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Hawaiian Blend EcoPods


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Bright & tropical with hints of chocolate and nuts, this blend of Hawaiian, Central & South American beans will brighten your day.

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  1. Anonymous

    My favorite of the Cameron choices. Not too strong, not real acidic, just a good cup of coffee.

  2. Anonymous

    I don’t know what anonymous was drinking. Evidently it wasn’t. The Hawaiian blend must’ve been storebrand because any coffee that I’ve gotten from Camerons has a roasted bold. Tasty flavor is downright good maybe anonymous needs to brush his teeth when he wakes up before he drinks his coffee lol.

  3. Anonymous

    These pods do not even brew. My coffee came out looking and tasting like hot water. I tried 4 of them. Same results. Did they forget to put the coffee in? Very disappointed in these.

  4. Anonymous

    This coffee simply put is amazing. I can’t get enough of the fruity tones that come through with this coffee. An economical coffee that beats out the expensive brands with ease. This coffee is my favorite. Doc has me limiting my caffeine intake but I treat myself to two or three cups a week. The best treat.

  5. Anonymous

    I have made coffee three times with the Hawaiian Blend light roast K-cup “EcoPod.” The brew comes out mild and I will need to tweak the settings on my Keurig to get more flavor. Compared to a standard k-cup pod this one spatters more on the counter and one of the pods did not get punctured enough and made a real mess. The coffee is good but the EcoPod needs some more work. Also inside the box is a plastic bag that is not resealable, so you will need to do something to keep the pods fresh.

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