica. I use a Keurig and Cameron’s features “eco-pods” which are completely compostable and look like little coat buttons with coffee in a mini-filter attached. There’s a plastic bag inside the box and when I opened it, the smell was so good a co-worker remarked about it. As for the taste, the logo includes the words “smooth coffee” and they’re not kidding. It’s just about the smoothest coffee I’ve had, with the appropriate amount of caffeine and without any of the residual burny-stomach feeling that some coffees leave behind. This coffee is definitely worth a try.

  26. Erin G.

    This is a go to brand for me. I like the taste of the Jamaican blend and I love the fact they don’t use plastic. That is a huge thing for me

  27. Kim C.

    I am obsessed with this coffee. It smells amazing when you open the box, then when it’s brewing, and of course, if it smells great it tastes just as good.

  28. Haley D.

    I got the k-cup pods. There isn’t anything excessively amazing about these pods but the coffee tastes good. It doesn’t come out watery or bitter.

  29. Barb E.

    I typically don’t buy k cups but wanted to try the Jamaican Blend so thought I’d give them a shot. I was pleasantly surprised how delicious it was. It was rich and satisfying and will most definitely be buying them again in the future. I like my coffee black, so it’s important to have a nice strong tasty cup and the Jamaican Blend delivered. They had a nice aroma while it was brewing too.

  30. Karen M.

    I tried Cameron’s Jamaican Blend Coffee EcoPods. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the EcoPods. I was a little nervous they would make a mess but they worked just as well as my regular pods. The coffee was very smooth and tasted great. I would consider buying it again if I was able to find a good sale. It’s quite a bit more expensive than my regular coffee pods.

  31. Steph M.

    Wow- what a great opportunity to test a new favorite coffee that I love and will forever purchase. Hadn’t tried this before and will definitely repurchase

  32. Allison K.

    The flavor of the Jamacian flavored coffee was as advertised, it was bold and nutty and had great flavor. The issue I ran into was my coffee machine that allows for keurig cups, it isn’t a a keurig. The punch didn’t penetrate the film to allow the hot water to get into tue cup so I had to punch a hole myself.

  33. Megan B.

    This coffee is delicious. It’s very smooth but yet bold. It gets me up and moving in the morning. Absolutely love it and will try it again. This is definitely one of my favorite coffee brands now!! Thank you soo much.

  34. Jordan F.

    Best Keurig coffee I’ve had in a long time and my mother agrees. Has a bolder flavor than the typical K-cup, almost like you got a cup of drip from a coffee shop.

  35. Carrie

    I wanted to love this coffee it was an excellent price at $.50 a pod. I purchased the Jamaican blend even though comes out dark white coffee that taste just like hot water. It doesn’t taste like anything

    • Cameron’s C.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. We’re sorry to hear about this bad batch of Jamaican Blend! We would like to address your specific concerns and make things right. Please feel free to contact us directly at the email address so we can discuss your experience and find a solution.

  36. Ruth A.

    This is the smoooooothest coffee I’ve ever had. I can’t get enough! Always and forever this is my favorite.

  37. Gianni

    The best coffee around. Simply wow!

  38. Douglas W.

    My wife and I visited the Blue Mountains while in Jamaica years ago with friends from NY, and the UK and had enjoyed the coffee there. It is a very smooth tasting, especially with Appleton Estates cream rum . Very smooth coffee, even without the rum!
    Always a favorite!

  39. Susan

    I have used a lot of coffee but finally found the best in the Jamaican by Cameron’s. Also love the Jamaican me crazy. Smooth, no bitter after taste.

  40. David

    I have tried a lot of the Jamaican blends and Cameron’s is really good. Jamaican Blue Mountain is my favorite coffee. This is good for the price.

  41. Sheryl N.

    I enjoy The Jamaican Blend it doesn’t have that bitter after taste that most full bodied blends do. Now if I can just get Amazon to send me the right Pods life would be so much better. Thank you Cameron’s well done.

  42. Ty

    Good with a creamer… hoped it would be better without

  43. William M.

    Really like the Jamaican blend. I seem to lean towards smooth tasting dark side of medium roast. I’ve tried other brands but this company has my roast down, thx!

  44. KG

    I love coffee and drink it most mornings. I saw Cameron’s Hawaiian and Jamaican in the grocery store. Curious, I bought both to see which tickled my fancy. Jamaican blend hands down is my favorite! The smooth, not too sweet, not too bold taste is perfect! But I still have to purchase the Hawaiian blend… bc my mom and oldest daughter are lovers of that one. (Smile)

  45. Clint

    I’m not a coffee snob, nor do I drink a lot of coffee. I have used several brands of the pods. I saw the Cameron’s Jamaican in the store and gave it a try. What a treat! not over the top. Nice and smooth. This is how I have always thought good coffee should taste.

  46. Linda C.

    I ordered the Jamaican blend eco pods but found them to Leave an unpleasant after-taste in my mouth. Two other people in my office had the same experience. I’ve always ordered the breakfast blend and thought I’d try something new.
    But I will return to my old faithful breakfast blend.

  47. Carolyn B.

    The best coffee outside of the Jamaican Blue Mountains. We love this coffee. Smooth, no bitterness, full of fragrance and flavor. Drink every morning on the veranda to start our day!

  48. Chris

    This has become my favorite coffee. It’s light, smooth, yet distinctly coffee in a lightly bold sense. I love it!

  49. Cynthia C.

    Great! Smooth no burned over-roasted taste I highly recommend. Not for those who prefer an insane strong coffee

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