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Vanilla Hazelnut

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This light roast coffee brings flavors of rich, sweet vanilla and buttery hazelnut to your morning mug.

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  1. Michele L.

    Giant Eagle had a few flavor options, but were out of the one I would’ve chosed. I went with hazelnut vanilla. I just am not a fan of artificial flavors added to products. I am drinking the coffee, but am not loving this flavor. Would of tried French roast.

  2. Basil S.

    I was pleasantly surprised at how aromatic and flavorful this coffee was. It was delicious and also versatile in which you can use a plain coffee creamer or you can use a flavor complimenting coffee creamer to help enhance either the vanilla or hazelnut notes or an additional complementary flavor such as caramel creamer. Original creamer is the way to go for me so I can enjoy the existing vanilla and hazelnut notes in the coffee. It was smooth and Rich. I am very intrigued to see the other flavors that are offered and will use the coupon that was given to help save on my next purchase. I surprisingly found this at Meijer so I decided to pick it up when I found it there.

    I would purchase again in the near future. Very good coffee!

  3. Juhi M.

    I liked this coffee a lot! It was smooth and not bitter. I enjoyed it with just milk so I could taste the flavors present in the beans, but it would be good with creamer too.

  4. Kerry M.

    I always love coffee and this product does not disappoint. I really like this coffee the flavor is great and not too bold, I will be purchasing again

  5. Tasha B.

    The coffee tasted very good and it was really really crush which I appreciated. I will recommend to friends and purchase in the near future.

  6. Marz B.

    Loved trying this coffee for the first time, i wish there was an espresso option but the beans themselves stayed wonderfully. I will defiantly try again

  7. Michelle R.

    Cameron’s Coffee offers an excellent variety of flavors
    The flavor was enjoyably and did Not have an artificial after taste. It is a good value and I would definitely purchase this coffee again and try other flavors.

  8. Matthew H.

    I did not find anything too special about this coffee, but it was good and simple. Bought the vanilla hazelnut flavor. I found it comparable to other coffees, nothing stook out with this brand.

  9. Kellie V.

    This coffee tastes great. I’ve been making it in my French press for the past week and drinking it black and the flavor is really excellent. I’m pretty picky about coffee so this is a new winner for me.

  10. Christine M.

    Lots of different varieties to choose from. Whole beans or ground coffee. Even organic flavors. Very flavorful. Not an expensive brand of coffee.

  11. Sharon D.

    I tried the Cameron Vanilla Hazelnut coffee (pods) for the first time. It tasted great and could taste the vanilla and hazelnut. There was a smooth type flavor yet not overpowering. I look forward to trying it again.

  12. Daneya S.

    I was very impressed. I had the vanilla hazelnut flavour. It felt very promising on how aromatic this is for a ground coffee. I’m used to whole beans very aromatic and ground coffee still os aromatic but this has a very strong vanilla hazelnut smell so I was very excited. It was really good, smooth. This is definitely the kind of coffee that you don’t need a flavoured creamer because you just want to be able to enjoy the vanilla hazelnut flavour. I discovered that they have a brownie caramel chocolate flavour that I want to try next with the save $1 coupon if I can find in stores.

  13. Tammie W.

    This coffee is really delicious and tasty! It’s definitely one of my favorites now. I tried the vanilla flavored coffee and it was so good, I also bought the vanilla flavored creamer and topped it with whipped cream! I will be buying this again.

  14. Josie G.

    #trieditforfree! My husband loves coffee and said this coffee passed the test! We tried the hazelnut flavor. I hope to see tge whole bean coffee in the future! That would be awesome!

  15. Lisa H.

    I have bought Cameron’s a few times and it’s never disappointed me. So many good tasty flavors to try. I still love the Vanilla Hazelnut the best. So full of flavor and goodness!

  16. Audrey B.

    Cameron’s Hazelnut Vanilla makes a great cup of coffee. It produces a smooth, nutty flavor with a hint of chocolate. The price is hard to beat.

  17. Beagle B.

    One of my favorite coffees. Great flavor not too sweeet not to bitter. It’s a little more money than I’d normally spend but totally worth it

  18. Emily B.

    Very good flavors. One of my favorite coffees. It is not too sweet and it is not too bitter. A little more expands but worth the price in comparison

  19. Kimberly M.

    I love this coffee! This family is a huge coffee family and everyone loved the taste. Even the teenagers. Very flavorful and smooth taste. Not bitter like some coffee can be. Looking forward to trying more flavors from this brand.The packaging was cute, too!
    Highly recommend to any coffee drinker!

