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Vanilla Hazelnut

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This light roast coffee brings flavors of rich, sweet vanilla and buttery hazelnut to your morning mug.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is one of my favorite coffees! I first tried it during lockdown, when Starbucks was no longer open (or the hours they were open didn’t work for me), and it became my new every day coffee. It smells and tastes so good, it’s so smooth, and unlike other Vanilla Hazelnut coffees, it doesn’t taste artificial or have an unappealing smell. As another customer said, it doesn’t require a lot of sugar. My only complaint is that it is not as available in Nevada (where I now live) as it was in Ohio (where I was living when I first tried it.

  2. Anonymous

    We have been buying this coffee for years, originally at the supermarket’s bulk coffee aisle. It is our house coffee and is what we love to wake up to. We are very disappointed to see that whole beans have been discontinued. We won’t buy ground coffee in amounts that last more than two weeks because it oxidizes. Pease bring back Vanilla Hazelnut whole beans or we will need to find them elsewhere. Thanks.

  3. Anonymous

    My favorite coffee of all time! However, why is it cheaper to buy this at Walmart per item, than it is online from Cameron’s site?

  4. Anonymous

    AMAZING! My new go to.

    Tried this for the first time this morning. Bought it because my go to was out of stock…now, I have a NEW go to. This is so delicious, smooth, flavorful and the natural pod is a HUGE bonus. Thanks for making this girls’ morning.

  5. Anonymous

    The best ever

    I bought this coffee and I loved it now I’m hooked, I have tried other brands but they don’t satisfy me and they even give me heart burn. My house smells delicious and feels very relaxing. Cameron’s is the best.

  6. Anonymous

    My New Favorite Coffee!!!!

    I had recently found this coffee at a grocery store I frequently shop and me and my boyfriend saw this brand and gave it a try. It was the best decision of our lives, we were drinking a different brand of Vanilla Hazelnut and it was good but we were always dumping sugar and cream in it, then we tried this and oh my god when it was brewing it smelled so incredible. The best thing, I didn’t need to add all that sugar or creamer, two scoops of sugar and I’m good to go…I love that this brand is like that that I can drink a coffee black when normally I make mine so white it almost looks like milk. If I could give this coffee a million stars I would. I even suggested this brand to a waitress at a restaurant I was at just recently.

  7. Anonymous

    Best Vanilla Hazelnut coffee Hazelnut I’ve ever tried

    Choose this for my first time buying Cameron’s coffee (as I know everyone raves about the Highlander Grog) and it was my favorite!! I even bought Starbucks French Vanilla right after and it just doesn’t compare (too bitter). Cameron’s coffee is amazingly smooth, and now that I’m becoming a coffee connoisseur I no longer care for Starbucks because they burn they’re beans. Cameron’s has such complex flavors that I have yet to try a lot more, but this one has the perfect amount of flavor from each vanilla and hazelnut, and like stated in previous comments, neither is overwhelming or fake. Definitely buying again (And it takes a lot for me to buy something more than once as I like to try so many different things!!!)

  8. Anonymous

    Perfect Flavor

    This is the best hazelnut coffee. The flavor is really smooth and doesn’t taste fake, and the coffee is a good medium-strength that doesn’t get washed out by adding milk. This is a new staple for me.

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