Tray of camerons coffee and breakfast foods on a bed

The Perfect Breakfast In Bed

Honestly, is there anything more perfect than breakfast in bed? To wake up and take a morning for yourself while you just ease into the day, is a heavenly way to start the day.

If you want to treat yourself or someone special in your life to breakfast in bed, here is a little deconstruction of how to do it just right.

Step One

Find a tray, platter, or serving device that will be sturdy enough to set up in bed. We have found that a local thrift or second-hand store has plenty of interesting serving vessels if you don’t have one. And if you are going, pick up a set of cute china, plates, mugs or cups that can be special and just for this day.

Try this one from West Elm and also use it for your coffee bar!

Step Two

Find their (or your) favorite mug and fill it with their most perfect blend of coffee. If they take it black, you are good to go – but make sure it is steaming hot! Add in a few vessels with oat milk, cream, sugar cubes, or a sweet flavoring for something a little more decadent.

Can’t go wrong with our camp mug.

Step Three

Add in some bright fruit or a glass of green or orange juice. Not only will this bring your sweetie a boost of vitamins and nutrition, but the colors also add a burst of bright color.

Step Four

The breakfast foods are your call of course, depending upon preference and diet – but a beautiful yogurt parfait and some pastries will go a long way in delivering on taste and cuteness.

Step Five

Total bonus points here, but write a little love note or poem and place it on the tray to create a romantic or loving Valentine’s vibe.

If you want to try a new brewing method to really make the morning special, check out our How-To-Brew Guide for tips on brewing the smoothest coffee at home.

For some of our favorite at-home coffee brewers, check out this previous blog post. 

Hope it is a sweet day for you and yours!


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