  20. Tatyanna D.

    An awesome coffee to add to my rotation of coffee grounds. Loved that the flavors were not overpowering, they were actually quite subtle. Would recommend this to anyone that loves a vanilla/hazelnut combination.

  21. Nicole K.

    This coffee was great paired with Not Milk brand of milk alternative. Even without milk/sweetener, it’s not bitter. I tried the instant vanilla hazelnut in light roast. I like that this comes in such a large container with a very large, easy-to-open lid. I like the glass container vs plastic. I hate storing things in plastic.

  22. Zeta W.

    Absolutely love the coffee. It is definitely reasonably priced and has a great taste. I opted for the Vanilla Hazelnut flavor and loved it. Very great smell, smooth flavor, and great taste!

  23. Norma K.

    I normally am just the same taste, flavor, brand.
    This was totally different.Price was a little more but it looks like it will be my new buy.
    I normally shop with coupons so this was a new product for me.

  24. Lynette B.

    I purchased the vanilla hazelnut coffee flavor. It was a nice change from my ordinary Folgers. The coffee was not bitter and had a smooth delicious flavor. I really enjoyed my this special flavor.

  25. Abigail B.

    I tried the Vanilla Hazelnut variety and really enjoyed it. This coffee seems to be on the higher end as far as supermarket coffee goes. I have used it simply to brew a pot of coffee as well as to make homemade cold brew which I prefer. I prefer cold brew as I think that the flavor comes through more and it is much less acidic and bitter. Vanilla Hazelnut is probably my favorite coffee flavor and I would highly recommend this. I also used it to make an americano using an espresso machine and was very pleased with the results: smooth, flavorful and not at all bitter.

  26. Dora S.

    I had never tried this coffee brand I usually buy only instant coffee. I tried the vanilla hazelnut but really wanted to try the toasted southern pecan but couldn’t find it on the location I visited. The bag of coffee is expensive it’s not something I would buy but the flavor was good and the packaging is great. I’m still wanting to try the pecan flavor.

  27. Meredith J.

    I enjoyed this coffee- it was strong and not too bitter. I also really look for things that are packaged in an eco-friendly way, so I appreciated this. However, the brand advertises that they are eco-friendly, but they are not using shade-grown coffee (which allows trees to remain on plantations and does not hurt bird populations). So I will stick with shade-grown, because that is so important for the birds.

  28. Sara G.

    I was able to find Cameron’s specialty coffee easily at Walmart in the coffee and tea aisle. They had several flavor options and I selected the vanilla hazelnut flavor. It smells delicious and very much like vanilla in the bag and the brewed coffee has a yummy flavor.

  29. Deb S.

    Both my husband and I liked the coffee. I do like cream in my coffee and my husband drinks it black. I found that with out the creamer it had a slight bitterness to it. When using the cream I did not know tis it. My husband likes is coffee black and said that he liked it. He’s not one to say much so when he says he likes something he does. So I would say that we were both happy with the coffee.

  30. Helen M.

    The Cameron’s vanilla hazelnut flavored coffee is so smooth with a sweet and nutty taste. It is now my go to coffee very morning brewing at home.

  31. Mary L.

    I got the vanilla hazelnut and I really loved the flavor! I am a big fan now! Other flavored coffees can be gross or fake tasting, this was really nice.

  32. Natalie S.

    I loved trying this coffee! There were so many different flavors to choose from so I will definitely be trying some of the other flavors in the future.

  33. Nehal S.

    Flavorful, delicious coffee. Amazing smell that gives smooth and bold rich experience. Subtle and not strong or bitter flavor. Good and refreshing start for my day. Loved the taste and flavors that are available. Would definitely recommend this one

  34. Charlie S.

    Have not finished the product but it keeps me awake so it’s all good not too dark or bitter just aromatic flavor will try other flavors when I get a chance


    The bag is the perfect size for making coffee in my house. It keeps well and allows me to enjoy the flavor for a few months without getting a stale flavor. Very smooth and enjoyable.

  36. Mikylah C.

    This is a really great tasting coffee. It has a good aroma and tastes amazing. I like the blend. It is not too strong or weak but just right. I like the flavor.

  37. Benazir K.

    Cameron ‘s Vanilla Hazelnut coffee was a delightful blend with the taste of vanilla and hazelnut. It was smooth and aromatic, with no need for creamer or sugar, which is perfect for those who want flavor but like black coffee. Just be mindful if you prefer a bolder flavor.

