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How to Reuse coffee grounds

Happy Earth Day! Coffee runs the world; per a 2022 National Coffee Association Trends Report, Americans drink well over 500 million cups of coffee each day. While brewing coffee at home can be a significant step towards making your coffee consumption more environmentally friendly, there are some other ways you can make a difference and make the most out of your coffee! Below is a compilation of our favorite ways to recycle coffee, along with some new additions. Together we can be more earth-conscious and support sustainable practices in all parts of our lives- even our morning mugs!

Compost your grounds

We love composting coffee at Cameron’s- even our EcoPods are compostable*. Check out our blog on everything composting coffee here.

Face masks + scrubs

A quick way to brighten and exfoliate skin any time of year, coffee masks are quick and easy to make- take a look at our post on diy scrubs and masks.

Garden Mulch

Used coffee is a great addition to any garden; it can serve as a fertilizer, mulch, and can be sprinkled in certain acid-loving plants like Azaleas or carrots, and fruiting plants like strawberries and blueberries. We wrote all about used coffee and gardening here.


Coffee grounds can be used as an excellent diy deodorizer for the home. Completely dry out your grounds, then place them in a small, open container. This container can be placed anywhere that needs a deodorizer; your fridge, cupboards, or shoes. The grounds will soak up any unwanted smells and neutralize odors without a trip to the supermarket! Check out more ways to deodorize here.

Pest Repellant 

Cats, ants, and other unwanted pests can often be deterred by the smell of coffee and its acidity. If you are dealing with unwanted insects or other animals, take some dried-out coffee grounds and sprinkle them near doors, corners, and other entrance spots for pests and critters as your first line of defense.

Home Cleaners

If you want a light scrub without more abrasive chemicals, use coffee grounds on pots, pans, and other dishware, or add the grounds to a home cleaner to scrub other surfaces like countertops or floors.

Natural Dye

Need to color fabrics, papers, or just try coloring some things at home? Soak your coffee grounds in water for a few hours, and then strain the contents and use the leftover liquid to dye whatever you desire. 

These are just a few of the ways coffee grounds can be reused; the options are truly endless. Test out some of these methods and have fun with your diy efforts!


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