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Savor the buttery taste of hazelnuts with this lightly-roasted, sweet and smooth blend.

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  1. Vic G.

    I purchased the Cameron Hazelnut coffee. It has a very mild hazelnut flavor. The hazelnut flavoring is a bit artificial, a touch of sugar helps. My husband drinks his coffee black, so he wasn’t a fan, but I thought It was ok with cream and sugar.

  2. Cindy

    Please bring back whole bean hazelnut in 12 oz bags and the bulk 4 lb bags!!

  3. Don F.

    I whole heartily agree with the reviews to BRING BACK the whole bean option !!!!!!

  4. Denise B.

    what happened to the whole bean version? Please bring it back!!!!! I won’t buy the ground version…I’ll go back to Starbucks decaf french roast beans.

  5. Michaela B.

    I so miss buying the whole bean hazelnut ( vanilla hazelnut) coffee. Why isn’t it available in whole bean anymore? Please bring it back!!!

  6. Mike J.

    Bring back the whole bean option!!

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