  38. Faro P.

    I purchased the Cameron’s Coffee and gave it a try, it was good and smelled good to but I think I like my current brand better. I am going to keep using it till it’s gone to see if I start to like it as well as my current brand. I would not turn it down because it is good but not my number one pick. I may try a different flavor later to see if I like it better.

  39. Dawn H.

    The smell and flavor of this coffee is stronger than most. I love strong coffee. I would like to see more varieties of coffee, such a seasonal flavors. I would like to try the other varieties of flavors.

  40. Victoria A.

    I tried vanilla hazelnut flavor from Cameron’s coffee and it was really good. I liked this very smooth taste and smell, I might be trying more flavors!

  41. Victoria R.

    I got the vanilla hazelnut coffee. It is delicious and mild flavor. Anyone that likes the flavored coffee will love this brand. They come in many many different flavors as well.

  42. Jessica L.

    The flavors of coffee this brand has is so unique. I typically prefer buying whole beans from a local shop, but do enjoy the occasional unique flavor. It has been fun pairing the vanilla hazelnut with a caramel creamer.

  43. WENDY N.

    The Cameron’s Coffee is really good. It doesn’t have a bitter taste. I am an everyday coffee drinker and very picky. This is one of my go to brands and the Cinnamon Sugar is very nice too.

  44. Kelton D.

    A great coffee lover myself and it is easy to figure out the best coffee blends like in under a micro second.

    I usually see this brand in store but never tried. Glad that it worked great and I tried this blend. Very happy about the make and flavor. Really making me love and buy more
    Recommend a try

  45. Michele P.

    I really enjoyed this coffee! I am normally a whole bean buyer, but this was a good ground coffee. I got a variety I would not normally buy, and it is a fun way to change up my morning. There are so many different varieties, there is definitely something for everyone.

  46. Casey L.

    The smell as soon as I opened the bag was instant nostalgia. I got the cold brew vanilla hazelnut and it smelled just like the coffee my mother would buy when I was younger. The flavor is wonderful, it was not as strong as I’m used to but I did only brew it for 12 hours, I’m sure after 24 it would be a lot stronger. I loved it and it may become one of my regular choices!

  47. Sarah F.

    I got the kcup the vanilla hazelnut ones they were really good with a nice strong flavor. I like the pods also because they are good for the environment unlike the others out there.

  48. Mike A.

    Not bitter and great tasting for every cup! I’m a avid coffee drinker and picky. This brand seems to nail the art of coffee. I can see myself drinking this brand year round and trying the different flavors. Some might sound good, but dont taste good and I think this brand is my new go to and its affordable!

  49. Karol E.

    I really enjoyed the smooth Vanilla Hazelnut flavor of Cameron’s Coffee Specialty Coffee. It was great as my morning coffee and in the afternoon as a pick-me-up. I could easily replace my regular coffee brand with Cameron’s Specialty Coffee.

  50. Tonia L.

    i really like this coffee. its smooth and the flavor is really good. i like that the flavor it there but its not over powering the coffee. i would recommend this coffee. its good cold or hot

  51. Sarah W.

    LOVED this coffee! It was a great product, amazing taste, and such a smooth drink! I love that they are specialty and healthy! Will definitely be buying this one again!

  52. Christian B.

    This coffee has robust, full coffee flavor. I really how it’s not acidic. A lot of full flavor coffees can be acidic, but that’s not the case here. I would certainly recommend this to any coffee lovers.

  53. Bridget M.

    We were shocked at how many choices there were for this brand. We picked the vanilla hazelnut and were very happy with this choice! So tasty, no creamer even needed

  54. Mahia H.

    This was my first time trying Cameron’s Coffee and I loved it. I tried the vanilla hazelnut flavor and it was delicious. I especially loved the taste and smell.

  55. Si T.

    This coffee is surprisingly good and smooth. The vanilla gazelnut didn’t have the artificial syrup taste which is good and they have plenty of other flavor options too

  56. Samantha D.

    I love this brand and its packaging as well. I grabbed a bag of Cameron’s Coffee and it was delicious! I enjoyed the coffee and my family did too.

  57. Teresa L.

    We were nicely surprised at how much we liked this. Wonderful taste the blend was out of this world I drink coffee everyday. It’s more expensive than what we normally pay.

  58. Morgan W.

    I typically just have unflavored black coffee but this was a really nice switch up from my usual routine. The coffee was tasty and I like the variety.

