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Highlander Grog EcoPods

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Our classically smooth coffee with the perfect flavor blend of butterscotch, caramel, vanilla and a dash of rum.

*COMPOSTABLE IN INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES. Check locally, as these do not exist in many communities. To learn how you may compost your EcoPods at home, visit

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  1. Ashley T.

    I will be adding this into my coffee rotation and can’t wait to try more flavors. The flavor profile comes though nicely. Good, smooth coffee.

  2. Nhi K.

    Cameron’s Coffee Specialty BLend is a delightful journey of rich flavors and aromatic notes, a must-try for any coffee enthusiast. Robust profile.

  3. Jana H.

    This tasted good! The flavor was fresh tasting and the aroma was delicious. I like that it isn’t a plastic pod, thus less waste. The taste was full-bodied and tested really good.

  4. Ana C.

    I thought this coffee was decent. It was not bitter, which is always a plus for me. I bought the k cups I didn’t pay attention to the packaging. I just bought it when I opened it I realize that there was no actual cup. I thought that was really cool and Eco friendly. This is the first time I’ve seen a company do that and I encourage others to do the same.

  5. Susan L.

    I received a coupon for Cameron’s Coffee and was able to find it at my local Metro Market (Kroger) store. I chose the Highlander Grog Eco-Pods. The Highlander Grog is a Rum and Butterscotch flavored light roast coffee. I like flavored coffees because for me it is a treat to sit and enjoy more of what I call a desert type coffee. The aroma of this coffee is amazing as soon as I opened the plastic bag the pods were in. I make my pods in a single serve coffee machine, and as soon as I put one of these in, the rest of the household came running to see what “smelled so good”. The coffee itself has a smooth, mellow taste with the butterscotch flavor. (I didn’t personally taste any rum, and to my knowledge there isn’t actual rum in it). This is a sip and savor type coffee and I will be adding this to my list of flavored coffees that I like. I like adding creamers and I used both a sweet cream and caramel flavored creamers and both are great. The eco-pods are something I haven’t seen before. The bottom of the pods are more like an mesh filter (although no grounds get through). They hold their shape through and after brewing them. I like that it’s less plastic to worry about. The box, although not fancy is eye catching in the store and I like that it’s made of recycled cardboard and can be recycled again. Back to the coffee itself. I think this is going to be great for a winter, warm me up treat. This will be the perfect coffee to have sitting by either an inside or outside fire. Just because I wanted to be able to say that it tastes great with adding a bit of liquor, I had a cup with a little rum in it as well and I can honestly say this is a real treat.

  6. Maren

    Great aroma, perfect blend of everything! The slight hint of rum pairs well with the vanilla and caramel. Unlike any other coffee I’ve had, super tasty plain on its own!!

  7. Brittany J.

    One of the only Coffee’s i dont need much cream and sugar for!
    It has such a great flavor, i just started buying it in bulk! I wish there were creamers that go with them, 10/10!

  8. Katy

    Please consider redesigning these eco pods. I appreciate the forward-thinking move, but the design has issues. I’ve tried them with two different Keurigs, and neither would ever stab all the way through the cap. The center point usually perforates well enough, but the other four points don’t make it through the cup’s thick cap, so the coffee spills out everywhere once it starts dripping. For a while, I was using a knife to finish perforating all of the drip points, but once I had a spill or two even after doing that, I quit trying. This papery cap doesn’t make clean holes like the normal aluminum-type pod caps, so the water just won’t drip cleanly through. I had to switch back to my reusable cups and a bag of ground to continue enjoying this coffee – and I do love it, it’s one of my favorite flavors. But the pod cap just isn’t doing it.

  9. Anna C.

    My absolute favorite coffee! I buy it by the case so I never run out!

  10. DON P.


  11. Lizzi

    The first time I opened a box I was hooked by the butterscotch scent wafting from it! It’s smooth, mildly sweet, and my favorite coffee to have at home.

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