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Velvet Moon®

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Designed by our master roaster, this is a full-bodied espresso roast that you’ll love to the moon and back.

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  1. Anonymous

    When my wife finds a coffe that she likes, you know it’s a good coffee. Her’s is, or more correctly, was the Organic Velvet Moon. As usual, and for no disclosed reason, Cameron’s no longer distributes the Organic variety.

  2. Anonymous

    Love the organic version of this coffee. It’s smooth, not bitter and way better than anything from Starbucks. Would love to see the organic version in the ecopods.

  3. Anonymous

    When I first got this coffee a few years ago I was hooked , Velvet Moon became my all time favorite, then all of a sudden I could not find it , I was heart broken . So when I found it on the website again I ordered 8 pounds . Simply love this coffee!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Velvet Moon Pods

    I just picked up the Velvet Moon Pods at the Fresh Market. I had never tried these before and I chose the Velvet Moon flavor. This coffee is super delicious and extremely smooth as everyone reviewed here. Some coffees are just too bitter or acidic for me….this is super smooth yet rich full flavor. I will go back to get more.

  5. Anonymous

    Best Coffee Ever

    I cannot drink anything else. Even my littles love the smell of the beans when I grind them. Anyone who has ever had coffee at my house comments on how good it is. Try it, you’ll like it!

  6. Anonymous

    Velvet Moon – The best coffee EVER!

    I was actually at a Bed & Breakfast in Northfield, MN when I was introduced to Velvet Moon. The innkeeper ground it herself, but it was the best cup of coffee I had ever had! Its hard to find it ground in my area here in Iowa. But I have the K-cups at home so that’s not a problem. Now about my office…

  7. Anonymous


    Dark and a smooth finish without the more acid-harsh finish. We bought 6 bags last time, time to get 6 more!

    Slightly darker than Donut shop which is my favorite.

  8. Anonymous

    Aptly Named

    I think I said “wow” out loud when I first tasted this, and my first thought was that the name “Velvet” made perfect sense for this coffee. Excellent coffee.

  9. Anonymous

    Velvety and Dark

    This has been our favorite since we found it some years ago. This beats anything Starbucks has to offer hands down. If you want a coffee that’s dark, robust, smooth, and a little smoky you won’t be disappointed. Every time I give a sample of the beans to someone else they just rave about it.

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