  59. Joy H.

    The flavor was rich and strong, but not overpowering. There is a nice balance to it and no bitterness. I bought the decaf version and it was awesome!

  60. Timothy L.

    I love coffee. I definitely live flavored coffee, but only if it doesn’t taste synthetic or is too strong. The Hazelnut I got is a winner (and I used it up too quickly). The flavor is incredible. It has a powerful presence yet tastes as if it belongs with the coffee. Not sure how to explain it, so I will only say that Cameron’s is now one of my go-to’s in my coffee selection!

  61. Jam T.

    I tried the vanilla hazelnut. This is a pretty good blend withe a pleasant taste. I noticed that there are many varieties to try out. I recommend giving it a try.

  62. Michaela T.

    I liked this coffee! I tried the vanilla hazelnut kind and I thought the flavor was wonderful. The coffee was perfectly ground and not too dark.

  63. Milena B.

    I love good cup of coffee in the morning and this is it.Reasonable price .Good flavor of mild roast and no bitterness.I can’t wait to try other flavors as I love exploring. I love it straight and with creamer just depends what time of the day I drink it.Vanilla hazelnut is just the right combo.

  64. Sierra H.

    I really enjoyed the flavors found within this coffee (as it had the perfect balance) and it made for a wonderful cup of coffee in the morning.

  65. Amy W.

    I usually love this coffee. I’ve been buying the whole bean vanilla hazelnut for years. However, the 2 bags I ordered most recently smell and taste HORRIBLE. I don’t know if it is just a bad batch or if Cameron’s has changed the beans or the flavoring. I hate to say it, but the coffee tastes subpar. Not the old Cameron’s vanilla hazelnut which I know and love.

  66. Jessica B.

    I liked it!! I’m not a super big coffee fan, but the French vanilla actually tasted pretty good. My family tried it too, and we all liked it!

  67. Ana D.

    I liked the taste of this coffee as an everyday option, i am personally an espresso drinker so for me strong coffee is always the option! But its not bitter and not on the acidic side so its a great coffee to mix with creamer, plus they have the convenience of the pods that you can use if you have a keurig!

  68. Jennie D.

    This product had a pleasing aroma, good flavor, and was very smooth. My husband enjoyed this in the morning with his breakfast. Highly recommend!

  69. Todd S.

    I tried Cameron’s Coffee k cups for the first time and enjoyed it very much. Had the Vanilla Hazelnut flavor and I loved the smooth taste and satisfying strength of the flavor and coffee itself.

  70. Rebecca S.

    Love the vanilla hazelnut! They nailed the flavors without having it taste artificial like so many other flavored coffees do. I will definitely be buying this coffee again! 🙂

  71. Jackie B.

    I’d never heard of this brand. The flavor was great, a little lighter than my regular coffee but I picked up the Hawaiian one to try so I will get a different one next time

  72. Hunter R.

    I got a cold brew variety and cold brewed the coffee over night. It tasted delicious but also took lots of time to make. It was a fun activity but sometimes I wanted coffee and either needed to wait 12h or until the next day. Although if cold brewing is your thing, this is an amazing and delicious product.

  73. Sydney W.

    My coffee I share a work after getting to work in the morning I start the brew and everyone is in the break room. The smells are in the hold office.

  74. Christel F.

    I tasted the coffee without anything in it and I could taste the vanilla and it wasn’t bitter. It tested even better once I put a little creamer and raw cane sugar in it. I wish it came in decaf!

  75. Anne G.

    For the most part, I really don’t notice much difference between different brands of coffee. This one was good, but so are most brands we buy. I’ll stick to buying what’s on sale.

  76. Shawna F.

    We tried the vanilla hazelnut Cameron’s Specialty Coffee and really enjoyed the taste and aroma. I loved that there were lots of different flavors to choose from and the bag is a decent size for the price. The flavor was just right and is definitely something I will purchase again!

  77. Lizzie T.

    I got the vanilla hazelnut ground coffee and I love it! I mix a few scoops with my non flavored coffee and it’s the perfect balance. My favorite start to the day!

  78. Kailey F.

    Camerons coffee has always been a go-to quality coffee brand for me when I crave a cup o’ Joe, but their speciality brand raises it to a whole new level. It’s like they hand picked the highest quality coffee beans, roasted them to velvety perfection, and whispered sweet nothings before sending them on their way. I exaggerate, but it truly was delicious!

