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Vanilla Hazelnut EcoPods

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This light roast coffee brings flavors of rich, sweet vanilla and buttery hazelnut to your morning mug.

*COMPOSTABLE IN INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities. To learn how you may compost your EcoPods at home, visit

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  1. Jennifer P.

    This brand is great, super delicious and smooth coffee and it comes it several awesome-sounding flavors. I tried the Vanilla Hazelnut Ecopods and I also love that they are more environmentally friendly. I will be definitely be trying more flavors in the future.

  2. Grace G.

    I purchased the pods for my keurig and was very happy with this coffee! It’s not bitter and doesn’t need much to make it tasty. I would definitely recommend this brand to friends and family!

  3. Alexandra B.

    This was very good! Got the vanilla hazelnut ecopods,can really taste all the flavors! Awesome that you can get this in pods or bags! Will be trying other flavors!

  4. Heather K.

    Loved this brand of coffee! I always try a new flavor and was pleasantly surprised by how rich and fresh the coffee was. I would highly recommend to all!

  5. Jillian D.

    My son and I enjoy a cup of coffee together most mornings. We were a bit skeptical trying a different brand but we are glad we did. The vanilla hazelnut coffee was really good, especially in this cold weather. We had it with our breakfast & really enjoyed it.

  6. Anne S.

    Really liked Cameron coffee pods. Rich flavor not botter and moce and dark color. Only thing I did not like was the plastic bag inside of the cardboard box. That plastic bag was hard to close and it needs to be airtight to keep the pods fresh

  7. Therese T.

    Bought four boxes including the free coupon. Good solid coffee. Love the packaging. Can be a little pricey but they have alot of sales and coupons.

  8. Ellie G.

    I loved this coffee I got the vanilla hazelnut eco pods for my coffee machine and this was a game changer. Love that the packaging is sustainable and that the quality of the coffee was amazing.

  9. Brooke E.

    Much better than any other coffee I’ve had at home. It is delicious on its own, I don’t even need to add anything to it. I will definitely be switching to this brand from now on. I’m excited to try the toasted southern pecan flavor as well.

  10. Kellie M.

    This coffee is very good. Its smooth and sweet as well as, of course, nutty without being overpowering. You can taste a hint of vanilla as well, which I don’t often notice in flavored coffees. I also like that the pods are eco-friendly, so I can add them to my compost mix.

  11. Clara C.

    we enjoyed it. we put it in our little kpod maker, i know thats not specially made. its the only way we know how to make coffee. we got it for free, it awsn’t our new favorite but would try it again.

  12. April B.

    I loved this coffee! We got the pods and I loved the eco friendly packaging. The coffee smelled amazing and really added to the taste of my coffee when mixed with creamer. It was smooth and still tasted like coffee. I also love that the brand is based in my home state of Minnesota!

  13. Rebecca N.

    I really liked this coffe. I got the vanilla and hazelnut flavor and it did not disappoint. I will definitely be taking this to work with me so I can have coffee that actually tastes good.

  14. Rachel H.

    The eco pods worked fine with my coffee brewer so that was good but the way they are packaged in just a plastic bag which is not resealable makes me think it is going to lose freshness faster. I didn’t think the coffee smelled very flavorful brewing, just kind of strong. Even after adding a flavored creamer there was not too much flavor. It tasted ok but I wouldn’t get it again.

  15. Ariel A.

    This tasted much better than I expected it to. I have been on the hunt for healthier coffee without sacrificing taste, and this product has not disappointed.

  16. Kristin P.

    The Cameron’s Ecopods are the perfect way to wake up in the morning. The coffee is smooth and not bitter and had a great Vanilla Hazelnut flavor. I appreciate that there is less packaging in the pods. I had no problem using these pods in my Keurig. Overall I would recommend these pods and would buy again.

  17. Danielle W.

    I usually add a creamer to make my coffee interesting, but t’s nice to get a coffee with a flavor this time. Super easy to brew, great flavor that I really enjoyed even smelling.

  18. Jahnesha E.

    Had a very nice and strong flavor! I like my coffee flavor to be really bold and sometimes it’s hard for certain brands but this one was really good

  19. Anna P.

    The coffee smelled amazing but it didn’t really taste like Vanilla Hazelnut…just tasted like coffee. The EcoPod is interesting, since I hate the waste of traditional Keurigs but the top is still plastic so is it all recyclable? Maybe if I tried a different flavor it might have a stronger taste-but the coffee itself was good-just didn’t taste flavored.

  20. Annette M.

    I love the flavor options for this coffee. I was disappointed the bagged coffee didn’t have a whole bean options so i went with the kcups. I would buy this again and recomend to the others,

  21. Heather S.

    Great robust flavored coffee and so many flavors to choose from! Wish more flavors available in store in K cups. Will definitely buy again and hope to buy more new flavors.

  22. Andrea V.

    I love it and have found my new go to cup of coffee. I got the pods in vanilla and will buy every time. The smell wakes you up and the flavor is great. Thank you

  23. Cynthia G.

    I really enjoyed this product. The smell was amazing and the taste even better. Can taste the flavor witb creamer or straight black. Just delicious

  24. Bev M.

    Thank you for the opportunity to try specialty coffee by Cameron’s coffee. I will just say that it was just ok. Just plain wasn’t too great but adding creamer made it pretty good. I will probably not purchase it again.

  25. Valerie R.

    Only issue was deciding which flavor of coffee to try first because they all sounded so good. I went with vanilla hazelnut eco pods to try first and they did not disappoint. Delicious!

  26. Desy S.

    I enjoyed the taste and aroma of the Vanilla Hazelnut. The coffee was smooth and not bitter. Also, I liked the concept of the plant-based EcoPod.

  27. Sue T.

    I tried the vanilla hazelnut ecopods. They were very good and comparable to other brands I have enjoyed. I liked that the ecopods produced less waste. I found the price comparable to other brands. I would buy them again and recommend them to others.

  28. Emily H.

    I tried Cameron’s Coffee Vanilla Hazelnut EcoPods and was astounded by how flavorful and smooth they were! They brewed up quickly to a coffee that I would have thought was from an expensive boutique coffee shop if I hadn’t made the cup myself. The drink was nutty and sweet and left me energized without feeling wired.

  29. Kristen H.

    I tried the Vanilla Hazelnut K cups. The packaging was distinct enough that it was very easy to find in the store. The cups are made well and work well. The coffee if smooth with a hint of sweetness. You could taste the nutty flavor in the coffee with the vanilla making it sweet and rich and playful. I really liked this coffee and would try it again.

  30. Luna P.

    Love the packaging and it really stands out among the rest of the coffee brands! It tastes great and love all of the variety that there is!!

  31. WeasleyBun

    Hands down my favorite coffee of.all.time. The flavor and the smoothness is unmatched. These pods work in all my Keurigs, all day (yes, I’ll use these pods in up to 4 different machines between home and work). I love that we can composte them.

  32. Unhappy

    Tried these eco pods and they do not work in 2 different Keurigs. Not very happy coffee is pricey as it is and now I’ve wasted my money

  33. Gail N.

    I have tried many different brands, and this flavor and brand is my favorite..

  34. T. Y.

    Excellent coffee. We like ecologically positive pods.

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