    Also, knowing Cameron’s coffee comes from a commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability is key for my guilt free morning cup. It makes every sip better.

  79. Ann J.

    I loved the flavor of this coffee! It came in a nice package. I haven’t tried a flavored coffee in a long time but after this I may be hooked!

  80. Leann M.

    Great flavor and a nice selection of interesting sounding flavors to try later. This coffee has attractive packaging and it looks nice sitting on my counter, and I love the little positive messages they tuck inside the top of the bag. 🙂

  81. TONY D.

    I recently tried Cameron’s Coffee Specialty Coffee in Vanilla Hazelnut and, it was a smooth blend that was both tasty and full-bodied. The aroma of the coffee was amazing and it was a great flavor to be able to brew at home. I would definitely buy this coffee and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee. I was very impressed with Cameron’s coffee and I look forward to trying other flavors from Cameron’s Coffee in the future.

  82. Sala K.

    I have my absolute favorite coffee already. My go-to, my number 1. But Cameron’s has won a sliver of my heart. It’s smooth, rich, sweet. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to try it. I will be adding this to my switch up!

  83. Annette F.

    Specialty coffee by Cameron had a wonderful taste. It not only woke me up but left me with a refreshing well being for the rest of my crazy negative day and had me feeling some kind of way which was positive and with a sense of wellness!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Hannah G.

    We tried the ground vanilla hazelnut flavor. The smell wafting through the house as it brewed was making me drool. It’s bold and tastes good with frothed milk.

  85. Emily M.

    Completely blown away when opening the package by the smell! I was so excited to try it and it tasted just as amazing as it smelled! Definitely recommend to the coffee lovers!

  86. Brianna P.

    I normally don’t drink hot coffee because of my sensitive stomach but Cameron’s gave me no issues. It was smooth and flavorful but still bold enough to give me a little pep in my step. Highly recommend!

  87. Susan C.

    I got this coffee during the holidays to have for a flavorful treat. It’s one of my new favorites. The flavor tasted real and not artificial or too sweet like some brands.

  88. Jason N.

    Until I saw / receivers this offer from Social Nature, I didn’t know this brand existed. I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to try it as it had officially replaced the DD I have consumed for many, many years. The coffee has an excellent scent while brewing and the taste is even better. The real testament is that my wife will actually drink it without any creamer added!

  89. Marilia D.

    It was good. The taste is very flavorful and the smell is amazing. I am a person who really likes coffee anyways but this one exceeded my expectations.

  90. Taylor F.

    This is great coffee and it tastes exactly like the favor that we got. I wish there was a little bit more variety of flavors but the flavor was great!

  91. Jennie H.

    Was very excited to try the Toasted Southern Pecan, but the store was sold out so it much be good! I ended up with the Vanilla Hazelnut which was a good substitute. I feel like the flavor was evident, but was somewhat artificial. The level of roast was great though – even using an espresso machine.

  92. Ashley P.

    I got the vanilla flavor and normally I get a light roast breakfast blend or Honduran coffee, but it was free so I figured, why not? I enjoyed how light it was and easy to prepare. I added cinnamon, half and half, and coconut oil which when combined with vanilla made it sweet but without sugar and a nice flavor when I want a coffee with an extra oomph.

  93. Melissa M.

    This is a delicious coffee! The taste is fresh and I love the flavor. Great size bag, a strong cup with no bitterness. Absolutely my new favorite coffee.

  94. Paula B.

    I have become and avid coffee drinker in the past few years and have been struggling to find an inexpensive coffee that taste good. Picked this up at my local shop and loved it! Definitely consider it if you love coffee too.

  95. Alicia W.

    The Cameron’s Coffee brand has an array of flavor options and many of them sound great! I got the sea salt caramel and it tastes delicious. I prefer flavored coffee and this one did not disappoint. It was slightly sweet, smells delicious, and is a warming treat to start my day.

  96. Christine S.

    I recently had the pleasure of trying Cameron’s Specialty Coffee in Vanilla Hazelnut, and it did not disappoint! As someone who loves brewing coffee at home, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting flavors to try. Cameron’s coffee definitely hit the mark with its robust, yet smooth taste. The scent of the coffee, as it filled my kitchen, was delightful, and the flavor was even better. I would highly recommend Cameron’s Specialty Coffee in Vanilla Hazelnut to anyone who enjoys a flavored coffee with a bold, rich taste. I will definitely be buying this coffee again in the future!

  97. Rita G.

    I really enjoyed the distinct flavor of vanilla hazelnut and thought that the coffee still exhibited bold flavor . It’s a great smell to wake up to

  98. Rhiannon G.

    This was a great flavored specialty coffee. Worked well to stick with better at home option to going to a coffee shop! The vanilla hazelnut was a great choice and was smooth and delicious!

  99. Kristine R.

    I was impressed by this coffee. Just a perfect blend, not too dark, not too light. Really enjoyed it. Would purchase again. Serves to family over Christmas, they all enjoyed it.

  100. Juhi P.

    Symphony of sophistication in a cup. Meticulously selected beans and a roasted process that’s an art form. Each sip is a journey into coffee craftsmanship. Elevate your coffee ritual with this–it’s the good stuff.

  101. KEVIN L.

    A perfect blend of hazelnut and vanilla. Really smooth, nice clean after taste. no bitterness at all. I bought the ground this time, definitely will try the pods. I 100 percent recommend.

  102. Galina M.

    Good coffee, thanks for coupon, bought in local HyVee, make my morning a little better, good rich vanilla hazelnut test, will buy more again!!!!!!! Yummy!!!

  103. Sanja M.

    I really liked it, very nice flavor. Maybe because I selected vanilla hazelnut flavor but I like that the whole house smelled like hazelnut coffee. I will definitely buy other favors to try

  104. M. C.

    I don’t typically drink flavored coffee, just dark roast or breakfast blend. However, since I had the free coupon, I decided to try a flavored one. I went with the Vanilla Hazelnut and really enjoyed it! Nice robust flavor and amazing aroma around the kitchen!

  105. Jill S.

    I purchased the coffee at Walmart. I love flavored coffee so that is what I chose and am very happy I did! The coffee is delicious. Especially with cream and a little coffee syrup!!

  106. Andrea R.

    Cameron’s Coffee has a delightful hazelnut and vanilla flavored coffee. It’s flavored enough that you notice it without it being over powering. I like to add a little bit of almond milk to it as well. Cameron’s Coffee is a great choice if you are looking to switch coffee brands. The coffee has a smoother flavor and it really is t bitter like some other hazelnut flavored coffees I’ve had in the past.

  107. Deepti V.

    I tried the vanilla hazelnut, it is packed with aroma and flavor, I really enjoyed it. I actually prefer dark roast,but this is my favorite coffee flavor wise

  108. Cris D.

    I have been drinking Cameron’s coffee for probably a decade now. I like supporting a local company. My favorite flavor is the Vanilla Hazelnut, but they are all tasty.

  109. Kevin G.

    Enjoying a wonderful cup of coffee with my coworkers are very important. My coworkers are always asking me for something to enjoy. I know the Cameron’s Coffee is just what everyone needs to get through the day.

  110. Kent K.

    This coffee is smooth! Very tasty and just the right level of sweetness. I would like to try other varieties of Cameron’s coffee based on how delicious this is.

  111. Suha A.

    The vanilla hazelnut Cameron coffee was smooth and taste. I made a fresh pot of coffee for the family and they absolute love it. Its top notch .

  112. JASMINE B.

    This coffee made a mess when I put it in the maker like usual. I ended up with grounds in the coffee. The flavor was okay but didn’t really stand out.

  113. Francis M.

    Cafe bastante exquisito, con muy buen aroma y sabor suave, frio o caliente muy sabroso,. Paquete muy atractivo y muy fácil de encontrar en la primera tienda a donde fui

  114. Shaina L.

    I tried the vanilla hazelnut blend and used about a third of what other people would when brewing a 12 cup pot of coffee (I like to stretch my grounds and this is normal for me). The roast was perfect in every way. The flavor was strong enough to notice and yet I didn’t feel the need to add a lot of milk and sweeteners into my brewed cup. I’d buy this again on coupon or sale.

  115. Gretchen M.

    I tried this along with my sister and daughter. We really enjoyed it. It smelled great, and I would describe the taste as rich and smooth. We went through a pot quickly. The packaging was eye pleasing and sturdy.

  116. Katie G.

    I loved the vanilla hazelnut! All I did was add a splash of cream and because of the delicious flavor I didn’t need any sweetener. It didn’t taste artificial which is super important to me. Yum!

  117. Elaine M.

    Cameron’s Coffee Speciality Coffee is a great new flavored coffee for your automatic coffee maker. You can enjoy specialty coffee in your own home, There are so many flavors to choose from. This is an outstanding coffee and I encourage you to try it for yourself.

  118. Mary L.

    I tried the Vanilla Hazelnut. I liked it even though I’m not a big fan of vanilla – so maybe the hazelnut, which I do like, is the stronger flavor.

  119. Sarah C.

    This is so good I really liked it. Even my picky kid likes it. My whole family enjoyed it. It was easy to find in the store. I’ll be buying this again.

  120. Jessica H.

    I’ve been buying Cameron’s coffee for a long time and love how smooth it is. I try to buy organic coffee but I keep coming back to the vanilla hazelnut. I used to drink the vanilla hazelnut at Einstein bros bagels and they changed it a few years back and this is my closest find.

  121. Dior B.

    I really liked the vanilla hazelnut flavor. I got medium roast and it has a nice rich aroma and subtle flavor. No need for flavor shots, so yummy!!! I am used to my regular coffee but now this is my new favorite.

  122. Louise T.

    This coffee is just right for me and my neighbor we share a coffee break twice a week. I share the new brew and now that’s all we drink. Different taste and it very healthy.

  123. Fatima L.

    First time trying this coffee and my whole family loved it. Easy to make and I love the variety of flavors. I got vanilla hazelnut and it was really good! Great brand and the coffee is full flavored. Will purchase again.

  124. Lauren P.

    I like the different flavors available. I liked the medium roast because it was not too much but it was also. It light. I liked that it was good on its own and I didn’t need to add anything. It was good.

  125. Nikki M.

    This is a great coffee brand! I enjoyed it with vanilla creamer. It has a nice smooth flavor.. I also like the packaging they used for it!!!

  126. Lauren M.

    This coffee has so many amazing flavors to choose from! It is awesome and tastes really good. This is coffee you would want to serve guests when you have them over.

  127. Sheridan D.

    Really nice and smooth coffee. The vanilla hazelnut had the perfect amount of flavor. Beautiful, sweet notes of vanilla and hazelnut. Would recommend!

  128. Thelma W.

    Just Right for my Breakfast club at the end of the year. We had to bring a different Specialty to the table and Cameron’s Coffee was the hit of the Club Party. Everyone loves to smell some Coffee that is very good and healthy.

  129. Jose D.

    Very nice coffee. Very rich taste and flavor. We have already enjoyed half of the package. The taste was just as good from start to finish. A must to try.

  130. Cathy C.

    I like the flavor blend ofvthid ground coffee. It is a good medium roast with full flavor. It tasted good and like a high quality coffee. A good cup of coffee.

  131. Theresa S.

    I drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day in this was very comparable to my brand. I usually buy it had good flavor and had a good aroma.. I will be buying this in the future.

  132. Nicole S.

    Great taste and smell. Good amount of grounds for price. The hazelnut flavor was very strong. Didn’t get much taste of vanilla. Coffee had a good amount of caffeine.

  133. Ellie M.

    I loved the great flavor and many choices of different flavors!And Cameron coffee is also available in many stores,very accessible to everyone.

  134. Anji R.

    Very smooth taste, no bitterness. I didn’t try dark roast, but it’ll be my next purchase. I tried the Vanilla Hazelnut this time. I’m still stuck on my favorite Verena Street-Mississippi Grogg

  135. Ann N.

    I typically drink Starbucks ground coffee and not very open to trying new coffee brands. Cameron’s is pretty good tasting and similarly priced. Lots of flavors.

  136. Sandra H.

    Cameron’s Specialty Coffee harvesters a better coffee bean to begin with and that’s the start of a new day in creating their specialty coffee blends. Cameron’s coffee is smooth and robust It’s delicious and flavorful and it’s easy to enjoy in all their blend varieties hot or cold

  137. Radhika P.

    rich taste not too overpowering and I like that it came preground which is just easier for me to use and preapre. Love the packaging and the taste as well

  138. Matt A.

    Product was easy to find in the store and they had a lot of variety. Thought the taste of the coffee was good mostly due to the authentic hazelnut flavor.

  139. Darryl C.

    These were small bags and kind of expensive. But they had a wide flavor variety. It was fun choosing which ones to get. I gave them as a holiday gift

  140. Jamie L.

    Sometimes flavored coffees taste like beans soaked in extract and lose their coffee bodied flavor. I prefer flavored to plain and that’s the risk you often run. This brand seems to have it down better than most, coffee and flavor without sick sweet overpowering flavor or none at all.

  141. Alissa A.

    I really enjoyed this coffee. Delicious flavor and there’s a great variety. The grounds are perfect consistency. My coffee tasted so fresh and yummy.

  142. Brittany Z.

    I liked this vanilla hazelnut coffee. I thought that it had a nice flavor that wasn’t overpowering. I could also tell that the coffee beans were higher quality which I loved.

  143. Nicole A.

    Cameron’s Coffee Speciality Coffee is so delicious! Before opening the bag, the aroma of the coffee could be discerned. The taste is smoother and richer than the normal brands I drink. I enjoyed this brand with both flavored and soy milk and the cups of coffee were delicious with a pleasant aftertaste. I would buy and recommend it.

  144. PAT A.

    Coffee.. I love trying new coffee and this was really nice. The fact they had 11 varieties was great. In my local, I could only find 2-3 flavors so had to pick from them. The Vanilla Hazelnut was really good. Had the perfect notes of a strong coffee with nutty flavor.

  145. Vicki F.

    Camerons is a local company here and they make the best coffee. The flavor is wonderful and the aroma makes you want to come back for more. This can really wake you up in the morning and they have the most special flavors to choose from.

  146. Beth M.

    I really enjoyed trying Cameron’s coffee’ It had a deep rich flavor and no bitter after taste. There are many wonderful flavors to select from.

  147. Valerie

    This is one of my favorite coffees! I first tried it during lockdown, when Starbucks was no longer open (or the hours they were open didn’t work for me), and it became my new every day coffee. It smells and tastes so good, it’s so smooth, and unlike other Vanilla Hazelnut coffees, it doesn’t taste artificial or have an unappealing smell. As another customer said, it doesn’t require a lot of sugar. My only complaint is that it is not as available in Nevada (where I now live) as it was in Ohio (where I was living when I first tried it.

  148. R & P J.

    We have been buying this coffee for years, originally at the supermarket’s bulk coffee aisle. It is our house coffee and is what we love to wake up to. We are very disappointed to see that whole beans have been discontinued. We won’t buy ground coffee in amounts that last more than two weeks because it oxidizes. Pease bring back Vanilla Hazelnut whole beans or we will need to find them elsewhere. Thanks.

  149. Treasa Lynn W.

    My favorite coffee of all time! However, why is it cheaper to buy this at Walmart per item, than it is online from Cameron’s site?

  150. Anonymous

    AMAZING! My new go to.

    Tried this for the first time this morning. Bought it because my go to was out of stock…now, I have a NEW go to. This is so delicious, smooth, flavorful and the natural pod is a HUGE bonus. Thanks for making this girls’ morning.

  151. Anonymous

    The best ever

    I bought this coffee and I loved it now I’m hooked, I have tried other brands but they don’t satisfy me and they even give me heart burn. My house smells delicious and feels very relaxing. Cameron’s is the best.

  152. Theresa

    My New Favorite Coffee!!!!

    I had recently found this coffee at a grocery store I frequently shop and me and my boyfriend saw this brand and gave it a try. It was the best decision of our lives, we were drinking a different brand of Vanilla Hazelnut and it was good but we were always dumping sugar and cream in it, then we tried this and oh my god when it was brewing it smelled so incredible. The best thing, I didn’t need to add all that sugar or creamer, two scoops of sugar and I’m good to go…I love that this brand is like that that I can drink a coffee black when normally I make mine so white it almost looks like milk. If I could give this coffee a million stars I would. I even suggested this brand to a waitress at a restaurant I was at just recently.

  153. Anonymous

    Best Vanilla Hazelnut coffee Hazelnut I’ve ever tried

    Choose this for my first time buying Cameron’s coffee (as I know everyone raves about the Highlander Grog) and it was my favorite!! I even bought Starbucks French Vanilla right after and it just doesn’t compare (too bitter). Cameron’s coffee is amazingly smooth, and now that I’m becoming a coffee connoisseur I no longer care for Starbucks because they burn they’re beans. Cameron’s has such complex flavors that I have yet to try a lot more, but this one has the perfect amount of flavor from each vanilla and hazelnut, and like stated in previous comments, neither is overwhelming or fake. Definitely buying again (And it takes a lot for me to buy something more than once as I like to try so many different things!!!)

  154. Anonymous

    Perfect Flavor

    This is the best hazelnut coffee. The flavor is really smooth and doesn’t taste fake, and the coffee is a good medium-strength that doesn’t get washed out by adding milk. This is a new staple for me.

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